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Exodus Gods and Kings the second major biblical motion picture made this year using “A” list actors and an atheist director. The story of Moses and the Exodus is a great story written firsthand account by Moses himself and it’s a wonder why Ridley Scott refused to just make Exodus based on what was wrote in the actual Exodus.

Read it for yourselves Exodus chapter 2 through chapter 14 it’s an amazing account that should have been used but I guess if director Scott did he had to either except this was a complete historical event that reads like a fairytale or supernatural; or believe there really is a God.

Unlike the movie Noah Exodus Gods and Kings does follow the book of Exodus pretty closely, there are a few scenes where Scott’s atheistic view points are thrown in and it’s is why I believe Scott did not follow the book completely because if he did like I say he would have to admit there is a God.

Because the movie left some parts of the actual Exodus out it makes the movie lack its full potential and in my opinion never reach that status as an epic movie.

The parts that were left out and I’ll tell you because it does not spoil the movie and this way if you have not yet seen it you can compare and have your own opinion.

Left out: They never give the history of how Israel became slaves of Egypt. Scott leaves out some important events that happened at the burning bush. God gives Moses signs with his staff and cloak to convince Moses he is talking to God.

Moses is portrayed as an atheist, he believes in himself not God. Although Moses does what God tells him the movie paints a picture that Moses never completely understands who God is.

Left out: Aaron and how much God used him to help Moses drive his message from God to Pharaoh also the fact Aaron is told by God to meet Moses in the wilderness is left out.

Yes Aaron is in the movie and played by Andrew Tarbet but was mainly an observer of what Moses was doing. In real life Aaron was Moses’s voice and with Moses’s staff in Aaron’s hand God invoked the plagues something the movie never shows.

I believe the reason why Scott never shows how the plagues are really started based on Exodus is the director was trying to explain scientifically how these plagues could have happened without God.

Scott actually tries to explaine in a scientific way by one of Pharaohs advisers on how the plagues could happen, this is another atheist point of view. No God just freaks of nature happened maybe God allowed it or just freaks of nature you the audience be the judge.

God is shown in a child form while the book of Exodus clearly states he came to Moses as a burning bush once and talks to him several times throughout the Exodus it is not known if God showed himself in human form.

Most likely not since in Exodus chapter 33 verses 18-20 God tells Moses nobody can see his face and live. Nowhere in the Biblical Old Testament does God show his face, he uses Angles, profits and sometimes objects to talk to people but he never talks face to face to man.

Exodus Gods and Kings is a cinematically stunning movie visually, the acting is A + with Christian Bale as Moses, Joel Edgerton as Pharaoh Ramses and John Turturro as Pharaoh Seti. Where the movie fails is in the story.

If Gods and Kings had followed the book of Exodus this probably would have been an even more visually stunning historical accurate movie about how a man trusted God and defeated a great nation.

Director Scott’s atheist view pot shots are riddled throughout this movie making this a very dangerous movie to take your kids to without some discernment.

My suggestion is read Exodus chapter 1 through chapter 14 it will give you the much needed information to take with you to the movie. I suggest maybe you read it with the whole family before you go, together study it and have a Q and A session as well. Be well educated before you take your kids to this movie.

If you want to see a good movie with good actors about a great story then Exodus Gods and Kings is worth seeing. If you are going because you want to see a good Biblical movie with “A” list actors then this is not for you, you will be disappointed with what director Scott left out.

I give Exodus Gods and Kings 2.5 stars it reached out for greatness but was much too short for goodness.


Have not done a movie review in awhile so let us kind of step aside from the realities of life and check out some good movies that deserve some attention. 

I have two movies I am reviewing and they fall under the Chiller Horror genres the second maybe even in the slasher area of movies.  Both movies fall under classics or maybe one does while the other is at least a cult classic should be anyways. Some of you may have or may not have seen these two great chillers and both worth your time to see them. 

bad seed

First movie entitled the THE BAD SEED, directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Nancy Kelley and Patty McCormack. Made in 1956 this black in white movie is a must see, considered a horror mystery the movie takes place in any town USA. A perfect loving daughter is what we are to believe but is she really. Bad-Seed-movie_l

What makes the movie so good is it’s mainly shot in one place the home of the Penmark family. There are a few scenes outside of the house but most of the movies takes place in the family home. The movies dialogue and the acting of both Nancy Kelley and Patter McCormack is outstanding.Kelly McCormack The Bad Seed 1956

McCormack plays the perfect daughter or so we think and as the movie progresses you start to wonder what is really going on Kelley is a mother in denial at first but comes to the conclusion she may bore a bad seed. You never get to see the incidents that happen but the dialogue is so good it paints the picture for you. This is a five star movie and a must see if you love chiller mysteries. Black and white movie, no foul language or gory scenes so the whole family can view and the ending is quite good and classic of the Hollywood style. 


boody birthday


Next movie titled BLOODY BIRTHDAY and yes it is, 1981 movie that takes place in Meadowvale probably a fictional town in the west. This low budget movie is in my view a cult classic. Acting is fair dialogue is fair everything is fair but this is a classic late 70’s early 80’s horror/slasher/chiller flick. You sit down and watch this and be prepared you might start laughing, this is not the type of classic horror slasher that has you ready to jump and run but more of a horror slasher that has you ready to chuckle.bb1

The lead actors are Susan Strasberg and Jose Ferrer but the real stars are the thee killers. The movie starts off in 1970 as a solar eclipse is happening three births in the same hospital happen as well. Fast forward to 1980 10 years after the birth these three children go on a killing spree. The movie uses the concept of astrology to give a reason why such sweet little kids would be so evil. These three 10 year old lovelies are evil making the children of “Village Of The Damned” seem tame. This is classic crazy horror cult movie  and in my opinion a must see.bb2

Some 1980’s nudity, PG-13 language at times not a kids movie because of it and it’s a shame they didn’t need it. I give this movie 3 1/2 stars worth watching with your friends and spouse for just fun and laughs. 

Note these movies are classics you wont find them in your local Red Box I viewed them on TCM so if you get a chance to see these do so they are well worth your time to enjoy. 




First let’s put this movie in order, I’m in my 40’s so I’m a big fan of the old Godzilla movies the traditional Godzilla films and I’ll stop there because if you have seen or are a fan of the old traditional Godzilla or monster movies of the 50’s-early 70’s then you get what I mean and saying more might spoil the movie for you.

As we see monster movies today the twentyteen’s bring us monsters that are demons, ghost, witches just plain devilish stuff that shocks you into fear. The old monster movies of Godzilla sci fi had their own style

monster 60

and a viewer of today sometimes just doesn’t get that but that’s progression and technology of the movies and it takes a good director and producer to make that style work in now day’s movies. This latest Godzilla 2014 directed by Gareth Edwards achieves this and he does it in A+ fashion.

Over the last 15 years there has been some attempts to return Godzilla to the big screen but it’s failed every time sorry Ferris Bueller and Apu



your 1998 Godzilla is cow dung compared to this newest fire breathing lizard that is awesomer that awesome.


If you seen the commercials of the latest Godzilla 2014 film you don’t see the real movie you only get a glimpse of what will come.

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the middlegodzilla3

is not the star of the movie but his character packs a big punch and in the whole scheme of things it was a brilliant move to have Cranston cast for this movie, this is definitely one of those films where the movie trailer and the commercials do not come close to what you will see in the theater.


What is great about this movie is not only is it a traditional Godzilla film but its pro family, pro American military family and really promotes sacrifice for the greater good by our proud men and women of the armed forces. You are proud we have such fine men and women that are willing to defend its people even if it means dying to do so and the destruction of San Francisco is great, I would have rather seen Oakland destroyed but hey when you’re making landmarks so other states and countries can get the visual I’ll give it a pass.


Godzilla 2014 is a great movie it’s rated PG 13 but could have been rated PG or PG 6. I don’t remember any foul words no sexual innuendos. People do die but what do you expect when monsters are destroying things and you have to stop them, guns and bombs ablazing people do get smashed and die so if you’re trying to shield your child from violence then don’t see the move. If you have a normal kid that loves monsters then you will love this movie. Godzilla is a great father and son movie and if your girls like giant lizards too even better take the whole family you will love it.


I’ll give you one spoiler hint, when Godzilla is tired he takes naps. You’ll understand when you see the movie. Rating this movie I give it 4.75 stars out of 5 it’s that good, if you want and intellectual thinking monster movie stay home, if you want an awesome fun movie that brings back the old style Godzilla then see this movie you will love it.