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Yesterday’s Orlando’s terror attacked as it is being labeled created a world view that might be perplexing if you view things in a leftist way.

We have an attack or should we say a massacre by Islam a much protected religion under liberalism assaulting another well protected and highly prized group of people that practice what Islam considers as a sinful behavior; what are the elite liberals to do.

On one end the Obama administration has overly embraced Islam as peaceful they only site terrorism as its own entity apart of Muslims and core Islam but on the other hand the same administration has flipped over backwards to usher in homosexuality as the norm but they failed to give the memo to Islam do not attack homosexuality.

Do liberals really think a hard core religion like Islam that believes western society is morally reprehensible would embrace homosexuality which has been one of the main causes this administration has invested in.

Liberals have built a cage as you will and put a poisonous spider in the same cage as a group of bees and the spider has just killed 50 of those bees should we expect less.

Two groups who liberals expect everyone to tolerate could not be tolerated the other. Mind you Muslim hate the concept of tolerance to their religion it’s very disrespectful since they view Islam the true religion and Allah the true God and to tolerate send a message that you view them as wrong but you will tolerate the wrongness.

So how are liberals to twist this event well here it is.

FullSizeRender (1)

ACLU the champion of liberalism has blamed Christians for this very shooting.

The idea of having thoughts and prayers for the victims and the families is Islamophobic and because Christians view homosexuality as sinful behavior that is the cause for the massacre.

Okay let’s put this in a Christian world view perspective. Praying for people and their families that have fallen victims of this tragedy does not disrespect Muslims; attention liberals, if you are not aware Muslim pray as well have you ever heard of a prayer rug?

Christians have not labeled homosexuality as sin God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all have described the behavior as sinful. Islam does not believe in the triune God that such as Christians do so there is no reason why they would take any influence from a Christian perspective.

Christianity does not condone an anti queer climate that includes murdering people based on the sin they wallow in. Christianity requires repentance of sin it does not attack, kill or injure sinners it would be self defeating since we are in sin.

The sinful nature of liberalism has protected a sin that has killed another sin that is highly prized in their world view and now they must pawn it off on something else that liberals hate, either Christians or guns and preferably both.

Finally super intelligent Seth McFarland has figured out a way to fix this problem and that is ban automatic weapons.

FullSizeRender (2)

The problem with this brilliant line of thinking is automatic weapons were already banned from this nightclub and look what happened.

I’m sure McFarland would come back and say ban auto guns then mass shootings can’t happen.

Okay let’s not forget it’s just as easy to set off pipe bombs, explosives, poisoning people, mass killings with automobiles by running down people ect. ect. ect.

The Christian world view doesn’t ban tools but demands the heart and mind follow Jesus.

Biblical principles are of peaceful resolutions to adversities, one does not need to rebuke his neighbor for owning a sword when instead he can show the world that a sword can be used for good not evil.





Ran across the article in AlterNet a progressive blog and news feed, this article was titled 10 reasons to hate capitalism. Being a purist capitalist myself I wanted to kind of rebuttal on Mr. Gary Engler reasons why to hate capitalism. He spreads the reasons in descending order and as you read them you can tell there is a high level of socialism in each reason.

Reason 10: Capitalist corporations suffer from a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and are rewarded by shareholders for acting that way. If corporations could be sent to a criminal psychologist’s office they’d be diagnosed as psychopaths and locked away forever.

Capitalism does not cause antisocial behavior it would be the opposite. People or companies trying to sell something become extraverts the goal to sell products and get the word out by inacting incentives, discounts and competition. Antisocial behavior would be counterproductive unless your goal is to hide something and what kind of capitalism tries to hide from the public….crony capitalism. Crony capitalism sponsored by the federal and state government hides wealth, it does not share and tries to isolates the wealth to its self.

Reason 9: Capitalism encourages greed. But greed is only good for capitalists. For normal people it is anti-social and soul destroying, not to mention very bad for our communities, which rely on altruism, compassion and a generalized concern for others.

Capitalism does not cause greed, mans wants and destructive behavior cannot be blamed on capitalism. The love of money is the root of evil, but capitalism can create jobs give people a purpose, and actually allow people to be more charitable. One’s heart and actions cause greed not capitalism. At number 10 greed follows some pretty stiff competition on the ten commandment behind murder, honor they parents, stealing, having gods before The God. Not to make light of one sin from another but capitalism like any other philosophy can be used for immoral and unethical behavior much like socialism and communism.

Reason 8 Capitalism is a system of minority privilege and class rule based on the private ownership of means of livelihood. This gives a few rich people the power to buy and sell jobs, which means they can build or destroy entire communities that depend on those jobs.

This kind of thought is pure communism, in a communist state privileged class rules as we saw in Russia, as we see in Cuba, China and North Korea. In a complete capitalist senerio one can own sell or buy as he pleases. One can sell his talents, he trade or abilities and can compete with any and all classes. We saw a young group of men in the late 70’s and early 80’s take ideas and talent to make companies like Apple and Microsoft. Again capital cronyism sponsored by the federal and state governments restrict small businesses from competing with big businesses with over taxation and regulations. Large companies are given passes by federal state and local agancies in exchange for money and power. When capitalism is given a chance to thrive with minimal governmental intervention a community can thrive with jobs, charity works competition allowing communities to have a choice to shop or goods or services.

Reason 7: Capitalists praise freedom and individualism, but they destroy freedom and individualism for everyone but themselves. The vast majority of us who work for a living are daily asked to uncritically follow orders, to act as if we are machines, and limit our creativity to what profits our bosses.

Capitalism makes creativity a reality, again Apple and Microsoft are prime examples. An individual uses their ability as they wish. In capitalism you pick your job, your job does not pick you like in communism. Man that has lackluster devotion and motive will never thrive in a capitalist world. Yes you have to work, but in order to be able to be in the position to give the orders you must first earn that right.

Reason 6: Capitalists denigrate cooperation and collectivism, but create mass production processes that rely on both from workers. Their system requires us to be cogs in a giant profit-making machine, but because they fear the power this gives us we are told working together for our own interests is illegitimate and bad. Thus capitalists undermine unions and other organizations that encourage workers to cooperate with each other and act collectively.

Capitalism requires workers to do their best, workers that only do half the job are a burden on the rest. The concept of mass production has speeded up processes that make factories more productive, streamlined the process and produce better products. If a company does not make a profit then a worker does not have a job. Again going back to you earn your position, if you are a cog then you most likely earned that position, blaming somebody that has earned a degree or worked hard over your high school cirtificute that is only good for cleaning the bathrooms is not reasonable. In a capitalist world you have the ability to sell your services or your trade but you have earn that sell.

Reason 5: Capitalism requires the largest propaganda system the world has ever known to convince us it is the only system possible. It turns people into consumers through advertising, marketing, entertainment and even so-called news. Millions around the world are employed to use their creativity to twist our feelings of love, desire, human solidarity and fairness into tools of manipulation, so that ever more profits can flow into the hands of a tiny minority.

Capitalism requires hard word to succeed, the propaganda system is “you don’t have to work or try to succeed”. You are responsible for your thoughts and actions and to blame those actions or lack of on Dunkin Donuts is just stupid, you saw the camercial those donates looked so good I had to buy them and that is why I’m too fat and can’t find a job that lets me sit down all day. True capitalism promotes competition and advertising and marketing is a part of that. On one end you say millions around the world are employed so those are jobs are created by capitalism. With competion that minority grows to a majority and more people that could of now can.

Reason 4: Capitalism is a system in which the principle of one dollar, one vote, dominates that of one person, one vote. Those who own the most shares (bought with their dollars) control giant corporations, many of which are more powerful than all but a few governments. Rich people also use their money to dominate the elections that are supposed to give us all one, equal vote. Under capitalism those with the most money are entitled to the most goods and services as well as the most say in directing our governments and our economy.

Under true capitalism everyone has a chance to become successful and make money. Under your ideas of capitalism AKA crony capitalism one cannot. You hit crony capitalism one the head just got the name wrong, it’s not capitalism is crony capitalism with a hint of communism mixed in. It’s our responsibility to elect good men and women, not people that prostitute themselves out for money and votes but people that do it for what they promised they would do and that is on us the individual.

Reason 3: Capitalism proclaims the virtue of naked self-interest, but self-interest without regard for morality, ecology or common sense leads to environmental degradation, destruction of indigenous communities, colonialism, war and other forms of mass destruction. Self-interest leads capitalists to seek profit absolutely everywhere, regardless of the damage done to other people and the health of the planet’s ecosystem. Self-interest leads capitalists to destroy any rival economic system or way of thinking (such as indigenous communal land use and respect for nature) that can be a barrier to their endless quest for profit.

This is not Capitalism this is immorality and unethical behavior. Again the system that can take anyone anywhere cannot be blamed for man’s inherent evil this is on the individual. Man that lacks a God or thinks he is above God is living a immoral life, this leads to unethical behavior, lack of regard to human life and lack of regard to God’s creation. If man refused to tame his behavior then there is no stopping the sins he will commit. Capitalism does not make you immoral but your actions and thoughts will, when man refused to adhere to some kind of moral and ethical code then the sins the limit.

Reason 2: Capitalism is not a friend to democracy but ultimately its enemy. When pushed, capitalists choose capitalism over democracy. If people use democracy to weaken the power of capitalists the rich and powerful turn to various forms of fascism in order to keep their privileges.

Capitalism is a friend of domecracy it is no friend to communism or socialism since it promotes rugged individualism. A true capitalist will always choose democracy over communism and socialism where and individual cannot flourish. The right to be a part of democracy only helps capitalism, it allows man to be free and be competitive.

Reason 1: Capitalism is a cancer taking over our planet. Capitalists make profits from global warming, from destroying our oceans, from pumping ever more chemicals into the atmosphere and from patenting everything they can, including life itself. Only by getting rid of capitalism can we rescue our environment.

True capitalism is just a small part of the cure to the world, allowing companies to make better goods without over restrictions, over regulations, no payoffs to senators or local governments only increases strength. Look at the eastern block countries of Russia and see what anti capitalism created in the way of pollution. Look at China and it’s smog ridden cities. Your asking for the world to return to the 1600’s as you type this in 21st century tablet.

Capitalism if used in the way it is intended can keep our oceans clean but we have to take on that responsibility as well. The government only exploits capitalism to its own gain called crony capitalism. It increases cronyism and then turns it back on it and says all capitalism is evil while taking back door deals exchange for destroying completion. Even true capitalism cannot save a society, people have to take responsibility for themselves, for their morality, ethics and the way they run their business. Don’t blame a concept for the evils of society we need to start blaming ourselves for that.

Mr. T’s Opinion




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Well the wackos are at it but this time instead of trying to scare us with junk science and the impending doom of climate change they’re now trying to pick our wallets as if we aren’t taxed enough as it is.

With rising fuel prices to curb our travels and increasing registration prices for our vehicles the Left is doing its best to cash in on our everyday life. We are forced to recycle in many states whether we do or not with the redemption taxes on all our cans and bottles but now Senator Bernie Sanders wants to now tax corporations who make fossil fuels to punish them for making products that help drive the American economy.

Bernie spells it out for us in his HufPo article not using one scientific fact but ensures that climate change is responsible for droughts, heat waves, floods, forest fires, disease (not sure what disease he’s blaming on the climate),rising sea levels and extreme weather disturbances oh yea he forgot to mention 2013-14 winter was pretty cold.

global warming

Now what Bernie fails to explain is that taxing these corporations will only result in higher rates at the pumps and higher energy bills in our homes. We get punished not the corporations we get the higher bill. Bernie feels if we tax these fossil fuels it will level the playing field for greener energy.

When I last checked I don’t remember a windmill being able to heat the house, or solar power powering a 210 hp R series John Deer tractor to harvest crops and I really don’t think I’ll see a Caterpillar C660 hauling logs on geothermal power in the near future, oh yea environmentalist hate logging we will just make our paper products out of cannabis since our state governments want us stoned anyhow.

This type of thought just proves how out of touch our representatives are from what Rush Limbaugh likes to call realville the world you and I live in. Their thought is the green energy will bring in jobs and lower energy prices since fuels like gas propane and coal constantly fluctuate. Bernie again fails to tell you yes while they do move up and down based on supply and demand it can be better regulated if government would lower taxes, deregulate restriction and allow for more exploration to find more fuel and how is this for a thought let’s find it in our own country.

Bernie does in bad conscious tell us climate change is real, but just as he can say it’s for real I can say yes it’s real but you Bernie don’t understand what that means. Let me see since I have been alive and I’ll throw my parents into that mix so over the last 80 years there has been major floods, lots of forest fires, lots of floods, tornados, tons of heat waves and even earthquakes I could go on but I think you get my drift. The weather is always changing it will never stop.

On a more sinister point, I view this concept of climate change global warming as a new brand of Communism. No one likes the Commie word so they just rebranded it and now it’s the environment. Same concept, tax regulate and controlling your every move  and dollar but not for federal power but for the environment because everyone cares about the environment otherwise your a bad person

As a conservative Christian I oppose this greatly and offer this question to folks that believe in God whether you’re a hard core Christian like myself or not. Why would God design and build an elaborate world such as planet earth and then create a creature like man that could destroy his creation. Gods own creative nature of rain, wind, volcanoes, and earthquakes do more damage in an instant than man can do in a century.

Right now Sanders and Senator Boxer are wanting to make this a proposed bill and have it passed and legal. I for one will oppose this even though Boxer is in my state it will probably be a waste of breath to ask her to think twice about this. But the rest of America needs to weigh the real options here. Do we just pass laws, increase taxes and regulate based on a theory that keeps being proven wrong time after time. This is not only a money grab by our representatives it’s a way to keep us tied to the government and I believe that is what communism is all about.




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Last week I was reading though one of my news sites Christian Post when one of the articles was about Glen Beck’s confession that his father was raped, abused and the turmoil this caused his family. Beck a guru of conservative politics and host of his radio show and the Blaze teaches and reminds us of how important these issues are and of course is a good example of how sin can inject itself into a family destroying it.

Most of all this confession only teaches and reminds of how important it is to keep our children safe and raised in a Godly and obedient home. How important is protecting our children and raising them in Gods eyes, how important are children to God so important that Jesus even ways in on this. Matthew 18:6-7 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!”

Now if you didn’t quite get what was said there I can put it in simpler terms, better that you take a gun and kill yourself than to harm a child and that includes everyone from the parents to outside influences such as movies, internet, books teachers, pastors anyone that can and would influence a child is held to a standard.

I believe three types of abuse destroy a child, verbal, physical and neglect. These three abuses can injure a person so bad no human medicine can heal the wound only God can forgive and heal this type of injury. I’ve see these types of abuse in my own family’s lives over generations and I can soundly say it’s true what damage you do to a child is life lasting.

Proverbs 29: 22 an angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins.

It’s so important we treat children with even temperament, one does not know the mentality of a child what one child can handle another child cannot.

Mark 10:13-16 13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

We can see how important children are to God and how important it is to raise them in a Godly form. This whole idea of an adult wanting to not allow teaching children about biblical principles and wanting to wait until the child is old enough to choose for themselves is moronic at best. Children depend on us to make good choices, to teach them. The follow us they mimic us in as much as they can, they look up to us and our choices if we choose not to teach them then we are guilty of letting them down and fall into the worlds influence.

We wonder why our world is changing so negative, this did not happen overnight. This happens when we become selfish and treat our children as toys, we play with them until we are board then discard them hoping they make good decisions. Good chance they won’t if we don’t make good decision also. Take care of our children protect them and teach them well and they will bless your home and the nation.

Mr. T’s opinion

Note: I only use Glen Becks story in to account since it’s very applicable to the opinion editorial. I am not Mormon but of Christian faith and I do agree with most of Mr. Becks conservative ideology.





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