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You run across one of these stickers probably once a week on somebody’s Prius, most likely it’s a hippie or a sharp leftist but do you wonder is it possible to truly coexist with everyone and do these people really know what they are demanding.

Next to every “coexist” sticker should be a sticker that says “contradict”. Each belief contradicts the others belief making coexistence impossible.

Each belief demands exclusivity to that belief and that belief alone. Islam demands Allah is the only God, Jews their God is the only God, Hindi has many Gods but their belief of reincarnation is a must. Atheist demand naturalism and science is the only truth.

There is contradiction with all these beliefs so who do you follow, who will you give your life to?

Atheists believe there has to be proof to be something, seeing is believing. Yet no one has seen large scale evolution, no one has seen a big bang creating life out of nothing. Gravity just exists, no why or how it just exists. DNA is magic per Richard Dawkins but wait is not magic something that cannot be seen or understood?

Buddha was a Hindu that believed there was more; he abandoned the core beliefs of Hinduism and ended up mixing atheism with reincarnation. One has to die and die again to obtain nirvana a complete blowout of the mind where one ceases to exist there is no God.

Christians and Jews believe in a one true God but unlike Jews Christians believe the one true God sent his son Jesus to die for us so that we would be worthy. That through his death God now gives us salvation by his grace alone. John 14:6  and Acts 4:12 And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved”.

COEXIST is either a complete insult or complete ignorance by one that is reaching for an end to free thought. COEXIST is not new it is the same exclusivity in the idea that no one is correct that there is no truth.

Without truth your ideas are invalid to my ideas, making the ability to truly coexist is impossible.



It’s interesting to me how now doctrines and theology constantly debate on how bad or not so bad hell will be.
We have doctrine that uses a annihilation that those going to hell will just stop being, Satan will bear the sins and those who do believe in Christ; where that is scripture I have no clue.

I get it Hell is scary, I saw a blog from a fellow Christian blogger that wanted Christians to stop scaring the hell out of people, is that opposite of let us put hell in people nicely?

The meme that goes if you need the threat of eternal torture to be a good person you are not a good person has validity to it and I would agree humans are not good, it takes God to be good.

Realistically when was the last time you heard your pastor preach on hell, when was the last time you heard a megachurch pastor preach on hell. When was the last time you attended a Biblestudy that studied hell. I have rarely heard any pastor or church leader spend much time on the subject of hell but every liberal Christian seems to think it happens way too much and is afraid it will scare the unbeliever away. counts about 100 references on hell in the ESV translation of the Holy Bible. So hell is in the scriptures it does exsist and it is a part of our lives whether we want it or not.

In Matthew Jesus talks or uses hell 17 times, and describes it 8 times as being a furnace of fire and weeping and gnashing of teeth, eternal torture.

So why are some churches and Christians afraid to talk about hell maybe the same reason they want people to stop judging and have some tolerance for sin.

Not sure about you but you but hell scares me strait, yes I sin daily but daily I repent. 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Now I’m not saying that the message of hell should be the focal point of the Gospel. Salvation and Gods free gift of grace that he gives us is always the front and center subject to new believers but we ought not to leave hell out of the full message.

Understanding why God created hell and why he sent his son Jesus is important to know and understand. As a believer hell never inters my mind, getting closer to Jesus and trying to share that faith with others is always my intentions.

The unbeliever on the other hand knows there is a God, they might try and convince themselves there is no God but it is written on their hearts there is a God but even with that the heart can deny the mind. One wonders why Jesus talked about hell if it was not an important part of knowing God personally.

We can only conjecture why God created a hell but scriptures states it is real, Jesus talks about the realness of hell and the Holy Spirit continues to talk about it in the New Testament. Hell is real and I believe we are doing a disservice to our fellow man by just pushing it under the carpet like it was a bad dream.

Illogical and absurd Monday 1-26


Welcome to Monday and more illogical and absurd articles and blogs from the left media to discuss around the water cooler.

Believe it or not it was a slow illogical and absurd week in the progressive agenda due to the state of the union address and deflated footballs I suspect but still there were a few to not ignore.

First up the progressives are panicking over the 2014 election, scared to death ironically that they may no longer be able to kill unborn children. CNN publishes “How states are playing politics with women’s bodies”

Progressives love to frame abortion like this, “it’s our bodies your taking away a woman’s right to end her unborns life”. The article is scary to think our society is demanding this but reality is It’s not, abortion is becoming an extreme idea.

Part of the article reads as this “After she was unable to get the care she needed at the clinic closest to her, she left her small town in the Texas panhandle and went to Oklahoma, where she was told that her pregnancy was too far along to receive an abortion there. So she came to us.”

The writer of the article tries to call an abortion medical care, whatever happened to do no harm I guess they forgot that one. Those of us who oppose abortion are called anti-choice yet does not the choice start before the baby is made.

You choose to have sex and bam a child is made, yes we know pro abortion advocates will want to use rape and incest to condone abortion but be honest this is a tiny percent and believe it or not there are churches and groups out there that will take on the responsibility for these babies that are born.

If a culture wants to hang on to a small percentage and condone killing knowing unborn children are living and feeling inside the mother  then we now have a corrupt and bankrupt society.

Next Slate publishes a blog from Alternet so this is kind of a two for one for these two progressive rags. “The 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world”

The shocking thing is they actually pick on more than one religion. Normally leftist progressives will focus on Christians or Christianity but I have to say they seemed to try and spread the love hate here. I’m going to just lay out the Christian points since I’m not Muslim or Hindu, I’ll stay out of their domain.

First of the 12 ideas they go after is the concept of Chosen people: This is where lack of reading and understanding your Biblical text bites you and shoots out a red flag in this article, for sure an atheist wrote this (Valerie Tarico).

Chosen people is not an idea it was a name given by God in the Old Testament to Abrahams lineage aka children of Abraham then later defined as the Jews or Hebrews. In the New Testament after dying for our sins by Jesus then his resurrection the chosen people now extend to everyone that excepted Jesus as their  personal savior in their hearts and minds aka salvation.

Only God knows who will except his gift of salvation so only God has chosen these people something atheist and people not willing to give themselves to God can understand.

Heretics: people don’t like the word because it calls them out on their corrupting of God’s word. Heretics tend to water down Gods word or misinterpret Biblical text to fit their immorality.

Atheists look at it as religious people not being tolerant of others belief but as Christians we have to follow the basis of God’s word.

We are not to add to or take away to fit our needs. God fits our needs and we have to add to or take away from our lives to receive what God can give us.

Holy War: Something we see in Islam constantly and it’s apart of their culture. Early Catholic leadership used this to try and free Israel and fight back Islam but in all reality Christians do not fight in Holy wars not for the last few hounded centuries.

What one century mistake made has always followed the Catholic Church and Christianity but let’s be real guys Christians don’t do holy wars.

Blasphemy: Again the writer not understanding Biblical text somewhat gets this wrong in the Christian definition; they have it right in the Islamic definition.

God gives us free will so the ability to disbelieve in God is tolerated but does not go unpunished but man will not dole out that punishment that will be left up to God.

Making fun of Christians and God is something Christians do not like or encourage but living in a free society we have to deal with it and sometimes except its existence but we as Christians are not to harm the offender but to defend God with truth and righteousness.

Glorified suffering: Something that is not really practiced anymore. The definition given in this the article is basically an old concept of injuring one’s self to keep you on the narrow path of right.

Tarito use the crucifix as a glorified torture again not understanding Biblical history can bite you. God does not and has not suggested injuring one’s self as a means to make things right, this is a man made concept.

Forgiveness has always been God’s way of making things right since the resurrection of Jesus. Our suffering as Christians do glorify Gods name and I go back to again not knowing and understanding your Biblical text and history will mislead you from the truth.

 Genital mutilation: something Islam is known for not Christianity or Jews but Tarico has the stones to say circumcision is a form of genital mutilation talk about being out of touch and hating anything that God has commanded is but wow.

Hell: Yes hell is in the Bible because God created hell, Tarico suggest it is used to change or curb bad behavior and to a degree it is used.

Man still sins and does bad things no matter if there is a heaven or hell. If there is no hell then there is no heaven, the idea of everyone except Hitler is going to heaven is just not reality or Biblical.

Christians are not happy that people Hitler and Stalin existed but they do and did and God has made a place for them.

Christians don’t want to see anyone walk that path but it is a reality since God gave free will. If the concept of hell scares you to do the right thing and seek God out then that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.

Eternal Life: Atheist hate this because it’s not fare so they call this a fairytale. Tarico again lacks the Biblical understanding and states the problem with eternal life is it keeps people from seeing the beauty of what we already have on earth.

“The real reason that the notion of eternal life is such a bad invention, though, is the degree to which it diminishes and degrades existence on this earthly plane. With eyes lifted heavenward, we can’t see the intricate beauty beneath our feet. Devout believers put their spiritual energy into preparing for a world to come rather than cherishing and stewarding the one wild and precious world we have been given”-Torico

Not so, eternal life is just a bigger reward. What is here on this earth is be bigger in heaven and in the new earth that God will have waiting for us. Believe me I have seen some of Gods greatest creations in this country and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the next.

Male Ownership of Female Fertility: This idea is a complete misunderstanding of Biblical text to think God condones female ownership and women are slaves to men. No God celebrates women baring children as a great gift. Women were created by God to have children to continue the human race how much more of a gift from God could there be.

Bibliolatry (aka Book Worship): Now this is really stretching it and again the lack of understanding Biblical text shows us just how much lack of knowledge is at play here.

The concept of Bibliolatry is a direct contradiction of the 1st commandment and nobody that follows God and seeks the truth of Jesus worships the Bible they worships God of the Bible.

I suspect that Tarico thinks all religious idea are bad, I do feel she made some progress by adding Islam and Hindu to the list but but also loses it with some very illogical and communist remarks.

Pretty much she is reaching on most of these concepts. There is a lot of misunderstanding, hate, lack of Biblical studying and understanding of who and what God is so we can’t expect much with this blog.

Mr. T



Monday is the day to kind of look back on the most illogical and absurd articles of last week this way you have something to talk about at work and around the water cooler. Something you and your friends or spouse can chat about so enjoy.

USA Today “My death needs to mean something” publishes this article about Joshua Alcorn who practiced transgender lifestyle and committed suicide with a note blaming his parents. What the mass media is trying to claim is because Joshua’s parents were Christian it drove him to suicide.

Now mind you the Alcorns for good reason have remained silent on this and they should their son died. Why I bring this article up, nowhere it states the Alcorns were Christians or even went to church the allegation was levied by their son Joshua. An obvious confused young man we should not jump to conclusions with neither the son nor the parents but ask we pray for the parents and ask those parents that are in the same situation to get your child help.

They will hate you now for it and society with despise you for it but in the end what matters is getting your children help. If they had a drug or alcohol problem would you sit by say that is the way God made them I think not. After all Joshua wanted his life to matter.

Next the Huffington post “Kaley Cuoco Doesn’t Consider Herself and Feminist” making a big deal out of nothing as they drag up an article from Redbook on Kakey Cuoco star of the big bang theory she is Penny if you don’t watch the show.

Redbook asked Cuoco if she considered herself a feminist and my question is why ask who care? Cuoco said no and actually stated she did not endure discrimination growing up as a woman and loves to cook for her husband oh yeah she got breast implants too better kill her. Cuoco had to apologies via instagram for her remarks and I ask why? She said nothing as highlighted by HuffPo that is outrageous. Sorry progressives if a wife enjoys cooking for her husband and enjoys being a woman.

 “Attracted to men Pastor feels called to called to marriage to a woman” NPR actually does it right and publishes a correct article. This young man has chosen not to follow his carnal wants and thoughts in the name of Jesus. I’m assuming they published this to show the outrage to the progressive, how can this be a man that wants and thinks about being attracted to other men is choosing not to in the name of his God.

This dude even got married to a women and his wife knows he finds men attractive but chooses to be with her because God and the Bible say that is real love and a real marriage. Good read what progressives don’t understand is how this man can do this. It’s kind of like having a craving for booze or cocaine but choosing not to go there knowing it will destroy not only your life but others too.

“California Becomes 10th State to Issue License to undocumented Immigrants” Newsweek covers California as they hand out driver’s license to illegal emigrants. Not the most brilliant thing for California to do but living here in California the government has yet to show me it makes good decisions.

Just more problems for law enforcement to deal with and the concept of rewarding bad behavior in the name of equality and  wanting more money in a state that can’t stop spending money whether it’s legal or illegal.

“North Korea Responds With Fury To the U.S. Sanctions Over Sony Hack” U.S. sanctions North Korea and that’s a big deal, Democratic Underground has the brief and why we care..?

NK continues to deny they hacked Sony and I believe them I think they are telling the truth I do not believe NK has the ability to hack like some people think they do. Why they don’t take credit for this I’m not sure unless China is telling them if the hack does not fit they must refute.

“Evangelical Apocalypse is All Your Fault” The Daily Beast publishes this article and Jay Michealson puts his best foot forward to try and fun the evangelicals for crying it’s the end of the world.

Like Jay I’m not one to rush into it’s the end of the world scenario but I don’t laugh at those who try and put these complexities together. Yes Christians have been saying this for a long time, remember WW1 probably not but that was the most horrific war mankind has endured to date and I bet those people felt the end was near as well.

Making fun of Christians for trying to prepare for the end is just plain mean. One quote goes like this “ If the world is going to end, why are evangelicals so busy trying to save it? Who care is Barack Hussein Obama is president and gays are getting married? Don’t such event prove that evangelicals are right? Well I think you answered your own question Jay.

As far as Christians trying to save a dying world well I think that was the whole reason why Jesus came here and died for our sins and we his disciples are to do the same.

“5 Biggest Threats to Social Security From New Republican Congress” Alternet has an article going over the five biggest threats to social security by the Republican congress.

Biggest threat number one is not a threat and number two states the obvious but its threats 3 through five that have progressives scared to death that our government wants to cut some fat. They view Paul Ryan as the most dangerous man alive a titled very envious of conservatives. But honestly do we really think SS will ever be cut it’s a pipe dream but we can dream cant we.

“The Pope Thinks Climate Change is a Major Threat. So do American Catholics” Mother Jones adds to the shoveling of this gossip that Pope Francis will be embracing climate change soon, someday really soon they are sure of that and you Catholics are for it too.

Now until Pope Francis states climate change is the forefront of his ministry and world leaders must embrace this I’m not going for it just yet and I think we all just need to wait and see.

It’s easy to believe since Francis has already treaded on the secular science issue, homosexuality communism in the way of economic equality but again I think we need to wait and see.

If MJ is correct and Francis does embrace climate change in a progressive way it will mean the Vatican has now embraced communism in the name of God. Mind you yes the liberal media will just fall over themselves loving this but the minute Francis opens his mount about the immorality of abortion or reproductive rights they will be right there to cut his head off.

And that is just my opinion on it all

Mr T



As we continue on our voyage in life on this great ship called America,  secular creature comforts are becoming available and they promise for a quite and nonconfrontational life. These comforts can be identified  as excepting immoral behavior in the name of getting along, abortion no big deal if it will uncomplicate my life,  and give up some freedom for safety to our all knowing government based on  fear tactics.

What are thought to be creature comforts are nothing more than heavy bricks of immorality and unethical behavior that hold down the truths that God gives us and what our forefathers died for.

Eventually those heavy bricks loaded down over time will  turn this voyage into a destination of ruin. If Americans do not change and turn to God or at least follow a moral and ethical law this ship we call America will stop at a destination that will not be recognizable for anyone. We will no longer be able to know right from wrong, moral from immoral and know who God really is.




The caption is a bit grim but I added a question mark just to ponder the statement. What got me to wonder this were a few things, I have been reading the book of Enoch and having conversations with my dad on today’s society and this statement came to me “Without Jesus all hope is lost.”

Now first of all the book of Enoch is not the inspired word of God the main reason why it was not added to the Old Testament, what we do know about Enoch in the Old Testament is he was Cain’s son we do know from Genesis 5:24 “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” What that tells me is Enoch and God were very close and in Enoch’s writing’s Enoch claims God showed him quite a few mysteries of the universe, Enoch witnessed angles coming and going from earth to heaven and whether or not the accuracy is there can debated but for sure God was very close to Enoch we know this by the fact God took Enoch. Enoch did not die he was taken by God, only two people are known to have never died but be taken by God Enoch and the profit Elijah.

What I’m reading in Enoch also extends through life in the Old and New Testament there is a battle between good and evil and when man sinned the battle began. God gave both man and angles free will the ability to make their own decisions and what we got was both man and angles weakness for self reliance and sin. I believe God created man to be completely reliant on him but man and woman has the ability and the will to become one with God or to become one with himself. Unlike angles God allows man to sin and be forgiven which makes man much more precious than his angles which is very pivotal to mans history and existence with God.

My conversation with my dad was mainly on the woes of today’s problems, how Satan has influence our society so much we are beginning to not understand the difference from good and bad, sin and our biblical misconception are put into a gray area and then eventually being touted as fact and if you are against this fact your are intolerant or a bad person.

In the Book of Enoch, Enoch talks about angles coming down lusting after the daughters of Adam then taking them as wives and having children, now this part is debatable by some but what follows is most likely truth. The angles walked with man and taught man things they did not know, things that man needed never to know for living in a perfect world needs nothing new. Man learned the art of weapon making and women learned the art of magic medicine things they did not need to know when living in a perfect world that God had created. You see if man had relied on God there would not be a need for weapons or magic, the hope in God was becoming lost

Genesis 6 talks about how wicked the world had become based mainly on sin and the self reliance of man and angels. Humans had become so wicked that God had to clean his creation with a flood and thus allowed man a second chance to be reliant on God. Now I’m not trying to give a history lesson on the Old Testament but trying to convey that when man leaves God he has no hope. If Satan and the angles or demons if you will have this much influence on our world, on our hearts and minds then without Jesus we have no hope to survive.

Believing in God is not enough, prior to God sending  Jesus, dying and then his resurrection no person could be allowed in heaven they were not perfect and full of sin. It was God sacrificing his son Jesus that allows us to be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven and back in God’s grace.

All hope is lost, we cannot rule over darkness, hate and depression only God can and it’s when we insist we can rule over darkness, hate and depression that we become and pass on these sins. If man continues to be self reliant and refuses God then all hope is lost. Nor man or woman can survive this world without God’s hand and without his Son Jesus and salvation they will spiral out of control the same way man and women did before Noah and the flood.

If you don’t think this is irrelevant just look, since the 1960’s the art of examining and studying the darkness has increased. Witchcraft, Satanism, atheism, paganism has increased. The hatred of the West and Christianity in the last 20 years has increased and just look the ranges of depression that has filled our society from both darkness and hate. Without God all hope is lost.

Can we change the tide can we reverse this I personally do not think we can, as much as secular man and Hollywood would love to think so I think our society is heading for destruction but that does not mean you have to be in that destruction. It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness and receive salvation. God’s grace has always been the same today as it was the day he created us. Through his son Jesus you can be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven. All is not lost if you seek Jesus and his salvation,hope is not lost if we will seek God.



Just surfing across Facebook I saw this meme and I have seen it a few other times on the web so I really thought about it and wondered is it completely true. Well one thing you really don’t see much is pastors and sermons that deal with hell much less the  talk about satin. Not that I’m at church every Sunday but It’s been a long time since I heard somebody discuss the devil or hell I’m guessing it’s just not good advertising both topics do deal with judgment and we know how much society loves the topic of judgment.
The Westboro church in Kansas was and maybe still is one of the few churches out there that has no problem talking about hell, it’s just they do it in what I see as a hate filled way. If you never heard of the Phelps and the Westboro church then just leave it that way they are no guiding light for Christianity nothing to aspire to.
So if you need a threat of internal torture to be a good person does that really mean you’re a bad person. Well if the threat holds true to your heart and mind and you’re practicing to be a good person because you know being bad will result in you going to a bad place. Kind of like Karma but no kind of like despair, Karma is like recycling mankind without grace and forgiveness. We all are sinners Romans 3:23 we all deserve hell so are we all bad people?
Since the fall of man we are born into sin meaning we cannot go to heaven without Gods grace, forgiveness and salvation but I don’t believe man is born to be bad. Being bad is normally learned or taught and it kind of makes since if your learned or taught to be bad then you tend to do bad things and if your taught to be good you tend to want to do good things. What would make you stop being bad, the fear of getting caught and paying the consequences or can one just out of the blue decide I’m a bad person I need to stop. I don’t believe one can just out of the blue stop, if they were taught to be bad then they need to be taught to be good. Whether it be by God or man sent by God being bad will not stop until you are told to or shown the error of your ways. Rules set up by man will not make you a better person.
This leads me to believe the meme is based on an atheistic point of view that there is no God and you’re a stupid and bad person to change your evil ways just because the threat of hell. With that mind set are you a bad driver if you drive the speed limit and fallow traffic laws because the threat of a ticket or jail time scares you to obey the law?go-to-jail-monopoly-game
As a Christian I feel it does not matter how you found Jesus as your savior, if the threat of hell led you to The God of the Bible is that bad. I could announce I’m done with Christianity and I do not believe in God his son or the Bible. I’m taking a chance in that belief, if I’m wrong then I pay the consequences of my decision and if I’m right and there is no God I die without any reason or impact basically a meaningless life whether I was bad or good it makes no difference.
I think most people that say they are saved and know and understand about having a relationship with Christ believe there is a hell and they don’t want any part of it. The motivation of being a good person is the relationship with God not being afraid of  going to hell. Maybe hell got you to look at life differently, maybe hell got you to reach out for help and for grace but it’s the relationship with God and his son Jesus that makes us better and want to be good. We will never be perfect in the eyes of man or God but while we are alive it’s our love for God that drives us to seek him and be better people, if hell gets a person to that point then that is alright by me.

Mr. T’s Opinion-