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Being a member of a Christian off road motorcycle club you often see people that kind of break out in leadership and that is a good thing, much like a church an organized club especially a Christian one needs leadership and it normally needs more than one person in a leadership role.

Some people in leadership are good at public relations some are good organizers some are good at a little of everything but like everyone they too have a life outside the club so it’s important to have people that will do things in that club.

I have been with RUTS MC (motorcycle club) for almost 30 years now and with RUTS North since the beginning so I have seen people come and go, grow and fall there is always good and bad but what RUTS has stood for over the years has always been good and that has kept me with this fine group of men and women.

I have also seen jealousy pop up now and then over leadership and by enlarge God has protected this club well but it’s never a shock to see people feeling put out or left out over overwhelmed and I hate to see this whenever it happens because if there is one thing I have picked up on or learned over the years is everyone that chooses to be in this organization is important.

Yes sometimes you have to stand up and start the leading process but for the most part most those who want to be with our clubs (RUTS, RUTS North, RUTS Central Coast, RUTS Oregon) end up making an impact whether they know it or not and this is what I mean.

Let us say we have two race bikes, say a 450F and a 300 2stroke, what sets those bikes apart is the engine the heart of the bike. The engine makes the power it makes the bike go it makes all the noise. I’m going to call the two engines Fred and Elizabeth since I don’t know anyone by that name.

ktm 450

Now it takes time to develop those engines, lots of R&D testing to get an engine just how the designer of the bike wants it to work. Two different engines, they put out similar power but react different and respond different but the end results do basically the same thing.

Now when we look at the bike mainly we look at the engine size and that basically gets all the focus. The engine gets a lot of attention for the most part, we can always add to the bike but the engine is really what we are after it’s the heart of the bike.

Everyone that works on and maintains a motorcycle knows yes the engine or the piston is what makes the bike move but there are other parts in that engine that help it move.ktm piston

One of the important parts that help the piston move is the crank bearings. Without crank bearings it can’t move, most crank bearings are designed with smaller ball bearing that work together to allow the piston to go up and down.

crank b

Let us call our ball bearings Doug, Steve and Sue there are more but I’m trying to streamline things and since I don’t know any people by that name I’ll go with it. If Doug, Steve and Sue are not working properly then Fred and Elizabeth won’t work well and the designer of the bike knows this.

When the piston does not work properly the gears on the bike and I will call the gears Greg will not move or allow the forward motion to be enhanced and mind you there are always more than one gear on a bike.


The designer of the bike knows if he does not put in the best long lasting strongest ball bearings in that crank bearing his two pistons won’t last long and the gears can’t be used correctly.

The pistons might seize up, they might explode or just wear out and then the bike is useless and nobody will get anything out of a bike that does not perform well. They will look at this powerless bike and look for another bike or just give up on riding all together.

Those bearings are oh so important to the piston, I know no one sees those bearings because basically they are out of the sites of everyone’s eyes but they are important.

The designer of the bike knows those bearing are important and that is why he put them there because no other kind of bearing could endure the punishment no other gears could handle that kind of stress, pistons can put out power that can be quite awesome.

When the designer of the bike created the bike all the parts he put on that bike was his intent. The bearings the gears and the piston all were chosen for that bike.

Yes the piston gets looked at the most and sometimes that is all that gets noticed at because be honest pistons get a lot of stress and sometimes bikes go through more than one piston. Without the bearings the piston cannot work properly making the gears ineffective and without the piston the bike can’t move people.

The RUTS’s clubs are full of bearings, gears, bolts and pistons that is what makes the club go. If you would like to be a bearing, gear, a bolt or a piston with a RUTS club feel free to ask a club member and they will help you; as a bolt writing this I can tell you first hand this is one bike that is worth being a part of.



reed crash

Or something like that a little different blog today than what you might be use to, one of my favorite sports Motocross is starting up again for 2015. Actually it’s Supercross indoor Motocross and to be honest I’m not as big as a fan of Supercoss as I am with Motocross but I still love it.

For those of you that don’t know what Supercross is well it is basically off road motorcycle racing in a stadium like a football or baseball stadium, riders race about 40 minute of racing (20 laps in the main event) and its big money.

Like all professional sports it too has its superstars, right now Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac are just two of the best in the world at what they do.

This year the talent pool is deep, Ryan Villopoto the defending champion has retired so this leaves a free for all of more than five racers that have a shot at the title not to mention another four or five racers that have a shot at race wins.

The incident that I will be referring to was last Saturday January 18th at the Anaheim 2 race were Team Honda rider Trey Canard crashed into Two Two Motorsports rider and owner Chad Reed. For those of you that watched the January 18th race there is no doubt that a mistake was made by Canard.

Both riders went down and both riders remounted only losing a few places. Canard remounted first and rode off slowly adjusting his goggles, Reed remounted seconds later.

Reed then took Canard very wide and elbowed him causing Canard to hit the tough blocks (safety blocks that line the track to keep riders on track) and crash again. Canard remounted once again and continued the race.

The FIA the international governing body of Supercross made the decision to black flag Reed one lap later. A black flag is a disqualification of a participant of the event and Reed had to end his race, losing money and points.

So did the punishment fit the crime and was the crime worth the punishment. After seeing the crash first hand on TV several times thanks to Fox Sports 1 I have to say Canard was at fault but this is nothing new.

In a sport like Supercross or any high speed motor sport mistakes are made and when mistakes are made the consequences can be catastrophic for not only the rider but sometimes other riders as well.

Both riders crashed and both riders remounted, mind you Canard was following Reed when he hit him then remounted first to lead Reed but I don’t believe it was in Canards mind to take out Reed but just a miscalculation by Canard.

Reeds retaliation really did not look all that bad, taking Canard wide then an elbow looked harmless but Canard was on the ground once again as he fell into the tough blocks.

Anytime a riders crashes or falls it become dangerous and could spell the end of the season with broken wrist or any bone for that matters something Canard knows very well after breaking his femur twice and his back once.

It’s possible that Canard crashed the second time on his own, in his interview he did say he was fiddling with his goggle but both riders maintain that each other caused a crash.

One also has to look at the money factor and the human factor when trying to get to the bottom of who is wrong.

Money is big in supercross and how one finishes can determine his payday. Most riders don’t live off the race to race purse money they tend to give that to their mechanics so if a rider fails to finish a race somebody is out no matter what.

Sponsors have contracts and all are different but the higher a riders places and the more TV time they get the more money comes their way.

Human wise super athletes like Reed and Canard have a drive to win, they hate to lose and they will race until the bike or their bodies can’t go anymore.

It’s not a shocker to hear Canard call Reed a cry baby and to have Reed try and elbow Canard it’s something that these type of athletes have that makes them do what it takes to win and sometimes in the heat of the moment you do or say things you later regret.

For some of you it might be known that Trey Canard is a professed Christian that for all purpose walks the walk and talks it too. It’s unknown where Reeds faith lies he keeps that to himself and he has that right.

This event was not something that should be celebrated, two riders made a mistake. Canard made a navigational error and Reed made personal error.

If we add Biblical principles to this situation we can see why the biggest error occurred with Reed.

Romans chapter 12 verses 19, the verse would tell us do not revenge yourself and Matthew chapter 5 verse 7 would tell us to give mercy to the offender and mercy will be extended to you.

If Reed had practiced those two verses I guarantee the end results would have been different in both Reed and Canards life and in their final results

At the end of the race Canard had raced back up to 11th place finish, causing one to think if they both would have just kept going without retaliation they would have finished inside the top 10 and that is a good finish for both riders crashing and having to remount.

Biblical principles also takes Canard to task as well, complaining and calling Reed a big baby may be tame but was it necessary and was it worth it. First Peter chapter 2 verses 23 tells us to keep looking forward and let God handle and judge offenders that have harmed you.

It’s very hard in the heat of the sport to sometimes think with a clear head but that is what makes a super athlete super.

Both racers lost that night one more than the other but both paid for each other’s decisions. Hopefully they can get past this race and look to the next neither riders blaming the other but both racing for themselves and for their teams time will tell.

Mr T

This link is an interview of Canard and Reed on the crash and what followed, warning there is bad language