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right and wrong

This was my question of the day last week on my FB page; the answers were spit, one saying yes one saying no and one basically allowing some people in the socciopath community unable to define right from wrong.

This question is part of the spine of natural law what atheist, secularist and humanist argue cannot be so.

Natural law teaches we know right from wrong, God designed us to do so with a conscious. Those who do not believe in the God of the Bible refute this argument, atheist view this as against Darwinian ideology. Secularist and humanist believe it’s what you make of it or what you are brought up to believe.

One of my friends felt that a sociopath loses his or hers conscious and no longer has that ability to know right from wrong. I have to disagree with my friend, if God creates us and designs us with a conscious then we all know no matter how damaged the brain is.

To say yes we cannot not know right from wrong based on upbringing is again to deny God and his creation. On one end you’re saying if you have no interaction with right you cannot know right. Can this be so, well look at it this way.

A person who would be brought up to know only wrong would still defend themselves if wrong was committed against them. They know you are doing a wrong deed against them, if they did not know in their conscious what right or wrong was they would allow anyone to do anything to them all the way to allowing you to kill them without protest.

Now mind you most children are brought up with some sense of right and wrong however jaded it may be. If society refutes this basic teaching and demands right or wrong be relative or your own definition I believe our inclinations will force to suppress what we already know and relativism will reign supreme.

The Decalogue also known as the Ten Commandments is Gods basic written log of natural law. Most everyone will agree the Ten Commandments are a good thing and I think that’s why atheist and secularist want the Ten Commandments removed it reminds them that right and wrong is not relative and there is an absolute truth.

No, we cannot not know right from wrong we were created to have a conscious that guides us. It did not evolve like the secular and humanist want you to believe because humans put value on right and wrong based on what God has designed us to know. 2nd Corinthians 1:12

 To think otherwise takes God out of the equation and allows relativism to be the heart and soul of our lives and there is no justice in relativism and there is no salvation in relativism just questions that can never be answered by the average man.

If the common man cannot not know right from wrong and only rulers or persons with authority can define and dictate what that right and wrong a free society is lost and I believe America was partly founded based on wanting to leave that form of belief and justice behind.