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If we accept the notion that America should not be or is not a Christian national we fail to see the consequences that could have been and will be.
The founding framers attempted to design the constitution with the adaptation of natural law. They were of course a few ticks off but still maintained the importance of the need of The God of the Bible essence to be an integral part of the framework.

A strong percentage of our framers belonged to one church denomination or another, whether they were truly saved is not ours to judge but we have to know this affiliation to a Judeo-Christian church had to influence their judgment when creating a country such as America.
If we take Christianity away then we need only to take away some of our founding fathers like George Washington wondering would we have won the revolution without him and his Christian influence. Would a country full of atheist, Islamism, Buddhist and Hindus could have challenged the crown.

Would we still have a two party political system with the democrats and the Wigs parties? One could argue there would be no need for a man like Abraham Lincoln and how long would America continue slavery without the objection of the Christians.

In 1821 Benjamin Lunday, a Quaker from Ohio, started an anti-slavery newspaper “The Genius of Universal Emancipation.” 1830: The Plantation Mission Movement began. Methodist chapels were constructed on many plantations. 1959 John Brown raid on Haper’s ferry are just a few of the many Christian movements that combated slavery in America.

Christian missionaries moved in to helping the Native Americans, Christianizing many tribes over the years one notable being the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

As America became more prosperous missionary work flourished, one can easily criticize America’s greed but one cannot take away from prosperous people that gave and continue to give for and to missionaries to help the poor and disadvantaged in this country and abroad with privet contributions.

Much of our colleges we have today started out as Christian based education, Harvard, Yale, Princeton to name a few.

Civil rights movement of the 1960’s was heavily Christian with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and seminary students like John Lewis

We can argue and debate on this issue but it’s fairly easy to see the Christian influences in this country are huge. Can we say we are not a Christian nation well I guess one can make the case but we have to say we are a nation of Christian’s and a nation that has been impacted by Christianity. Can you make a case that our government should be secular, yes you can but we must then demand or statesmen and women to be Godly?

Our government functionality should be unbiased to everyone but the people that fill those positions in government should be Godly good statesmen.

If we have bad statesmen then we have bad government, ungodly statesmen ungodly government. In past it was important that anyone serving the public have some ties to a Judeo-Christian believing church of some kind. You can argue this is not fair for a county that embraces all religions all faiths but I’m not sure your argument would be valid.

Go back to the founding framers and their original intentions of natural law, this requires a statesman to know and understand moral law to govern. Can men and women of other faith know and understand good and bad and how morality plays out in a society; to an extent they can but they will fail to grasp why and who set these laws in motion thus the slow migration from a good and moral set of rules to a mixture of moral relativism.

I suspect the last few sentences will enrage some people, we can say America was not intended to be a Christian only nation but we have to admit it is a nation of Christians that have impacted society and helped design country based on a rule and law held on a notion of a creator and one God. A country based on a God with a moral law to protect and govern all that live in this great nation.






After reading a small article from Applied Apologetics entitled “Irrationality and Mocking are the Tools of Atheism Since It Lacks Proof and is Impossible” where they gloss over a major point between the threat or depending on who you are the difference between Islam and Atheism and it struck me as I too feel the real threat is not the ridiculing and name calling from atheist but the threat of Islam.

In fact with Islam major amounts of disinformation, lies and terroristic brainwashing is continually going on to the point we have a global threat a major cancer in the mist of mankind.

Islam boast more than a billion believers atheist not so much. Atheist rarely threaten with Bodily harm with Islam very much so.

Islam is no religion of peace no matter how much they box it up and package it. Jesus never killed anyone but came to save everyone by sacrificing himself for everyone while Mohammad killed people and Allah did less than Jesus ever did for mankind.

When people leave ISIS, ISIS curses them and sets out to kill them. When a person leaves the church, more times than not they pray for that person.

I’m not saying atheism is a lost cause by no means no way. But realistically at times it’s childish to debate with atheist,humanist, secularists and any other ism that’s out there, that just need to stop listen and start discerning their own beliefs.

Hurling insults and trolling blogs and forums make for an entertaining day for both sides but the reality is Islam is more dangerous. Not only does Islam steal the soul but they kill the body as well.

We still cannot allow scientism or darwinism to control our society it too will result in loss of freedom of the intellectual mind and soul but even with that it may not have any bearing in a society that trades it freedom for a religion of spiritual and physical death.



In Kenya 150 students lost lives while here in America our president plays games with the decision to give or not give a known agent of terrorism Iran nukes.

150 lives snuffed out while a Pizzeria in Indiana is forced to shut down over death threats and harassment for just answering a question a TV reporter asked.

Is it because America has two ocean on each side of her and the two neighboring countries connected are peaceful that we loose perspective on others hurting.

In the Middle East people that refuse to except Islam are inprisioned or killed. People shout how bad states like Indiana and Arkansas are but give a pass at Saudi Arabia for wiping a woman and sending her to jail for 6th month for speaking to the media for being gang raped, in America we call that free speech.

A Jehovah’s Witnesses gets a pass for not saluting our flag its called Religious Liberty but never tell someone why you won’t cater their wedding.

Are we all loosing our perspective on what is really important, I hope not I’m pretty sure most of my family knows what is right from wrong and the people that I call my friend feel the same as well. God I pray Americans can see beyond all this.





As we head into a new week we are compounded with more national unrest with Ferguson and now the NYPD issue with the death of Eric Garner it’s just about every hour a new story pops up about a new death by law enforcement. Some are by white officers and some of black officers of the law; the blame game has started and when it will stop nobody knows.

Everybody is pointing fingers and blaming somebody so I’m throwing my finger in to the mix and blaming three individuals for the death of Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. I blame you Luis Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson you three are to blame for the death of Martin, Brown and Garner, their deaths is on your heads.

For those of you that don’t know who Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson are let me give you a brief education. Farrakhan the leader of the group the Nation of Islam, now when Islamic leaders say Islam is a peaceful religion they obviously don’t count Farrakhan as a part of their religion. Farrakhan is nothing more than a ball of hate, he hates Jews, he hates Christians and he probably hates anyone that does not wear his shade of black.

Rev Al Sharpton the owner and operator of the National Action Network whose slogan at this point is “No Justice No Peace” kind of threatening for a Baptist minister to be a part of. Sharpton who owes over $4 million in back taxes through the NAN is credited with names like race baiter, does nothing what a minister would or should do in times like this. As soon as racial trouble starts Sharpton is the first to jump at a chance to shine on TV, caring nothing about the situation but only about Al and how Al can get some TV time. Sharpton is now President Obama’ right hand man on black leadership in America very sad indeed.

Rev Jesse Jackson, Jackson pretty is on his last legs and washed up. His heyday was to be in the 70’s and 80’s where he was to be the new man in the black leadership taking the place of the late Martin Luther King Jr. but that was not to be had. Jackson failed to be the next King because he was a racist and had hate in his heart the total opposite of what MLK was and stood for and because of this Jackson became like Sharpton and race baiter. Saying God bless you to your face and then stabbing you in the back as soon as you walked by; Jackson is no better than the anti civil rights protesters he marched against with MLK in the 60’s.

Now how do I make an accusation like I did that Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson are responsible for the deaths of Martin, Brown and Garner simple money and power and influence. Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson hold money, power and influence in the Black community and instead of using that to help they use it to divide. We are told we must be tolerant of people, we must love people we must help people and I state that Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson do none of that.

Farrakhan who leads the Nation of Islam does nothing but teach hate and division in the Black community. Instead of condemning black violence Farrakhan promotes it or does nothing about it. With Farrakhan’s position he has the ability to take the youth of America that desire to follow Islam and teach, peace, tolerance, love but he fails this in every way.

Sharpton the leader of the NAN has the opportunity to lead today’s youth where Farrakhan fails to do. Sharpton has use race as his main subject to divide people. He’s lies and encouraged people to lie. Sharpton a Baptist minister is a definition of hypocrisy. Men of God are not to start division but be a tie that bonds together and Sharpton has done nothing of the sort. Of the three in contempt Sharpton should be doing most with the youth of today, he should be teaching Gods word and preaching salvation but I have heard none of that from this Baptist minister.

Rev. Jesse Jackson much like Sharpton is too a Baptist minister and to spreads division in the name of equal right for black Americans. Jackson one of the biggest failures of the three continues to practice division and communism. He never learned from King Jr. on how to be a great civil rights activist he only tries to exploit his fame for money and power. In my opinion Sharpton and Jackson are ministers for credibility only and not for saving souls. Of the three Jackson has seen how it should be done by following MLK but unlike King Jr. he never capitalized on Kings ethics and moral sense of duty to the black community. What should have been a man to pick up where King Jr. left off Jackson never learned or knew how much he could of done for all Americans instead he took the low road of race baiting and name calling.

All three men who died, Martin, Brown and Garner came from broken homes; Brown and Garner were killed while committing a crime. Where Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson failed Martin, Brown, and Garner was in there lack on moral actions. Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson should have been not only preaching obedience to the community but obedience to the family. Sharpton and Jackson two ministers have the opportunity to show how much God loves all men and how all men need to love God and they don’t it’s more of an us vs them kind of thing.

Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson are men of fame and power in the black community. Instead of trying to bring families together, condemning broken homes they jump on the bandwagon of division every time controversy starts, they pull the race card out and yell injustice when they could be using their influence to teach the youth not to be involved with criminal activity. When there is a time for cooler heads to prevail, when we need people of influence and mentors to calm a situation down neither three do any of the sort but instead continue to fan the fire of hate and riots and when that is what young people see from leaders in their community that is what they will imitate.

If the Black community is struggling so much like Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson claim then they need to try harder to put the fires of race out, they need to be the peacemakers of the black community and it’s because they are the exact opposite of is why I hold the deaths of Martin, Brown and Garner on Farrakhan, Sharptons and Jackson head.

If you have the ability to hold and control and audience like Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson then let it be for peace, let it be for God’s love and by all means Sharpton and Jackson preach salvation to the community. What does it gain a man to have everything given to him like Sharpton and Jackson want it to be if in the end he gains nothing with God.