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Well NOAA has announced that 2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year since 1880 so now its frenzy time for CNN, the democratic underground and any other progressive news organization who reported this latest NOAA report.


Progressives are so bent on trying to convince us the earth is going to die that they never take statistics in to consideration. If you look at the NASA global surface temp from 1880 to 2012 you can see the weather has no real pattern.

From year to year the temps change from but statistically from 1880 to 1900 the temperature stayed in a low range with constant spikes in temperatures from year to year. From 1900 to 1920 the temperature dipped colder then rose back up by 1919 rising through 1920. From 1920 to 1935 the temperature continued to rise but statistically stayed the same. From around 1935 to 1945 temperature continued to rise but by 45 the temps dropped again. From 1945 to around 1978 the temperature again dropped and spiked for the next 30 years but statistically stayed in the same range. From 78 to 1995 temperatures steadily rose and then by 2003 the temps again statistically leveled off.

Now mind you when a write about temperatures rising and falling we are talking about between a tenth to a hundredth of a degree it’s not like it’s 3 three degrees one decade then drops two the next as you can see from the graph the temperature is unpredictable from year to year with statistical ranges lasting from 20 to 30 and sometimes 15 year in length.

I’m not getting why weather forecasters that dub themselves as climatologist think for some reason our life style based on the cars we drive and what we heat or cool our houses have anything do to with the weather and temperature. If anything our cars have become more fuel efficient, we heat and cool our houses and buildings with better more efficient ways and yet we can’t win we still are killing the environment.

Not sure why weather forecasters will ignore weather statistics of 20 and 30 years of consistent temperature although if you believe the graph it’s never consistent from year to year not to mention we have no clue what the weather statistics are prior to 1880.

In my opinion this is just another way progressives are trying to blame the private sector, the free market and capitalism. Communism hates capitalism and the free market so how do we stop it; blame the bad weather on them because if we don’t stop them we will all die with the Polar bears.

Scientifically we have a very hard time predicting the weather in the long term. Just the other day the forecast for the week was rain three days in a row. By the time it came for the rain well it did come but the next day it was dry and oh my the forecast changed yet again.

Biblically God is in charge of the weather its one thing God never allowed man to have a say so and in my opinion it’s why we have this urge to try and blame ourselves for the bizarre weather we think is happening. Progressives can’t stand that God is in complete in charge of something and liberal Christians just jump right in that boat of blame with the progressive on a boat going nowhere




I was reading an article in Charisma online magazine a day ago great E mag by the way Charisma is great with social, political and Christian information I highly recommend reading their stuff.

The article I read was “are the Biblical end times rushing in a rise of natural disasters”, in my opinion no they are not. While I do believe God can use disasters to shake or get our attention and it does work from time to time I don’t believe we have had a rise of natural disasters.

Tornados on average are 300-400 a year from 1973-2011 with 2012 having fewer than 300, there have been years of spiked averages but 350 is the norm. In the last 20 years the world averaged 18 good sized earthquakes and that average is up from previous decades. Hurricane storms in the long range from 1880 to 1900 averaged 45 then again  averaged 45 storms from 1990 to 2000 seems more like a pattern to me.

I don’t feel like we need to look at the weather or climate to try and gauge end of times but we should look at ourselves instead. What I mean by that is look at mankind and what he and society is doing to more determine end of days. Mathew 24:6 talks of wars and rumors of wars will happen but that is not the sign of the end. Luke chapter 21 Jesus talks about the destruction of the temple and whether some feel he was prophesying about the disciple’s future or end of days is up for debate but he said earthquakes, famine and great signs of heaven will happen but even that won’t be the end. Luke Chapter 21 goes on and talks about how people will be persecuted because of their belief in Jesus and that my friends I believe is our gauge.

As morality sinks and disappears from black and white to just a dull shade of gray, our leaders slowly lose their ethics. Gods natural law is overlooked, things that once where obviously considered wrong are now questioned. Biblical sin is questioned in the name of tolerance or used to twist God word by “is that truly the love of God”. We make exceptions as not to offend our sinful fellow man.

No I don’t think we need to look at the weather, to me it’s just another way we try and justify doing nothing. We think God is displeased by making an earthquake happen our having a hurricane flood some city. More likely God is displeased that we are just doing nothing, sitting in our chairs watching the news and doing nothing. Yes they will hate us for being believers but we have do to something and God bless those who do; God will have a special place for you when the end happens. We cannot allow sin to win and overthrow our society and whether society likes it or not God expects us to try and guide mankind to the good and right.