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Real Christianity vs. Whatever The Heck It Is Conservatives Actually Follow

The above blog popped up on one of the blogging forums I use on Facebook, it was posted by Christian Surf and written by Allen Clifton who I’m kind of thinking is not a Christian as defined by most born again Christians would define but I can’t judge his heart only God can

It’s a pretty negative blog attacking Conservative Christians mainly Conservatives in general, I read through it and thought I would rebuttal as a conservative Christians since he’s calling me out I’ll answer his call.

The first thing is he labels all conservatives republicans and defines them as being in a cult but that simply is not true. Conservatives just can’t vote for democrats, the Democratic Party is way too progressive right now and is just too much like communism to me.

Believe me not all conservatives are republicans it’s just that’s all we can vote for, no conservative is thrilled with theses deadbeat rinos that come up for election but we either vote for them and try and change policy with a moderate republican or don’t vote and deal with deadbeat democrats and their socialism you can’t win either way.

Some conservatives will refuse to vote for moderate republicans no matter what is on the line they have too much conviction to compromise with socialism.

The next issue was abortion, as a Christian Mr. Clifton is against abortion and thinks it’s wrong and that’s really good to hear, it kind of leaves a emptiness in your soul when you meet a person that states they are a believer but thinks killing an unborn child is fine.  

Clifton feels if somebody wants or has an abortion well that’s none of his business and frankly it’s nobody else’s business.

This is where I disagree and think why most level headed Christians have the view of “we cannot condone a society that kills its unborn”.

It should be all our concerns that we have legalized the murder of unborn children; it’s too convenient to just dismiss something that is wrong just because you’re told it’s none of your business.

My question to the Christian that views abortion is nobody’s business but the person having it is how do justify this if you know it’s wrong.

Would you stand by and knowingly let a person be murdered, would you be more concerned if your state government decided to legalize the killing of adults that stayed on government assistance for more than say 8 years and now is a burden on society.

What makes the abortion ok because it’s none of your business, because the child is not yet born, it can’t communicate or do complex rational thought so it’s not really a living person.

When does it not be okay, when the unborn child is 2 month in the womb, 3 months, 5, 8 when is it not okay to kill the unborn.

Guns, Mr. Clifton does not like people with guns well I own a few guns and I own them for protection. If somebody is breaking into my house I have an obligation to protect my family and I guarantee the police will not get to my house before the bad guy has done his bad deed.

Christians also believe in the 2nd amendment and the constitution that gives them freedom to bear arms.

The reason why our founding father constructed the 2nd amendment was not to just protect from home invasion of some random thug but to give the American citizen the ability to protect themselves from tyrannical power of a government and from the average thug that would threaten your personal property.

No Christian wants to use a gun but its there if we need it because some brilliant men thought it should be your right to protect yourself.

The next is Homosexuality, yes I’m opposed to the gay lifestyle on a few levels one being it’s against what the Bible teaches us as a matter of fact the inspired word of God (the Bible) discusses this at least twice first being Leviticus 18:22 and again the New Testament in Romans 1: 26-27. Mind you this verse is not condoning the act of homosexuality.

I don’t think God is just picking on the homosexual there is more here than just two of the same sexes trying to act like a heterosexual couples. Homosexuality if practiced is unsafe, unhealthy and brings risk not to mention it’s has no design to reproduce itself. 

As a conservative I oppose homosexuality because the lifestyle is destructive and anti family. Today’s gay life is in your face “you must accept me and my life choices or else you’re a homophobe or a bigot” this is a sexually based sin that has embraced the politically correctness for safety.

It refuses to acknowledge its hurting and is based in a lie, becomes unstable for a society that tries to be the truth right for all that live in it.

I personally have had dealings with homosexuality in my own family and I have first hand seen the destructive behavior it has brought to not only my family but other families that it has involved with.

It’s morally wrong and biblically wrong, God does care when people hurt other people and hurt themselves it does matter to him.

Next is giving to charity and why go into this I’m at a loss, Clifton said he gives the conservative the nod on giving to charity but states why should we since their church tells them to give tithes anyhow.

Not all conservatives are Christian so can’t expect all to tithe to their church. Churches do not command that we tithe to them. I would say if you go to a church that expects you to give tithing then you should leave.

What the inspired word of God does say is this in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7  I believe most healthy Christians practice this in give based on its the right thing to do we do it out of our heart not because a church tells us to.

He goes on and pulls the greed card on conservatives that we all just want to be rich and hoard the money.

Yes we want a free market and yes capitalism is the best way to do business in a free market but you’re talking about capital cronyism not true free market capitalism where the government lets society earn their own money by working hard and helping those that cannot help themselves. The opposite of all this is communism and I’m not for that.

Right now both our state and federal governments punish you for succeeding in life by taxing you. They use those taxes wastefully if anyone should get a lecture on greed and selfishness it’s our government.

Clifton states that different denomination interprets the bible very differently and I do not agree on that. Most Judeo Christian denominations that are healthy in the word of God see God’s word all the same.

They may have different doctrines and put emphases on some biblical practices over the other but most view God’s word the same. What Clifton is talking about is religions and born again Christians don’t belong to a religion they belong to a relationship with God.

Clifton then ask what makes a person a Christian, is it going to church, reading the bible. Clifton believes that being a Christian comes down to who you are as a person and how closely you try and live your life with the beliefs of Jesus Christ and that is a pretty good answer except if the thief on the cross had followed that definition he would have gone to hell.

Salvation is what makes you a Christian, John chapter 3 verse 16 sums up what it takes to be a Christian and belong to Jesus Christ.

It is why an Atheist is not a Christian, it’s why a Muslim is not a Christian and why a ton of people that go through life thinking all I have to be is good and I’ll get to heaven are wrong Matthew chapter 7 verses 21-23

At the end Clifton just bashes conservative Christians for enjoying guns, practicing greed selfishness and hate. My question for Clifton that feels progressives and leftist  are more compassionate…where is the compassion?


pro life


Reading an article in the entitled “Congrats Pro Lifers you won! Now I have a few questions for you” by Katha Pollitt caught my interest and thought as a Pro lifer maybe I could answer those questions, but I might add Pro lifers have far from won anything. Abortion is still legal in this country so unborn children are still at risk of being terminated for no reason or for any reason.

Question 1 Illegal Abortions; was based on banning abortion making it illegal would drive women to get back alley abortions, not only injuring women in the process but killing them as well. You are right some women will still try and get out of the responsibility they have now put themselves into and there will be some women that will pay that price. We cannot just make abortion illegal but we have to stop it in the hearts and minds of or society. It’s like no longer enforcing theft as a crime. We know it’s wrong so we don’t need to bother enforcing it right? For some this is true but for others they will take advantage of it, yes we know in our hearts and minds theft is wrong some if not most of us wont do it. We don’t need a law to deter us but our society needs this law to show we do not condone theft therefore we will enforce the crime telling people theft is wrong and if you do it you will pay the price same idea for abortion. It is wrong and not only do we need to stop it we also need to educate people why it’s wrong so back alley abortions won’t happen.

Next question was compromise, Pro life wants compromise but pro choice feels it’s just a tactic to fully ban abortion. As a pro life person I do not compromise, abortion is morally wrong and I just can’t compromise when death is on the line. I get the compromise concept, if one waits longer to have an abortion they just might end up having the baby and oh how bad that would be.

Next Question is on birth control. Many are against birth control and you point out many are against the ACA ( Affordable Care Act) making employers carry certain birth control methods that they may be morally against. The concept of the ACA is based on we all use health care there for those who do not have insurance must be punished with a tax. If this is the way the government wants to define the ACA then why should an employer have to provide every kind of birth control made if there are some forms of control that they find morally wrong? Cannot the individual be responsible for his or her actions? One free mode of birth control is abstinence, I know that sound outrageous but it can be done and it is very cheap to do.

Question 4 is poverty, poor people need abortion because they cannot afford the children they produce, charities are not enough and the GOP is trying to defund every poverty law there is. This is sick nonsense and one of the biggest complaints that pro life people have for abortion is using it for birth control. The biggest problem with health care today is our government intruding and trying to control it to their advantage. You say charities are not enough but I say they are. There are plenty of non for profit organizations and churches that are tailored to help the poor and single mothers. If you cannot afford to bring a child in this world then maybe you should not have one again abstinence is an option. I’ve seen birth control as low as $10.00 in some places if a person cannot afford $10.00 then you need to redirect your priories from sex to something else like taking care of yourself and your family.

Question 5 Men; this is based on the lack of morality in society, what about the men that get a woman pregnant and walk away. Yes this is a problem and it goes back to it’s a moral problem. Again we have to change the hearts and minds of people, a man should not want to ever walk away from his family or responsibilities. This is again a major problem of the concept of free sex and no responsibility. This is why casual sex should not be promoted; it delegitimizes the women and the family and gives men the opportunity to shed their responsibilities as men.

Next question Equality; its based on the idea that somehow abortion will give women equality with men in finances and work. It’s called planning your life out, women can do something men can never do and that’s having children. It’s a great responsibility and honor that no man can ever achieve but with this responsibility one has to plan their life. To be a CEO of a giant company like Microsoft and have eight children is going to be a hard thing to do. Women that view work is greater than raising a family should then just stick to work. abortion is not needed, planning and personal responsibility is needed.

Question 7 Personhood, this is based on miscarriages and science; what about those tiny natural abortions that occur and what about stem cell research and IVF. Sometimes we go places we should not go and IVF might just be that, stem cell is very controversial. Do we have abortions to study how to make life better for future generations? I don’t feel destroying a life for the comfort of a future is worth dong after all you may have just aborted a life that would have found the cure for Brest Cancer. When we start to try and understand why things work sometimes we go way too far. There is a balance and it can be found, sometimes in the name of science ideas can go just too far and brakes need to be applied so we can study a bit more thorough than callous.

Next question is Murder and what should be done with these murderers. Yes I agree abortion is murder and although I would not act in such a way as some have in the past of going on a killing spree of doctors and staff workers that participate in abortions I do get it. You’re asking such a broad question because abortion is legal. First thing we have to do is change the heart, a person should never want an abortion and if they do it’s a sad thing. People should know there is always a way out instead of abortion, there are always will be people that will help and people should not be afraid to ask for help. If abortion was illegal then we would again allow a jury of his or her peers to decide if guilty or not. Punishment wise would be just that what do they do with murders in your state?

If these are not suitable answers I am sorry but these are my answers, I truly feel sorry for anyone that feels abortion is the only way out. To truly end abortion is not just to make it illegal because again theft is illegal and people still continue to steal and take thing that do not belong to them. To truly end abortion we have to change the heart of society not just make a law and that is the biggest obstacle that we a society today face is allowing our government to dictate morality to us because it fails every time.




family fight

It’s coming, the holidays are coming soon; only a few weeks till Thanksgiving and then one month to Christmas. Some look forward and some look away with “let’s just get this over with” which one are you. For those of you looking forward to the holidays but not looking to sitting down with family that does not respect or appreciate your views on life I get it. I use to every once in awhile have to sit down with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that view everything I held dear as complete nonsense or idiotic so I get it.

Something we kind of grin and bear it knowing somebody is going to bring up politics or religion, everyone knows you don’t talk about politics or religion at family functions but they do anyways. I started thinking of this based again off listening to a segment of the Glen Beck radio show, Beck in my mind is on the cutting edge of politics both conservative and progressive but not so much when it comes to religion and so so when you mix the two. He was making a remark the other day on how talking about religion and politics can foul a mood and damping a room and I completely agree with that especially when it comes to distant or odd family members that just don’t quite get it.

So what do you do or what do you and your spouse do when the company comes over or you’re invited to come to their house or maybe a neutral house but you know that one or two family members or friend of family will be there and will most certainly want to look for a debate. Do you just like I stated before just grin and bear it or if you get into the discussion try and deflect it and start another conversation say like sports. You can do that but I can pretty much guarantee that will not stop the conversation, you can choose not to participate but the discussion will happen with or without you.

If you’re like me you hate to see your believes trampled or scoffed at like it some terrible idea or disease. If you’re like me you can’t stand to see somebody just tell lies and misrepresent everything you believe in and in the name of just getting along you say nothing. You know how discussing politics and religion can get real messy, its two ideas that can be real vague and easy to convolute.

. Christianity can be measured by hot, warm or cold and politics can be defined by many words like dishonesty, blatant lie, republican, democrat, conservative or progressive and one hundred degrees in the middle so is it worth getting into is it worth it at all heck January will be here in one and a half months. You can sit on the sidelines and wait for it to be over and everyone goes home with nothing ever changed or you can defend your life and maybe just maybe something will stick in that family member’s brain and maybe they will think.

How do I do this how do I defend what I steak my life on, how can I speak truth without muddying up water. How do I get my point across on religion and how do I convey my politics without loosing the purpose of what I believe in.

Instead of jumping in the conversation first know your limits and understand who you are and what you believe. Instead of politics and religion look at these two subjects as you really look at them, God and country and do not deviates from that idea of discussion only talk about God and country.

Religion can be very messy and confusing to discuss but talking about God The God of the Angle Army is not. Talking about Jesus is very simple, salvation is very simple and God’s natural law the law morality is based on is just that very simple follow the Ten Commandments Exodus 20 and the two commandments Jesus gave Matthew 22 34-40.

Politics can and will be gray but keep your talk on country, what politics is doing to this country. What men and women both in politics and on the sidelines are doing to this country. We know what progressives stand for and we know what conservatives stand for but it’s those pesky moderates or independents that call themselves non partisan and they’re the ones that come to the holiday dinner to try and pick a fight. They may call themselves independent or moderate but we know they are progressive they are just trying to muddy the waters of reason and that is why you do not discuss politics with these folks you talk about country.

Progressive want to pin your conservatism down to you being intolerant or cold hearted but if you keep the talk on country on how our country is suffering with progressive ideas then you open minds up to thought. Consider this progressives feel conservatives are intolerant but they refuse to look at both sides because they know one side is moral and the other is not, one side is based on ethics and the other is not, one side is was the basis of the country and the other is not.

This country is founded on the concept of The God of the Bible not Mohammad, not Hinduism and not paganism. Our country is founded on God and his liberty he gives us, the liberty that allows us to follow him or follow something else. Country is not meant to found a religion but a place to worship a God and live a way of life that has no man or woman be able to take that away including a government. God requires us to worship him, not other Gods because there are no other Gods before him.

God never asked us to take a country but only to worship him and tell others about him. Religion is not The God it’s what we make of our worship and our country is not our government it’s a place we have to live free and practice worshiping our God and we cannot let anyone whether they be foreign or domestic take that away from us. When we allow people whether through a government or a society to regulate a way of life based on feelings and tolerance and when we changed the rule of law based on the same we lose our God and Country.

So this holiday look forward to seeing the family and in-laws, let them talk about politics and religion but if you engage keep it simple like God keeps his love simple like our founding father kept it simple. God and County, it’s something our society is losing and we need to bring it back.



Output file

We vote today folks so let’s make it count shall we; the title of this blog came to me last night on my way home from work. I was listening to Glen Beck on the radio and he predicted the GOP would win the house and the Senate and that may be a bad thing. My drive is only an hour so I never got to listen to what he meant by that but I have a thought on what it means.

My thought is this the current leadership of the GOP is piss poor to say the least, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are a joke for the GOP they may as well be moderate democrats. They show no real leadership in a party that once had both houses and lost it and now are on the verge of reclaiming the power again. I guess that is the word “Power” those two see this as the same as the democrats it’s nothing but power and what they can do to rule the concept of their democracy. Well GOP senators and congressmen and this is where you don’t get it. You don’t do your job for money and power and insider trading you does this to represent your state and your country. You work for the people of your state and you make and break your country with the decisions you make or lack thereof.

The lack of leadership is what got us president Obama and Harry Reid and I fear the lack of leadership again by Boehner and McConnell will yield us President Hillary Clinton in 2016. Problem is people vote big on their pocket book and they are easily bought into by lies and deceit something the Democratic Party is good at and something moderate republicans use to keep their own hope alive. We have to stop this voters, the GOP needs to win the house the senate and the presidency to keep America from slipping in to economic and moral ruin.

Yes the GOP leadership is crap I know but so is the democratic party, it’s more than crap is just right down immoral right now and if you opted out on voting today or yesterday if you absent “T” then you voted for Harry Reid and or any other slug running for office on the democratic ticket. Voters have to be strong and vote out these democrats officials that go along with socialized health care, allowing illegal’s to run amock while we the people split the bill. In 2016 no matter how week Boehner and McConnell are no matter how stupid your GOP congressman and senator is we have to vote for who the next Republican presidential nominee is because no matter how moderate they are they still will be better than Clinton or Biden or any other democrat communist that comes along.

Stand strong and keep the GOP together and after the 2016 election then we get rid of Boehner and McConnell, you vote out your lukewarm moderate senator and congressman that plagues your state and vote in a conservative American that will work for you the people and not their own power and pocket book. Stand strong America and be patient, we will have the chance to take our country back but we have to do it right. We can’t do it for ourselves we have to do it for our future, our parents, our kids and our way of life. Please today do the right thing, Vote and let us get this country back on its feet.

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