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A COMMON SYMPTOM ( 10 statements unbelievers don’t believe about the Bible)

The other day a blog popped up  focusing on 10 statements that this Christian (this being the writer of the blog) does not believe about the Bible on one of the Christian Blogger feeds, what sparked my attention was that the blogger known for his liberal stand in Christianity. Further reading one can come to the conclusion that if this person was a Bible believing Christian this blog would be considered heresy.

Why I’m writing this blog is not to tear down this blogger but to show the lack of understanding of Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus and to show these statements are nothing new but a common symptom of  people that truely do not either believe or understand The God of the Bible and and or what it means to be a Christian.

Whether you are a non believer or a believer that is on the theological fence of Christianity I would like to contrast what our blogger here has written and show what Christians know to be true. Feel free to read the article for yourself to decide where you stand on the faith and words of Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit and the faith of Christianity.

Because these statements are common in today’s world view I will take each statement as its own otherwise this can become a long drawn out blog so in order to keep your attention we will focus one statement at a time and this is statement 1

I don’t believe the Bible was dictated by God. The sixty-six books comprising the Bible were composed by flawed, imperfect, emotional, very human beings who never claim to have been fully possessed by God or robbed of their faculties as they wrote. This means that however virtuous or well-meaning or inspired they might have been, they can’t help but have brought some of themselves into the writing.”

This is a common belief by non believers and a belief by what we call “so called Christians”, liberal Christians and Universalist. 2nd Timothy 3:16 squashes this idea “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness”

If a person argues the Bible is not true and that goes for historical and scientific evidence then the argument is over because that kind of logic then must be taken for all books written on history or science, philosophy then become the only thing we can trust. You will find it hard to have a conversation with someone that does not believe the Bible is based on real event no matter how historically accurate it is.

Throwing the historical and scientific evidence aside we as Christians must believe beyond historical and scientific evidence. We must believe the Gospel is the inspired word of God, all 66 books are by God and point to Jesus and that is our faith that justifies us for his Grace.

If the Bible is true then it is all true otherwise it is all a lie. You cannot say “well some of it is true based on the historical documents” but the rest is hocus pocus. If you take that route you then have to define what is real and what is not, all historical and scientific references are real but the rest is well interpretation.

You now are going on a cherry picking search for evidence that only satisfies you and your own morality; the Bible then becomes useless and offers no real good substance for anyone but only what I need for my wants and needs and makes my arguments valid.

If we are going to take the Bible, the scriptures as the sole word of God as it is intended then we must answer this statement based on the sole authority of the scripture and not just ones opinion or good thoughts.

The statement above rejects the Bible as being the sole authority of the scriptures being the word of God and if you take that line of thinking then the rest of the statements that I will go over will easily make sense to anybody because the above statement is saying yes there might be a God but the Bible is not his only word so you cannot trust it alone.

Exodus 31:18 says God not only spoke with Moses but used his finger to write the 10 commandments. Are we to believe Moses just made up the commandments used his own thoughts of what they the 10 Commandment should be, can you see the absurdity to this.

With that logic anyone could rewrite or add to the basics of these commandments. When we stop and say “the Bible is not inspired” or “the Bible is not the word of God” then that person has to ask what is the Bible for? Good thoughts and inspiration?

Christians that believe this sort of theology normally enjoy the words of Jesus and few will attack his word but you cannot then say “the Bible is not the inspired word of God” without making the statement Jesus is not God. When you say or think the Bible is not the sole word of God you then attack the word of God. When you attack God you attack the Holy Spirit and when you attack the Holy Spirit you attack Jesus; if you attack one part of God you attack all three persons of God.

In John 14: 1-14 Jesus is saying if you see him you see the father (God). What was John adding to this verse. Was he repeating what Jesus actually said or was John trying to add or advance  his own wants and needs to this verse so it reads Jesus is God. If we are to believe John added his own thoughts and not the inspired words of the Holy Spirit then we have to question was Jesus God; something non believers want to be questioned.

2nd Peter 1:16 “For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty”

For a person to think the Bible is not inspired by God is a person that does not believe in God nor do they believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Peter is saying we the disciples  witnessed everything, if we are to believe Peter is making some of this up or adding his own biases and is not inspired solely by God then 2nd Peter is a fraud, correct?

Romans 1: 1-4  Paul, a servant[a] of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God, which he promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy Scriptures, concerning his Son, who was descended from David[b] according to the flesh and was declared to be the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord

Paul declares Jesus to be the messiah, Paul declares Jesus to be God, so if we are to believe this is not inspired but just Paul’s own thoughts and biases then Jesus cannot be God based on any of the New Testament writers.

The New Testament becomes a feel good book based on good philosophy and warm thoughts. Jesus death  was all symbolism and Steven died for nothing.

As we can see Paul validates Peter who validates John who validates Moses.

The statement above allows one to have his or hers own view on God, morality, right and wrong. The Bible is merely a yard stick to measure your own ideas. As long as they don’t hurt anyone we can use any good book that teaches right and wrong. Problem is where did those books get right from wrong and who said those right and wrongs are indeed right and wrong.

The above statement is a world view, not a Biblical or Godly world view. It allows you to turn away from God and view anything as good or bad. The above statement is saying the Bible is not “The Word of God”. This is a concept of a deity based belief that a God created the world in some way now it is up to us to figure it out. We can use Jesus, Buddah, or eastern religion to sort out things out.



Greetings this Monday; some of us decompressing over the weekend depending on what we did. I guess the big news of the week going through the weekend has been the visit of Pope Francis. He has gone home now but as Monday arises I can see a division of both Catholics and Protestants, liberals and conservatives over Sir Francis’s visit to my country.

I can only offer my opinion as to why this is, why one man can divide when such a visit should be unity. First to my Catholic friends there is no disrespect to the Catholic doctrine on my part I’m only giving my assessment of Francis’s visit. I know Catholics will say they are not the cause of such division and I also know Pope Francis has an agenda and I’m sure has no plans to change that agenda.

The reason why there is and maybe continue to be a division is simply Pope Francis is a socialist and he brought his Marxist ideas with him. If you don’t think Sir Francis is a socialist you need to lift your head out of the sand.

I personally felt if you get a chance to speak in front of Congressmen and Senators and you are a professed man of God you need to preach the Gospel not preach your political agenda. Open the speech up with prayer for one; condemn abortion and the funding of groups that would sell murdered body parts it’s not enough to just say all life is precious when Planned Parenthood is buying  Lamborghini’s off the organs of our unborn children.

A statement was made that Pope Francis’s visit to America was a slap in conservative’s faces and I have to agree with that, it’s also a big letdown of one person not preaching the Gospel.

I know Catholics by in large love this man so do liberals and that alone sets off red flags in my direction. What is most disheartening to me was a few comments I made on twitter this week and the comments it received by what I considered as good conservative men of God that happened to be Catholic. It broke my heart to hear such comments I will not go into details and who left the comments but if you know what the word idolatry means there is a big concern here for me and for Christians that praise one man might need to do a personal heart to God’s heart check on themselves.

The other big news item of course is Donald Trump, a few of my aunts and uncles have been out my way for a visit this week asked me what I thought of Mr. Trump and my statement was “I wish he would leave and let people like Cruz and Jindal takeover”

If you think Trump is the GOP saving grace you could be right but I don’t think he is. Like Jeb Bush said on Fox News (no I’m not a Bush fan) check back with me in two months and see where we are, Responding to Trumps popularity.

I agree with Jeb I really don’t think Trump can debate well. I mean watch him in a debate, he calls people names, says I can do better than you, almost childlike responses.

Is Trump better than any democrat well yeah that’s a no brainer. It’s also a testament to a candidate that gets into it with Trump like what Rubio has been doing, shows me Rubio needs to drop out he is way too inexperienced to be running a campaign as is Trump. As a Christian Trump is all over the place, I like how he has pandered to the Christian GOP group but I’m not sold on if he really knows who Jesus is.

Boehner resigns yippy it about time don’t let actually let the door hit you as you leave you have been an embarrassment to the GOP and have done nothing to further the advancement of America. When fools like Harry Reid say it’s a loss for Boehner to leave that is when you know it’s time for fools like Boehner to leave, McConnell needs to follow right behind him.

These are my thoughts this Monday feel free to add your own and enjoy the week.




ROMANS 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I was Browsing through Facebook and came across this blog on Christian Bloggers about the 10 most influential people and books in Christianity. Not really sure how the list was made or tallied and it must have been people and books of this century but I figured the persons on the list at some time or another influenced or impacted somebody’s life and it got me to think who influenced me.

I decided to make my own list of people and books that have impacted or influenced me in not only my spiritual Christianity but in my everyday life in general.

Minus the first set people and the last book and person the list is in no particular order but more in the way of how they flew out of my brain. At the bottom I leave a list of the most absurd people that deserve not to influence anyone and in my opinion should be avoided.

People and books that have influenced or impacted me the most

My parents: I have to consider myself very blessed to have had mother and father that led me in the right direction to seek out God.

My parents gave me the foundation that established who and what I am today and where I go from here. Without my parents I wouldn’t be here today typing this up now, and probably would have had a very different world, one I would not be proud of. God bless all those parents that have given their children the truth.

Billy Graham: No matter what is being said or done in the last 40 years in Christianity whether it is good bad or controversial you can always count on the words and actions of Billy Graham. He is the gold standard when it comes to evangelical speakers, movers and shakers of the modern Christian world.

Graham’s message is simple “Salvation” in my opinion salvation is the most important part of Christianity. It is what binds us together whether you are Catholic, Baptists or Assembly of God salvation is what we all agree on and that has been Graham’s message from the beginning.

If you never got a chance to see and hear Mr. Graham speak live you really missed out on something special.

Gary North: Few will know this economics professor or even know he wrote the book entitled Unholy Spirits in my opinion the definitive guide to the occult and supernatural studies on a Christian perspective in the modern era of the 1970’s through the 2000’s.

Many Christian books of the occult or Biblical supernatural phenomenon have been written but none attack the subject in the way the reader now becomes responsible for knowing. I feel this is a must read for any seminary student and for anyone interested in intellectual conversation of the occult, liberal ideology and how both can combine and effectively change society.

North has written two books on this subject the first written in the 1970’s “None Dare Call it Witchcraft” and it was revised in the early 1980’s and retitled “Unholy Spirits”. Although the book is historically out of date on events that preceded the 1980’s mainly communism the concept and subject are as relevant today as they were in the 1980’s.

The book changed my view on how the occult and liberal ideology is approached and how I attack the subjects in written and in conversation.

Hollywood Vs. America: Written by Michael Medved known as a film critic later a conservative radio talk show host and also an orthodox Jew. The book Hollywood Vs. America showed me how the liberalization of Hollywood is corrupting America.

When I read this book in the 1990’s it had impacted my ideas and approach on how the media and entertainment in general can and is influencing society and why we as Christians and conservatives are responsible in doing something about it.

Maewyn Succat: Later known as Patrick you and I know him as St. Patrick. Most know little of St. Patrick and yes this man was a Saint and deserves the title.

St. Patrick was born around 375 AD and his life as a pastor and later a Bishop was in the 400 century AD. Most people just know that March 17th is a day to dress in green drink green beer and celebrate something they know nothing of.

St. Patrick at age 15 was kidnapped by Irish pirate and sold into slavery to pagans in Ireland. He was a Sheppard for 6 years before he escaped. In those 6 years St. Patrick who was raised in a Catholic Christian home considered himself more of a non believer but converted during his years as a slave. He credits God freeing him from slavery and protecting him as he escaped back to Britain.

St. Patrick then when to seminary school became a pastor and decided to return to Ireland to missionary to the same people that enslaved him. Folklore has St. Patrick driving out all the snakes from Ireland in which people know there are no snakes in Ireland but St. Patrick did not drive out the reptile snake but the pagan and druids whose symbol was of the snakes that St. Patrick converted to Christianity.

The fact a man could be stolen and placed in to slavery, escape, forgive his captives and go back to convert them is beyond what many would do. If you have never studied St. Patrick I highly recommend you do it might changed your idea of what March 17th should be about.

CRI Christian Research Institute: Not without some controversy both Hank Hanegraaff and the folks of CRI have built a great organization for people to find information on all things Christianity, Occult, religion and current events.

CRI has stood the test of time they are in my opinion are one of the best places to go for Biblical backed information on Christian doctrine, churches, men and women of God, cults and religions. If you can’t find what you are looking for then feel free to call or email they do respond well.

What I like about CRI is yes they can seem to be straight shooters and accused of judging at times but they back everything up scriptural. Most everything is backed by the word of God some information may be debate and opinion but those are mainly things that are always in debate and are not salvation issues but more of questions that can never truly be answered in definition.

The Bible answer man and CRI helped me personally understand religions other than Christianity and helped define Christian doctrines of today.

Patrick Madrid: If your Catholic or need Catholic based answers then Patrick Madrid is your man. Patrick use to head the Right Here Right Now radio show now done by Chris Aubert. Patrick is kind of the Catholic Bible Answer Man that fully backs every answer and statement with scripture and Biblical fact.

When I found his radio program one day while driving home I was hooked, a bit skeptical at first being protestant I quickly learned a Christian who is saved by grace in the Name of Jesus is a Christian it matters not if they are Baptist,  Catholic or Assembly of God. Patrick taught me not to fear Catholics or Catholic doctrine but to embrace their knowledge understand the doctrine and adapt it to mine for what I hope can be a better complete person.

J. Budziszewski: Budziszewski is one of the best on the authority of Natural Law and his book “What we can’t not know” is to one of the best guides written on Natural law. If you don’t know what natural law is your shorting yourself in knowledge and Budziszewski is long on knowledge so much so this book alone should be a required read for every seminary student.

I personally had no clue what natural law was until one day listening to Patrick Madrid radio program he mentioned it, being new to the Right Here Right Now show and again suspect of Catholic understanding I asked CRI to recommend a author on the subject of Natural Law and they recommended Budziszewski.

Thinking CRI would recommend a Protestant writer I was later to find out Budziszewski was born and raised as a Baptist and later converted over to Catholic. He told me personally when he was Baptist he looked more at the Catholic concepts of Christianity and now that he moved to Catholic he now looks at Protestants as having many ideas that are ahead of the Catholic concepts I guess a man of both worlds.

Natural law is my newest study and it has changed my life and ideas on how to approach Christianity. If you can read natural law and grasp it and trust me it can be hard to grasp, I’m still hanging on it will change your life and concepts of God. It won’t change God, his grace and salvation but the way you view how society has pulled away from the ideas of morality, and the way God has set up his love, morality, ethics and the way God expects us to live. The subject has made me better.

This is my list of people and books that have impacted my life personally I write these down in hopes you the reader can think and list your own books and or persons that impact or have impacted your life and if you lack any you might try and give these books or sites a read or a listen.

Ultimately God has to be the one that influences and impacts your life but sometimes we need other people or another set of eyes to put things into perspective.

Ones to avoid: The list is long so I’m just putting a few down that at this time are the most popular in our culture.

Rob Bell: Not only has he sold out to the Oprah doctrine he is currently leading people astray with remarks like “I think culture is already there and the church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense, when you have in front of you flesh-and-blood people who are your brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, and co-workers and neighbors, and they love each other and just want to go through life with someone.”

The remark was from when Oprah asked if Bell thought Christians are ready to compromise with homosexuality, the letters from 2000 years ago are the letters of the saints, in the New Testament Bible basically Bell is saying Peter, Paul, Jude, James, John and Luke are irrelevant.

Bell has abandoned the Bible and has made a new doctrine of love yourself as you would want others to love you. Forget the saints of the New Testament is to say the Holy Spirit is irrelevant to today’s world. Don’t even get mixed up with this kind of talk stay away and seek God and a healthy church.

Oprah and OWN: Oprah and her doctrine are nothing short of social and spiritual poison, if you are looking for peace and inspiration try the Bible or a good healthy church.

Joel Osteen: God is not an ATM and you are not being punished for not having a million dollars. I’m not saying Joel is leading people from God but I am saying nothing the Osteen’s say is worth your time unless it’s a choice between Oprah, Rob Bell and Osteen I then would choose Osteen but first I think turning off the TV would be a better choice.



End of the week in January once again and has the news calmed down well kind of kind of not. Our president made a move that radio talk show host Glen Beck feels that it shows where president Obama’s heart is on Islam.

President Obama basically did not attend nor did he send anyone of high ranking to the Paris Unity rally and some ask why. Beck figures that Obama feelings are there is no future for anyone that disrespects the profit Mohammad; he made this a UN speech in 2012.

Nor Beck and I are saying president Obama is condoning the raid and killings at Charlie Hebdo but with this philosophy one is not shocked that this type of raid and killing would happen thus why go to event that disrespected his faith or send anyone for all that matters. Regardless of the fact it was in my opinion disrespectful of the President not to go or send the Vice President after all that’s what VP’s are for.

The other new item that I have been following close has been Pope Francis embracing climate change. You may or may not think Pope Francis is a big thing because you’re not Catholic but believe me this is a big issue that affects us all. The Pope is the biggest religious spokesperson in the world and when he speaks he not only speaks for Catholics but for Christians everywhere.

It is my opinion that this is a very dangerous issue for Pope Francis to tackle. One environmentalism and climate change is basic communism in its roots and core. Pope has to know that climate change not only deals with population control but with economic destruction as well if he does not know or understand this then he is quite frankly ignorant more to come on this issue I’m sure of it.

Two great reads to check out, the first from Charisma a response to Ellen DeGeneres on calling out not only the writer of this article but of us all that feel his article was right and just. Larry Tomczak wrote an article last week on how Hollywood has been targeting immorality propaganda for the last few years on our youth.

Second good read is from BarbWire on how the media and our federal leaders keep shoving down our throats how these latest attacks on Paris, Boko Haram are just extreme Islam and this article like me disagrees.

Post of the weeklama

This is of the Dalai Lama using what I think is yesterday’s news to make people think he has this wonderful geniuses of thought. Well Dalai you’re not, lots of us already knew this. We say this all the time “work work and pay your bills then die” this is nothing neither new nor of great intellect.

What gets me with these post of Dalai Lama, Gandhi or Buddha is this is nothing geniuses. God has already spoke and discussed this in this case the Dalai Lama has just restated what King Solomon wrote in Psalms 127 1-2.

What I feel on people that cling on to others like Lama, and Gandhi are just people that are afraid to look for God and his philosophy in the Bible.

They feel less threatened by men that are held in regard by the godless but feel like someone is judging them or they feel like they are becoming that religious nut down the street if they open up a Bible or read a book on Biblical studies much less try a Bible study or church. Very sad yes but I believe this to be true. I also believe this to be true as well, those of you that seek God will not be disappointed and will be fulfilled.

Finally this ducktails from the Paris incident and that is free speech, free speech is a double edge sword if you didn’t know that already. Charlie Hebdo was a pretty vulgar magazine that not only attacked Muslims but Christians alike.

To embrace free speech we also need to embrace ethics and morality to help balance it out. Yes it was wrong for those Islamic terrorist to kill because some magazine blasphemed Mohammad but it was morally wrong for the same magazine to disrespect people that are held in regard or not like they did.

Yes they have a right to do so but was it right to do so. I personally think it is wrong of them to disrespect Nuns, priest and people of prominence in other religions minus atheism. This is why I keep saying morality and ethics are so important in your life; it might even keep you from getting killed some day.

Mr. T



Saturday November 8th Pope Francis demoted Cardinal Raymond Burke the highest ranking American in the Vatican, is the Roman Catholic doctrine fracturing under Francis’s progressive stands on economic equality, homosexuality and the latest stand on secular science.

You might say so what I’m not Catholic no big deal but this is a big deal the Catholic church is a big deal and they dictate societal policies whether you or the Catholic leadership likes it or not. They’re actions speak volumes and can change the face of how one worships and follows God to put it bluntly the Catholic church makes big impacts and having leadership that compromises with a secular society will surly change the world.

As a protestant I sit by and watch as conservative Catholics bite their tongues while Francis shoots off his mouth on communistic ideas, partnering up with sinful imorality and secular science and wondered when will somebody stand up to this leadership and I guess Mr. Burke did. It’s interesting that either the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church I mean the committee that chose the Pope Francis has been wanting to change the conservative image the Roman Catholic church or  this is Francis’s own goal who now has control of the leadership. How long or how much can conservative Catholics take this change before there is a fracture in the church or docterine

It’s interesting on my account because I was talking to a friend just the other day about the Popes latest foot in the mouth ignorance on secular science. We both know some friends that are devout catholic. My friend made the comment “they are such wonderful people I just don’t get why the stay catholic”. It had me thinking the doctrine of Catholic Church has not changed; they still follow the Bible they still know and understand salvation they just choose to attend and worship God in the Catholic traditions. Their faith has never been different from mine they have a few more or less steps in their everyday life of following Jesus our belief in God is all the same.

If Pope Francis cannot take internal criticism the Catholic Church is not only sailing on a ship without a rudder but there is some waves coming. I hope Conservative Catholics will stand strong and demand Francis to explain his actions via the Bible and scripture and instead of just trying to be apart of the relevance of society.

Burke has been a well known critic of the Roman Catholic leadership and has stated that the church under Francis’s leadership is like a ship without a rudder and I’m beginning to really get what Burke is saying. It pains me to see the mighty Catholic Church a beacon of conservative ideology and intellectual thought slip into a downward spiral into liberalism all the name of becoming relevant to today’s world.




family fight

It’s coming, the holidays are coming soon; only a few weeks till Thanksgiving and then one month to Christmas. Some look forward and some look away with “let’s just get this over with” which one are you. For those of you looking forward to the holidays but not looking to sitting down with family that does not respect or appreciate your views on life I get it. I use to every once in awhile have to sit down with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that view everything I held dear as complete nonsense or idiotic so I get it.

Something we kind of grin and bear it knowing somebody is going to bring up politics or religion, everyone knows you don’t talk about politics or religion at family functions but they do anyways. I started thinking of this based again off listening to a segment of the Glen Beck radio show, Beck in my mind is on the cutting edge of politics both conservative and progressive but not so much when it comes to religion and so so when you mix the two. He was making a remark the other day on how talking about religion and politics can foul a mood and damping a room and I completely agree with that especially when it comes to distant or odd family members that just don’t quite get it.

So what do you do or what do you and your spouse do when the company comes over or you’re invited to come to their house or maybe a neutral house but you know that one or two family members or friend of family will be there and will most certainly want to look for a debate. Do you just like I stated before just grin and bear it or if you get into the discussion try and deflect it and start another conversation say like sports. You can do that but I can pretty much guarantee that will not stop the conversation, you can choose not to participate but the discussion will happen with or without you.

If you’re like me you hate to see your believes trampled or scoffed at like it some terrible idea or disease. If you’re like me you can’t stand to see somebody just tell lies and misrepresent everything you believe in and in the name of just getting along you say nothing. You know how discussing politics and religion can get real messy, its two ideas that can be real vague and easy to convolute.

. Christianity can be measured by hot, warm or cold and politics can be defined by many words like dishonesty, blatant lie, republican, democrat, conservative or progressive and one hundred degrees in the middle so is it worth getting into is it worth it at all heck January will be here in one and a half months. You can sit on the sidelines and wait for it to be over and everyone goes home with nothing ever changed or you can defend your life and maybe just maybe something will stick in that family member’s brain and maybe they will think.

How do I do this how do I defend what I steak my life on, how can I speak truth without muddying up water. How do I get my point across on religion and how do I convey my politics without loosing the purpose of what I believe in.

Instead of jumping in the conversation first know your limits and understand who you are and what you believe. Instead of politics and religion look at these two subjects as you really look at them, God and country and do not deviates from that idea of discussion only talk about God and country.

Religion can be very messy and confusing to discuss but talking about God The God of the Angle Army is not. Talking about Jesus is very simple, salvation is very simple and God’s natural law the law morality is based on is just that very simple follow the Ten Commandments Exodus 20 and the two commandments Jesus gave Matthew 22 34-40.

Politics can and will be gray but keep your talk on country, what politics is doing to this country. What men and women both in politics and on the sidelines are doing to this country. We know what progressives stand for and we know what conservatives stand for but it’s those pesky moderates or independents that call themselves non partisan and they’re the ones that come to the holiday dinner to try and pick a fight. They may call themselves independent or moderate but we know they are progressive they are just trying to muddy the waters of reason and that is why you do not discuss politics with these folks you talk about country.

Progressive want to pin your conservatism down to you being intolerant or cold hearted but if you keep the talk on country on how our country is suffering with progressive ideas then you open minds up to thought. Consider this progressives feel conservatives are intolerant but they refuse to look at both sides because they know one side is moral and the other is not, one side is based on ethics and the other is not, one side is was the basis of the country and the other is not.

This country is founded on the concept of The God of the Bible not Mohammad, not Hinduism and not paganism. Our country is founded on God and his liberty he gives us, the liberty that allows us to follow him or follow something else. Country is not meant to found a religion but a place to worship a God and live a way of life that has no man or woman be able to take that away including a government. God requires us to worship him, not other Gods because there are no other Gods before him.

God never asked us to take a country but only to worship him and tell others about him. Religion is not The God it’s what we make of our worship and our country is not our government it’s a place we have to live free and practice worshiping our God and we cannot let anyone whether they be foreign or domestic take that away from us. When we allow people whether through a government or a society to regulate a way of life based on feelings and tolerance and when we changed the rule of law based on the same we lose our God and Country.

So this holiday look forward to seeing the family and in-laws, let them talk about politics and religion but if you engage keep it simple like God keeps his love simple like our founding father kept it simple. God and County, it’s something our society is losing and we need to bring it back.




Well the Pope does it again first he condones communism with his talk on economic equality and now he’s compromising with secularism by adding evolution to creation. This is from a article from the Huffington Post and yes they are a very liberal and progressive online magazine but this is just a report of from the Post and nothing more so what puts me at odds is not the report but the leadership of the Catholic church not understanding God and compromising with worldly ideas. Now this does not stop at the Catholic church this extends to all Christian based organizations that feel the need to compromise with secularism to become legitimate or relivant to the times.

C S Lewis warned us of the rise of science becoming a religion aka Scientism, its more than science is just becoming a religion its science has become a irrefutable undebatable fact and I fear Christians are willing to compromise God’s creation to be apart of this religion.

Pope Frances is quoted in the Huffington Post “God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life,” the pope said. “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve”. Yes God is not a magician and yes he is the creator but to say God is not a divine being well I don’t agree.

God is the divine being there is no other, God is the Alfa and the Omega he is the Creator of life. Pope Frances states “big bang theory did not contradict the role of a divine creator, but even required it.” This is our first compromise, the big bang is chaos and destruction becoming order something without God could never be this I believe is the gist of what the Pope is getting at.

Or maybe just maybe Pope Frances could have easily said the big bang theory is based on chaos and destruction, God created our word in complete order. From the wind, to the moon to the rate of how fast grass grows God created and designed every last bit of microscopic energy and cell, but the Pope didn’t and I believe it’s based on compromising with secularism to be relevant in the worldly atmosphere we live in today.

The Pope Francis is not the only one has compromised to secular science and I say secular science not to undermined science in general. Secular science is the science that C S Lewis talks about when he points to Scientism not medical science, not rocket science C S Lewis talks of science that is unproven and very debatable but in today’s world is not allowed to be debated.

Hank Hanegraaff president of the Christian Research Institute a great organization that has done great things for Christians in the way of study, debate and understanding of Christianity. Hanagraaff has stated he believed the earth was billions of years old based on science of a super nova again a science that is unproven and debatable. The question would be is Hanagraaff willing to debate this issue and after listening to him via his radio program I feel no he is not willing to debate the issue. He has compromised with secular science on this issue, now whether or not it’s based on being relivant or just stubberness is up for its own debate.

My issue is not that Pope Francis or Hanegraaff are wrong or could be wrong my issue is when leadership makes statements that can be seen as compromises because this effects the rest of us Bible believing Christians that follow the leadership. We now have to gear up to defend the statements that have been made and we should not be doing this. Is Pope Francis not an educated man in spiritual and biblical studies does he not council with his bishops and other religious leaders before makeing statements like this.

Leadership is just that it is leadership and I do not envy those who take on this burden but you do need to remember who you are speaking for. Being Prodistant I use to not care what the Pope would say but I understand better now. Pope Francis is a Christian and a spokesperson for Christians. Hanegraaff is prominent person among Christians and speaks for Christians, what they do say and actions they take make a difference.

I do realize that these statements made by Pope Francis and Hanagraaff are not salvational issues but they are apart of the faith, history and science of what we call Christianity and compromising with secular science to be valid to the world is not the way our leadership should travel. Healthy debates and discussion is a good thing and we all have our opinions but its how we put those opinions out that make our break theology and idiology when your in a leadership or respected position





On my way home from work Monday (6-16-14) and I have a nice hour commute to my home on a quite hwy in Nor Cal so mainly I stick it on cruise control and click on the radio for some talk radio. If I’m lucky I get some time listening to Glen Beck and as long as Mr. Beck is sticking to the issues of politics and not social and religious issues it’s a good day. June though has AAA baseball they often interrupt shows and since I never acquired the liking of baseball much less AAA I turned the channel. I love talk radio but I mainly like host’s that talk and rule the show, listening to people call in for whatever reason is mind numbing at time so normally depending on the show I only will listen to the first part of the program the monologue. My first pick this Monday was the Right Here Right Now show hosted by Patrick Madrid.

Usually the first 15 minutes of Madrid’s show is very intelligent and thought provoking, I would characterize the show as the Bible answer man of the Catholic community. Wait I’m not Catholic why am I listening to a Catholic talk radio show. I feel whether you’re a Protestant such as Lutheran, AOG or a Catholic, talking about the truth and Christian morality should all be the same we are all born again. We may not all agree on doctrine but we have to agree on truth, morality and salvation.

Mind you this when it comes to intellectual talk the Catholics are at the top of the curve some even more so than protestants. Monday Mr. Madrid brought up the issue of my favorite California Congress woman Nancy Pelosi trying to tell the San Francisco Arch Bishop Salvator Cordileone not to participate in the March for Marriage. What stunned Madrid was that Pelosi calming to be a Roman Catholic trying to council the Arch Bishop on this issue; to put this in Protestant prospective it would be like Harry Reid telling Franklin Graham his speeches are too moral and can he tone them down a bit. None of this stuns me because being from California I know the nonsense that spews out of Pelosi’s mouth.

Madrid curtailed this to his final monologue before he opened the phone lines and it when something likes this. Imagine the west or just imagine America is on the Titanic and we are heading for the iceberg. Have we already hit the iceberg, are we steaming towards it and can we turn back. I quickly grabbed my smart phone click on the Twitter app to Patrick Madrid and tweeted “we hit the iceberg it’s just a matter of how many people we can save”. Now that a few hours have passed I would rephrase this to “we have hit the iceberg it’s a matter of how many people we can get on the lifeboats before the ship completely sinks.

Yes I think we are sinking but who will stay with the ship and who will get in the life boats and row to freedom. Now I don’t know my Titanic history, I did see the movie and I suspect there were some historical accuracies and one of them I’m assuming is true. The builders and the captain of the ship felt the Titanic was indestructible so much that they purposely skimmed on lifeboats in favor for more creature comforts for the ship.

As we continue on this voyage those creature comforts can identified as gay marriage, abortion, intolerance of conservative religion and morality and loss of freedom based on junk science in the name of mother earth to name a few. What are thought to be creature comforts are nothing more than weighted down tables that hold the unethical morality we continue build up. Eventually those heavy tables loaded down will speed up the process of sinking the ship.

More and more those lifeboats are being thrown overboard to make room for secularism and progressive behavior creature comforts. The captains of our ship are steering the Titanic straight ahead to moral and ethical bankruptcy. So what do we do, if we go with the majority then we all die as eventually this ship will sink. We have to get those lifeboats ready and we have to convince the passengers they need to be ready to get on those lifeboats as the ship will sink if we continue to ram this current iceberg.

I do not think we can turn back much less salvage this ship, but what we can do is point out there are lifeboats on board and all you have to do is just ask to get on one.

No one earned their spot on the lifeboat, the spot was given to them when the ticket was issued. The master of the ship bought and paid for your ticket you just have to redeem it. Salvation and freedom (a seat on the lifeboat) can be yours if you just look for it. Don’t get caught off guard gazing at what seems like a small piece of ice in the water, below the surface are pieces of what if’s, I’m not good enough, it’s too hard, I have plenty of time and I’m a good person my small life vest will save me from the frozen water. A plethora of combined unbalanced emotions, lies and deceit allow Satan to convince us we don’t need a lifeboat.

In the short I believe we have hit the ice, how much water has come aboard is unknown but it feels like a lot. I’m heading to the lifeboat with my ticket and I hope you do the same.