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Another mass shooting and another plea by liberal Christians to increase gun control, or just ban them all together. Would Jesus be pro second amendment, would Jesus speak out against those who own guns or weapons in today’s world well to be frank its irrelevant.

We can speculate and speculate, we can take scripture in and out of context to try and make our case but to me it’s irrelevant. Jesus came to bring us the free gift of salvation. He didn’t get too political or religious something people can’t seem to not do because we are not God.

Jesus never really spoke of ownership of weapons, whether or not it is good or bad but he did speak several times on defending ourselves and the Bible in whole speaks about defense as well

Luke 22:35-36, Exodus 22:2-3, Luke 22:38, Psalm 18:34, Psalm 144:1 and 2 Samuel 22:35

Now while the Bible and Jesus do offer a defense of one’s self it is very clear that God tells us never take revenge. There is a complete difference in being prepared for self defense, pre meditated murder and revenge something my liberal Christians fail to see. One can also read Matthew 18:6 where Jesus is quite clear about when people injure children. I have a hard time believing God would not want us to defend a Childs life at all cost.  Matthew 18:6 begs for today’s liberal Christian to ask why God would want somebody to take their own life.

My liberal Christians fail to see it is not the weapon that makes one kill or promote killing it is the depraved heart that turns a person’s mind against Gods nature. It’s the person that kills not the weapon and we are not talking about people accidently kill themselves by discharging a weapon, people die all the time doing stupid and adventurous stuff don’t blame the gun on a ignorant mind.

It’s easy to blame people with guns for killing but don’t you dare blame the person and their depraved heart and mind for killing. When we preach that there is nothing greater than “Jesus is love” but conveniently forget repentance and forgiveness then you are giving out what Dietrich Bonheoffer would say “Cheap Grace”.


Our liberal Christians don’t like to mention nor even think humans can sink so low as to be callus and depraved in everything they do. We have to accept everything people do and when you counter that acceptance then you are the problem. It’s the Christians that speak out against LGBTP, pornography or refuse to believe in climate change, they are the ones to blame.  Two Islamist go on rampage and it’s not them it’s my fellow Christians that love guns fault. One has to wonder of the 14 people killed by our two Muslim killers if just two of the 14 would had been carrying guns would all 14 people be dead now.

These are issues that everyone is struggling with right now, the liberal Christian can’t get past that Christians that believe in self defense are not making the 2nd amendment their idol.  Liberals can’t get past that humans are depraved by nature and when they choose wrong over right they sometimes not only kill the body but the  mind and soul as well.

Controlling or banning weapons won’t solve the evil that rest in the heart and mind of humans. Nobody ever shoots a gun again problem solved but death never stops. We need to ban gun, bats, knifes, how about pornography what about drugs, child abuse. Liberal Christian, have you ever thought about why people do evil?

I ask liberal Christians to stop blaming and start praying. Stop worrying about what others deem opposite of your agenda and start praying that what you hold to be true also  be true with the mind of God. Stop tolerating evil and start asking for forgiveness, stop worrying about your conservative’s bother plank that is in their eyes and worry about the tree that is in your eyes.




Freedom is something Americans want and expect but when do we give up that freedom? Do we give it up when we pay taxes, what about having background checks for buying a gun or are these just normal things we must go through to live in a free country.

What do you fear the most, home invasion, animal attacking, property stolen or assault in public? Do you really fear those things anymore or just a little and why because we have police, sheriff, animal control and fish and game governmental departments that protect us.

Does freedom today compare to freedom of 50 years ago, 100 years ago or 150 years ago. Do the fears of today differ from the fears of 1965, 1915 or 1885 most likely they do in some aspects?

Look back at America 100 years ago, WW1 was on America staying neutral and the average American didn’t own their home. Americans did not fully rely on the police to take care of squabbles much less home invasions or property stolen.

Go back 150 years the average American was on his or her own when it came to protection. You owned a gun or lived with a reputation that spoke for itself.

Today we fear personal assault mainly because we know the person likely to do the assault knows we are at the mercy of the police that was not so 100 or 150 years ago. Living on the planes of Wyoming or the hills of California 100 to 150 years ago you may have feared bandits, mountain lions or even unruly Indians so you protected yourself but you knew you were free to do so.

Buying a rifle or handgun was expected and defending your property and family too. Now days you are expected to call the police and if not you fear prosecution from the state if you defend what is yours.

What is your price for freedom, the more taxes we pay the more intrusive our federal, state and local government become and they set it up that way for a reason. We go nuts when our heads of state and government officials play chicken with each other by cutting back education and city services so you the tax payer will call his local rep and say “hey pass a budget so I can have my services”.

You cannot complain and have every government service but lose your freedom along the way. Freedom comes with a price and it’s called a few names. Rugged individualism, self policing, self responsibility and caring for one’s self, family and country.

In order to have true freedom we will have to in turn take back some of those fears Americans use to have, the fear of robbers, unruly people, wild animals, and stolen property all those come with freedom. Americans will need to return the rugged individualism of owning and using a gun, policing themselves with restraint maybe even following the Ten Commandments, being responsible for the decisions each one make and owning up to that responsibility.

You might want to start caring for your neighbor and their house hold property, caring about your state and how it runs itself and maybe getting involved.

True freedom that we all really want will require some leaps of faith, fear and responsibility it will not be an easy thing to obtain.

A few keys that might help, buy a few guns and learn how to use them. Read your Bible and have family Bible studies and be a family unit, know your neighbor and even if they are crazy find some common ground with each other nobody wants feuding neighbors.

Vote in all elections maybe even think about running for small office believe it or not small county positions make a difference and get to know your county, state and federal representative you will hate some of them but find one or two you can find common ground with it will be to your advantage someday. Get involved with your local police or sheriff department, volunteer or help with department fundraising. 

True freedom that America had maybe too far gone now days but if you’re going to at least try and get some freedom back then you’re going to have to let go of the government safety blanket and embrace the fear that freedom brings.