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Yesterday’s Orlando’s terror attacked as it is being labeled created a world view that might be perplexing if you view things in a leftist way.

We have an attack or should we say a massacre by Islam a much protected religion under liberalism assaulting another well protected and highly prized group of people that practice what Islam considers as a sinful behavior; what are the elite liberals to do.

On one end the Obama administration has overly embraced Islam as peaceful they only site terrorism as its own entity apart of Muslims and core Islam but on the other hand the same administration has flipped over backwards to usher in homosexuality as the norm but they failed to give the memo to Islam do not attack homosexuality.

Do liberals really think a hard core religion like Islam that believes western society is morally reprehensible would embrace homosexuality which has been one of the main causes this administration has invested in.

Liberals have built a cage as you will and put a poisonous spider in the same cage as a group of bees and the spider has just killed 50 of those bees should we expect less.

Two groups who liberals expect everyone to tolerate could not be tolerated the other. Mind you Muslim hate the concept of tolerance to their religion it’s very disrespectful since they view Islam the true religion and Allah the true God and to tolerate send a message that you view them as wrong but you will tolerate the wrongness.

So how are liberals to twist this event well here it is.

FullSizeRender (1)

ACLU the champion of liberalism has blamed Christians for this very shooting.

The idea of having thoughts and prayers for the victims and the families is Islamophobic and because Christians view homosexuality as sinful behavior that is the cause for the massacre.

Okay let’s put this in a Christian world view perspective. Praying for people and their families that have fallen victims of this tragedy does not disrespect Muslims; attention liberals, if you are not aware Muslim pray as well have you ever heard of a prayer rug?

Christians have not labeled homosexuality as sin God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all have described the behavior as sinful. Islam does not believe in the triune God that such as Christians do so there is no reason why they would take any influence from a Christian perspective.

Christianity does not condone an anti queer climate that includes murdering people based on the sin they wallow in. Christianity requires repentance of sin it does not attack, kill or injure sinners it would be self defeating since we are in sin.

The sinful nature of liberalism has protected a sin that has killed another sin that is highly prized in their world view and now they must pawn it off on something else that liberals hate, either Christians or guns and preferably both.

Finally super intelligent Seth McFarland has figured out a way to fix this problem and that is ban automatic weapons.

FullSizeRender (2)

The problem with this brilliant line of thinking is automatic weapons were already banned from this nightclub and look what happened.

I’m sure McFarland would come back and say ban auto guns then mass shootings can’t happen.

Okay let’s not forget it’s just as easy to set off pipe bombs, explosives, poisoning people, mass killings with automobiles by running down people ect. ect. ect.

The Christian world view doesn’t ban tools but demands the heart and mind follow Jesus.

Biblical principles are of peaceful resolutions to adversities, one does not need to rebuke his neighbor for owning a sword when instead he can show the world that a sword can be used for good not evil.




Not knowing the old will keep us from knowing the present and surly lead our future to fail. Both the Old Testament and the Bill of Right particularly the 2nd Amendment have a bunch in common and can teach us a lot about mankind history, God and country.

The right to keep and bear arms is important right that most Americans take very seriously.

For the most part people that are for and against this right with little in the middle. With those that are against feeling this right the right to keep and bear arms is much like the Bibles Old Testament.

It’s old and does not apply today, it was relevant then but not now society has evolved better and most of all its very violent.

Much like the Old Testament, the 2nd amendment is just as relevant then and now. It holds a very import piece of history in our society and way of life.

To disregard both text would be to change everything, America would be different not better without the 2nd amendment and Christianity would be obsolete and a fraud without the Old Testament.

Statements like Pope Francis It makes me think of … people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit of distrust, doesn’t it? become hypocritical in nature since his own money from the Vatican buys guns and weapons to protect him.

Pope Francis is not the only well known face that has made this kind of hypocrisy our federal and state leaders elect do the same.

President Obama and my own state Senator from California Diane Feinstein both have spoken out against private citizens protecting themselves again hypocrisy.

Don’t get me wrong I believe I get what the Pope is saying in a Biblical text way but that way cannot be, it can never be since the day man fell in the garden of Eden.

Although the comment is Marxist in nature and meaning it shows little understanding of historical and spiritual importance of the Old Testament to the nature of man in which led up to the 2nd Amendment to be made.

I will be fare and add that Pope Francis most likely made this a general accusation and not towards one country or one human nature unlike President Obama and Senator Feistein.

The Old Testament and the 2nd amendment both tell a tale of disobedience of man and we can use both to help with the protection of our lives and our societies we live in.

In the Old Testament we are given countless times of disobedience to God by men and by God’s chosen people the Jews. Since the day Adam and Eve fell from grace man has been evil in nature and because of that man has had to arm himself for protection.

No matter if you live in a country like American or a communist country such as North Korea you will always have a moral right to defend yourself from bodily harm. The difference is does the country you live in support your right.

The American framers understood this right, it spurred from many different aspects but they knew this was a right that every citizen needed to be free in this new society.

The American framers saw firsthand what it was like to live in oppressive society and what happened when you disobeyed that form of government.

The Old Testament showed everyone what it was like to live under an oppressive society with God’s chosen people the Jews; the Old Testament also showed everyone what happens when you disobey God.

Understanding the relevance of the Old Testament is crucial to understanding the New Testament just as understanding why the American framers felt so passionate for the right to keep and bear arms be a freedom for every person living in the new world.

For those saying the Old Testament is outdated and not relevant to the new covenant (New Testament, grace and salvation) is truly showing ignorance.

Understand this, Old Testament during the days of Jesus and after his ascending to heaven was a collection of writings put together called the Septuagint in plane it was the Bible of the Jews.

Both Jesus and the saints used this Bible, they wrote the letters of what today we now call the New Testament. If the Old Testament was irrelevant then why would Jesus and the saints use it or quote from it.

For those saying the 2nd amendment is old fashion and relevant only to the war of independence then why was the right to keep and bear arms added to the Bill of Rights after the war of independence?

Without the 2nd amendment how do we think the war of 1812 would have turned out 21 years after the war of independence and 49 years before the civil war; at what time in history did the second amendment become void and who made this call?

To make comments “people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit of distrust, doesn’t it?” is either ignorance to God and history or arrogance to the common man.

One can make the point that Noah is just as guilty for the manufacture of weapons as anyone else.

If Noah had just ignored God and not build the Ark maybe God would have destroyed all mankind and started from scratch with a new and improved man and woman that would be more like a fun loving drone or robot to obey God’s every command.

Should Noah be left out of heaven because he built an ark and saved mankind only to have himself sin and mankind disobey God again and again? That leads to a bit of distrust, doesn’t it?

Why continue with the current model of man, why not scrap that model or heck not make man at all just pretty flowers, birds and maybe some bees.

These argument will rage on I know so I say again know your history both Biblical and what the framers of this country intentions were.

Without knowing the Old Testament we really can’t understand why things happen the way they do. Why God allowed what he did and what his purpose was for and what our purpose is for.

Not knowing and understanding the founding fathers and framers of this country’s purpose of designing the Bill of Rights is pure malicious ignorance on ones self. Without trying to know and understand is to not really love both God and country.




Few days ago I read a blog about how James Dobson of focus on the family warned of a civil war that could happen if the Church and Christians kept compromising on Biblical morality and worldly relativism he was a bit more precise in words but this is the gist of it.

The writer of the blog cited this from a leftist emag and generally believed Dobson really meant a war with guns and bombs maybe like the war Ireland had.

After reading both articles I felt that Dobson may have been talking about a real civil war but I think Dobson was talking about a civil war within the church that if happens could it destroy the church as we know it. He may have meant both, if our leaders will not stand up for the rights of the church and Christians we could see dark days ahead.

My reply to the blogger was this “I’m not sure Mr. Dobson’s civil war means actual killing of people but the killing and injuring of souls. I believe what he maybe referring to is a war that will break the church, pitting two sides against each other.

The Conservative Christian who feels Christians need to follow Gods Natural and Moral law, their intent is not to judge people into submission but to point out what happens to a society that refuses to follow these laws most of what can be found Biblically.

The Liberal Christian that accepts the person for who they are regardless of the sin. They never try to judge behavior that is based in sin feeling that loving the person and showing the example of love will be enough and let God be the Judge of that heart.

The problem arises when Christians and churches attached themselves to sinful behavior that God has condemned and or asks us not to condone or be a part of. No one is saying don’t let the sinner in the sinner is already in but the sinner must repent and do the best to sin no more.

This is where the civil war can begin and it will be started by outside forces mainly political and media driven forces that want to see the church die and Christians be thrown in utter chaos”. The blogger didn’t even acknowledge anything I said but stated Dobson’s remarks sounded like a war to her.

At this time I see Christians already engaging in a civil war, churches are still on the sidelines but soon I suspect this will change with court rulings and new laws past. Again if our political and judicial leaders do not protect the Church and Christian rights dark days are ahead.

There already is a division between active Christians that feel Gods natural and moral law is being challenged and Christians that feel those types of Christians are too judgmental and need to allow God to be the judge and Christians need to love. The problem with the latter Christian is they give no boundaries to how far Biblical immorality can be taken before one takes a stand and many excuses will you give to laws that condone Biblical immorality.

There are three types of Christians to this civil war that I believe is in its infancy. 1st type are Christians that defend Gods natural and moral law, his commandments and they refuse to compromise on these issues.

They take these very seriously and feel without these laws and commandments Christianity will get watered down and loose its flavor or light for we are the salt and light of this world.

2nd type are Christians of the liberal nature that feel love is first and foremost and we should not judge if we are to lead people to Christ.

These Christians are willing to bend the rules or reinterpret them to make everyone feel comfortable.

Like the conservative Christian they condemn the other for the way they go about their business. They do not take Gods natural law and moral as serious because those can be always changing much like relativism there is not always a right and wrong way, some even believe all gods lead to heaven.

Mind you not all believe this some just see others as judgmental and thus take the opposite side.

3rd type are Christians are the ones sitting on the sidelines not wanting to be labeled either. They go to church or not, donate to charities or a church but do not get evolved with politics or social issues they have a family to raise mind you they don’t have time for this.

In some ways they are correct, they don’t have time due to everyday issues, issues due to some part politics and some parts social that can be very powerful and labeling

Money, time and family weigh down on them and those come first, they will sometimes support issues with money but will don’t take a stand the question is are you this Christian because this is the biggest type of Christian.

There might be a time when everyone will have to take that stand, I believe the civil war has begun and Christians are starting to take sides. Its sad this has to happen but I believe God demands us to follow him and to obey his commandments and uphold his moral law while others feel this is too strong and it needs to be crushed.

This division might destroy the church I believe or it will certainly divide the church and it is already starting to happen.

We know of several church denominations that have compromised on Biblical moral issues while others have stayed true to traditional Biblical moral issues. I suspect this civil war will slowly get bigger and eventually it will demand all church denominations to take a stand and when that happens division will start and in some cases it already has.

What are the stands that will fuel this civil war? 1: Compromising on atheism and natural science the intermingling of the two to make everyone happy or at least some happy.

2: Compromising on sex and how the church views moral and immoral activity (this is one issue that will bring the church into a civil war it spits churches all the time).

3: Allow relativism to be apart church doctrine, no right and wrong just whatever fits your way of life.

4: Allowing or changing the act of homosexuality to be a non sin issue, this I believe will be the catalyst of allowing all sexual behaviors a right to exist in our society you may laugh but it all starts somewhere.

5: Condoning abortion to the point we no longer speak out against this atrocity.

6: Reinterpret the scriptures of the Bible or saying the writers of the New Testament are no longer relevant in today’s world thus saying the Holy Spirit is irrelevant.

So what will you do, what side will you take or have you taken. Typing this up its obvious I lean a certain way and I believe this way to be true.

I believe God spoke and continues to speak and to not listen and try and reinterpret what God has said in order to water down our faith is dangerous for us and  our society.

All six fuels I listed are dividing Christians now except for the ones sitting on the fence who have no time to know what is going on.

Prayer is good it is always good but I believe we will need to take this further and prayer with action will be needed.

Understand what God says (read your Bible and ask questions), know him and pray to him (church and Bible studies). Repent from our sins and ask for forgiveness and do our best not to sin again. Uphold Gods natural and moral law but also forgive and love your neighbor.




reed crash

Or something like that a little different blog today than what you might be use to, one of my favorite sports Motocross is starting up again for 2015. Actually it’s Supercross indoor Motocross and to be honest I’m not as big as a fan of Supercoss as I am with Motocross but I still love it.

For those of you that don’t know what Supercross is well it is basically off road motorcycle racing in a stadium like a football or baseball stadium, riders race about 40 minute of racing (20 laps in the main event) and its big money.

Like all professional sports it too has its superstars, right now Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac are just two of the best in the world at what they do.

This year the talent pool is deep, Ryan Villopoto the defending champion has retired so this leaves a free for all of more than five racers that have a shot at the title not to mention another four or five racers that have a shot at race wins.

The incident that I will be referring to was last Saturday January 18th at the Anaheim 2 race were Team Honda rider Trey Canard crashed into Two Two Motorsports rider and owner Chad Reed. For those of you that watched the January 18th race there is no doubt that a mistake was made by Canard.

Both riders went down and both riders remounted only losing a few places. Canard remounted first and rode off slowly adjusting his goggles, Reed remounted seconds later.

Reed then took Canard very wide and elbowed him causing Canard to hit the tough blocks (safety blocks that line the track to keep riders on track) and crash again. Canard remounted once again and continued the race.

The FIA the international governing body of Supercross made the decision to black flag Reed one lap later. A black flag is a disqualification of a participant of the event and Reed had to end his race, losing money and points.

So did the punishment fit the crime and was the crime worth the punishment. After seeing the crash first hand on TV several times thanks to Fox Sports 1 I have to say Canard was at fault but this is nothing new.

In a sport like Supercross or any high speed motor sport mistakes are made and when mistakes are made the consequences can be catastrophic for not only the rider but sometimes other riders as well.

Both riders crashed and both riders remounted, mind you Canard was following Reed when he hit him then remounted first to lead Reed but I don’t believe it was in Canards mind to take out Reed but just a miscalculation by Canard.

Reeds retaliation really did not look all that bad, taking Canard wide then an elbow looked harmless but Canard was on the ground once again as he fell into the tough blocks.

Anytime a riders crashes or falls it become dangerous and could spell the end of the season with broken wrist or any bone for that matters something Canard knows very well after breaking his femur twice and his back once.

It’s possible that Canard crashed the second time on his own, in his interview he did say he was fiddling with his goggle but both riders maintain that each other caused a crash.

One also has to look at the money factor and the human factor when trying to get to the bottom of who is wrong.

Money is big in supercross and how one finishes can determine his payday. Most riders don’t live off the race to race purse money they tend to give that to their mechanics so if a rider fails to finish a race somebody is out no matter what.

Sponsors have contracts and all are different but the higher a riders places and the more TV time they get the more money comes their way.

Human wise super athletes like Reed and Canard have a drive to win, they hate to lose and they will race until the bike or their bodies can’t go anymore.

It’s not a shocker to hear Canard call Reed a cry baby and to have Reed try and elbow Canard it’s something that these type of athletes have that makes them do what it takes to win and sometimes in the heat of the moment you do or say things you later regret.

For some of you it might be known that Trey Canard is a professed Christian that for all purpose walks the walk and talks it too. It’s unknown where Reeds faith lies he keeps that to himself and he has that right.

This event was not something that should be celebrated, two riders made a mistake. Canard made a navigational error and Reed made personal error.

If we add Biblical principles to this situation we can see why the biggest error occurred with Reed.

Romans chapter 12 verses 19, the verse would tell us do not revenge yourself and Matthew chapter 5 verse 7 would tell us to give mercy to the offender and mercy will be extended to you.

If Reed had practiced those two verses I guarantee the end results would have been different in both Reed and Canards life and in their final results

At the end of the race Canard had raced back up to 11th place finish, causing one to think if they both would have just kept going without retaliation they would have finished inside the top 10 and that is a good finish for both riders crashing and having to remount.

Biblical principles also takes Canard to task as well, complaining and calling Reed a big baby may be tame but was it necessary and was it worth it. First Peter chapter 2 verses 23 tells us to keep looking forward and let God handle and judge offenders that have harmed you.

It’s very hard in the heat of the sport to sometimes think with a clear head but that is what makes a super athlete super.

Both racers lost that night one more than the other but both paid for each other’s decisions. Hopefully they can get past this race and look to the next neither riders blaming the other but both racing for themselves and for their teams time will tell.

Mr T

This link is an interview of Canard and Reed on the crash and what followed, warning there is bad language  



It’s Monday again and time for some more Illogical and absurd articles from main stream media. Somewhat of a slow news week so the progressives kind of pushed the throttle down on a few of these articles rehashing some old ideas that they would love us to pay for or make illegal.

First up from the Huffington Post “Charlie Hebdo Editor Slams News Organizations for Not Publishing their Cartoons” Now the gist here is editor Gerard Biard feels that if the main stream media really is free speech they should have reported and showed their cartoons in Charlie Hebdo in a solidarity move to show the free world is not afraid of terrorism.


Ok let’s understand who the main stream media is, they make up of cowards that shout from a glass door. Main stream media has no problem standing up for freedom of speech and expression when they know it won’t get them killed. They are not afraid of Christians or Buddhist because they know Christians won’t retaliate but with Islam they are afraid.

Biard states every time they draw a cartoon of Mohammad or God they defend freedom of speech and I say no you don’t. Every time you draw a cartoon blaspheming God or any other religious symbol you are doing just that blaspheming a symbol that somebody holds important.

If you have no believes in anything then it makes it easy for you to make the statement your defending freedom of speech but look at it this way. If I were to tell unflattering embellishments about you or your family you might get offended you might even try and sue me.

Charlie Hebdo is a vulgar magazine at times, I’m not going to storm the doors and shoot your entire cartoonist but you insult my faith at times and I see nothing but insults not freedom in what you do.

Next article from Time “Pope Francis Opposes Contraceptives During Address of Millions in Philippines” I’m mainly mention this article by Time on the basis of I’m following the Pope due to his embracing of climate change and environmentalism which is nothing short than communism and communism embraces population control.

Pope Francis waves from the popemobile after leading a Mass at Rizal Park in Manila

Progressives and leftist love it when Pope Francis preaches about climate change and compromising on evolution but they hate it when people preach about birth control something very important to the Catholic faith.

This is where progressives despise Catholics and Christians for even thinking people take reproductive responsibility. Time keeps it tame but doe quote one person here to dig at the Popes stand on birth control.

They quote Jun Chura a former street child “Many terrible things happened to (street children) like drugs and prostitution,” said a former street child named Jun Chura. “Why is God allowing such things to happen? And why are there only very few people helping us?”

My response to Chura is I might ask you the same question, why are you allowing this to happen. You see the Pope and the Catholic/Christian church do not want to punish people by taking away their contraceptive tools they want you to take responsibility and follow God’s will.

Even if you can financially afford ten children does not mean you have ten children, can you emotionally afford ten children. Psalms 127-128, God blesses one that has children but he does require us to walk with him to be successful. Basically this, if you’re not willing to fear and walk with God then you just might limit your success.

The blog from Slate “French Government: Protesters Don’t Understand Our Values (But We’ll Imprison People for Speech)” is kind of interesting on the account that not only do Muslims and Islam do not get French values but nor does Slate and nor do they get values and freedom.


France has some interesting laws that are very free when it comes to speech but very strict when speech and expression becomes treason. France allows freedom of speech to a degree but when it become treasonous it can levy a stiff penalty in jail time something America seems not to practice thus is why Slate probably just does not get it.

The issue is Islam has no clue what true freedom is, both the Islamist practicing countries have little or no freedom and the religion its self has no freedom either.

Most progressive’s lack the understanding of freedom and values as well, feeling a government entitled society is freedom they just do not get free will and rugged individualism and their value system has no value.

The French are trying to play sides, embracing European socialism and still trying to stay as a free state can be quite complicated and will yield a very unfair society.

US NEWS and World Reports “U.S. Stands Alone on Lack of Paid Leave” published this blog on how the U.S. just won’t increase its taxes on the American People and pay for mothers to stay home with their children.


At this point pretty much if you’re a mother or father you have to option to stay at home for a few months of bonding time without pay.

Those of you that can afford it do so, some have special insurance that pay the whole time and some don’t so they have to come back to work early seems unfair.

Should not a mom and a dad bond with their new born child why are the American people not willing to be taxed enough so all moms and dads at least the moms be paid to stay home?

You have to put yourself in the eyes of the employer; I know that evil corporation you work for that just makes tons of money off your sweat. It’s very hard on a company to have to replace somebody for a short time then give that position back.

The concept of free trade and independence is lost if a private business cannot do anything without the federal or state permission.

There is a compromise that our government could make but wont. If staying home and bonding with your child is so important and I believe it is as far as the mother is concerned then why not lower taxes.

Lower income tax maybe end the income tax as we know it, lower gas tax, lower property tax make it so a two parent family can afford for only one to work.

I know that does not work for everyone since everyone makes different pay something progressives would love to change but that’s called communism.

For the most part it would work if we lowered taxes so families could take home more money and have one parent stay home nurturing the children I know it worked for our family.

It’s easy for progressives to cry on this issue saying it’s not fair but their hypocrisy is huge on family values.

They want taxes to increase so both parents have to work, use that tax money so both can stay at home for a short while and bond then send that child to government daycare and public school.

It just seems smarter to lower taxes and have the parent stay home and bond and develop their child instead of having the tax payer do it.

Solon atheist goes all out in “Bill Maher is right about religion: The Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress” This is a very long and tedious blog that hates all over Christianity again fear of Islam goes into play and a double standard is used but the writer Michael Shermer does attack the Jews and Mormons as well but I’m sure in his mind anyone that uses the Bible or Biblical ideas is bad.

2 Seat Interview: Bill Maher and Ralph Nader, Author, Unstoppable Panel left to right: Andrew Ross Sorkin - Financial Columnist, New York Times, Co - Anchor, CNBC’s “Squawk Box” ; Doug Heye -  Fmr. Comm. Director, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Fmr

Basically Bill Maher is never really quoted but for those of you that don’t know Maher has said that God is a serial killer in the Old Testament.

Both Maher and Shermer don’t back any historical data up but take Biblical text out of order it’s mainly Shermer’s lack of understanding of Old Testament Biblical history of Israel and the tribes and societies that surrounded the Jews.

When you deal with atheists that bring this kind of hate to the table it’s like talking to a brick wall. They use this double standard to hate on Biblical belief and Christianity because they are afraid of Islam.

Christians are an easy target because true Christians practice peace through Christ something Maher and Shermer conveniently don’t read in the New Testament or even mention in their rants.

The truth is Maher and Shermer hate Jews and Christians because we try and live Gods truth, no we are not perfect we make mistakes but God forgives us something that Shermer I would bet hates to admit.

In Shermer’s eyes Christians live this smug holier than thou hypocritical life and they can’t stand that. If he really knew the truth and that is I don’t always live a holy life and yes I’m a hypocrite at times but every day I ask for forgiveness and every day God forgives me

“Meet the Right-Wing Judge Who Just Screwed over the People Taking Care of Your Grandma” From Alternet the same magazine that is willing to expose this judge but wont print Charlie Hebdo. This story is not about a judge but about a union that wants its workers paid more simple as that.


This story is near to me because I work in health care and at one time I worked in nursing/convalescent homes. I can say to you without a doubt the people that work in these nursing homes do not get paid much but the work is not that technical.

Whether you agree with this judge’s decision or not I will say this, if you really are concern for your loved ones you need to pay for their care because government insurance and that is who is paying for the majority of these people does not pay well meaning the nursing homes don’t get reimbursed well from social security or Medicare.

If you want the best care for your loved ones you’re going to have to pay out of pocket. I know that seems odd all those years of paying in to social security and it does not take care of your parents well welcome to the real world FDR was wrong and your loved ones fell for it.

Finally from Common Dreams “Supreme Court Could Settle Marriage Equality Fight Once and For All” Yes a few people that are not elected and have a job for life will decide on the not marriage equality but decide on the dismantling of God’s union between a man and a woman.

This is why voting is important; all these judges were appointed by a president and allowed in by our representatives that we voted for.


When it comes to the defense in marriage I use Matthew 19: 4-6 and I refer you to 1 Corinthians 7: 1-16.

The best hope at this time is for the Supreme Court to make this a states rights issue something Jeb Bush used to get out of stating whether he is either for or against the homosexual movement.

The big question then will be if a gay marriage that is legal in California will it still be good in say like Oklahoma. Hugh Hewitt made a good statement on his radio show a few days ago stating that you may have a legal conceal carry permit in Texas but that permit is not valid in New York.

No matter what happens the fall and decline of the defense of marriage is here but it’s not the end. Abortion is legal but we still fight and pray for that issue daily and this issue is no different.




The small topic of the week has been Christians and the tolerance of torture so I would like to throw my two cents in to the topic as well because I believe there is more to this than what we want to admit.

This all started last week when my Senator from California Dianne Feinstein in my opinion committed treason and published the CIA reports on our interrogation practices used on war criminals from the 911 attack of 2001.dianne-feinstein

When Feinstein brought those interrogation tactics out into the public she not only put every American in this country at risk she put every American dignitary and every service men and women in the armed forces that serve around the world at risk as well not to mention the free world.

Feinstein should be impeached, arrested tried and sent to prison for treason for putting Americans at risk.

Now with that off my chest let us proceed, I believe this whole situation of torture to get much needed information to find Osama Bin Laden is very involved and cannot be just looked over as a bunch of CIA agents torturing prisoners of war because president George W Bush said it was fine.

The debate should Christian’s condone torture is a no brainer no they should not but we need to look at what got us to this time in our lives that we had to use torture to keep our country safe and exact revenge on the over 2500 people killed in the September 11th 2001 attack.

There are two levels to look at, one being the political and the other being the Christian view and both are valid and important to look at so let’s precede to understanding how we arrived at not only torture but revenge

First we will look at the political side of how we got to torture and what could have been done to avoid it. It started back in the 1980’s when Senator Charlie Wilson from Texas saw how the people of Afghanistan where getting slandered by the Russians.

Wilson convinced president Reagan and with the help of some other military geniuses acquired stinger missiles in the hands of Afghan rebels to fight against the invading communist Russians.wilson4

This was a win win kill for America, our stinger missiles helped the Afghan rebels defeat the Russians and forced them to retreat from Afghanistan. This also helped the Americans win the cold war by causing Russia to spend more money on a losing battle ultimately killing the Russian government and loosing the cold war.

When president Regans term ended George H Bush won the 1988 presidency. When the cold war ended Bush 41 stopped funding the Afghans allowing for the extreme Islam to make their move in the region.

In 1992 President Bill Clinton won the presidency and in 1993 the first attack on the world trade center was tried killing 6 people and injuring 1000. In 2000 the USS Cole was attacked in Yemen killing 17 service men.

uss cole

The 1993 attack was a declaration of war, the 2000 USS Cole attack was a declaration of war and yet President Clinton stood by and did nothing. What should have been the beginning of trying to stop radical Islamic terrorist in 1993 became the killing of 17 service men with the attack on the USS Cole.

In 2000 President George W Bush was elected president and 8 months in to his first term September 11th  2001 20977 people died when radical Islamic terrorist flew American planes into the twin towers, the pentagon and the attempt of what might have been the US White House.010914-F-8006R-002

This should have been stopped back in 1993; Bush 41 and Clinton should have never stopped supplying the Afghan rebels with missiles they were friends of the U.S. and were keeping extreme Islam from growing in the region. But because our Presidents forgot our Middle Eastern allies and did not declare war on radical Islam in 1993 or 2000, September 11 attacks happened and the US military went to war.

Bush 43 sent our soldiers to war but did not ask the American People to invest themselves in this war, we were told to go shopping and live our lives and because of this in my opinion is why we forgot we were attacked.

When prisoners of war were captured they were not interrogated in the battlefield and they were not tried and sentenced to death in the battlefield. They were shipped to American soil and that put all Americans at danger with this action, those prisoners were interrogated on American soil and I believe that was a mistake.

In 2011 Seal team 6 attacked and killed Osama Bin Laden and President Obama who like President Clinton did nothing took full credit for the killing of Bin Laden.

It was the tactics employed by the CIA years before President Obama was elected that killed Bin Laden not the expert foreign policy of President Obama or Hilary Clinton or lack there of.

As you can see politically this all may have been avoided way back in the early 1990’s but it didn’t happen. We had defunded the Afghan rebels with Bush 41, We had a week president in Clinton and we had and president that refused to let the American people invest themselves in the Iraq and Afghan war and for that we are here in a place where we had to tolerate torture in order to keep our country safe and try and win a war that Americans had forgotten.

In 2008 we elected a president that is undoing everything that we went to war for in 2001 and now Christians in the Middle East are dying, children are having their heads cut off for believing in Jesus this is where we are so where will we go from here.

Now the Christian view, in my opinion no Christian tolerates or condones torture. For a long time now America has been pulling away from God, sometimes a lot and sometimes not at all but for the most part America has slowly pulled away from God but God has not turned his back on us.

We legalized the killing of unborn children and our country condones biblical immorality. The world is starting to no longer live in a black and white world and our country is mimicking this by excusing bad behavior. Doing wrong is no longer necessarily bad and our feelings are more important than following God’s moral law.

As Christians we too are attacked and are blind to God’s moral law and his ethical behavior. We make excuses for bad behavior and we do in the name of God’s love.

Christians are being attacked not always physically but mentally and socially and it’s wearing down on some. God’s love does not include condoning immorality, it does not condone putting other God’s before him.

There is a time when Christians have to stand up for what it right, what is moral and what is ethical the 10 commandment are not the 10 suggestions.

The more Christians give into changing God’s natural law, his moral law and ethical behavior the more division we create amongst ourselves. Satan is convincing Christians that we should not judge sin. Since we all sin we should just accept one another as we are and sin equally. The 10 commandment are just rules to live by.

This division Lucifer has created is causing Christians to lose common ground with each other. If we lose common ground with each other we are no longer practice Christianity but only practice religion and there will be no ground to stand together on.

As our country pulls away from God, his moral law and ethical behavior we then lose our faith in our country and in each other. It’s a division between the people and the government and if we demand our government to be secular and not follow God’s moral law and ethical behavior then why should we expect anything less than torture.

Our country was once strong in God, our military was week but we continued to grow none the less. Our country is now strong in government and week in God in my opinion will continue to get weaker as long as we continue to walk away from God.

Bottom line is as a Christian you can be upset and mad about what this country has done to try and protect not only you but over 300 million people that live in America but the fault does not lie with one person it lies with all of us. We are all to blame for this and if we don’t stop walking from God but instead to God we can expect more of this kind of behavior to come.




End of the week so to speak just wanted to give the low down of it all and it’s a dirty shame it has to end but like all things it too the week that is must pass. My week was not too bad; work was okay as I work in Northern California in a homey sized hospital in the valley. Can’t complain too much my coworker helped me put a way a trouble free week of saving and maintaining lives and we managed a few laughs along the way.

Thanksgiving was okay as well, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a normal Thanksgiving with just the nice part of the family, Christmas is in a few weeks so I have no clue what to expect but I’m hoping for a repeat performance of Thanksgiving. We finally got some rain with substance, California has been a bit dry this last year and a half and since California is such a bureaucracy and borderline communist state we have no real way of finding a common sense approach to fixing the problem so we pray.

On the nation front we still have the headlines of Ferguson and now New York City. Cops are getting bashed big time by criminals not giving up but instead either high on dope or just refusing to give it a rest and when that happens everyone pays; idiots!

Myself I churned out a few blogs over the long week “The Propaganda Channel” a look at the H2 channel and how it no longer has historical programs but spews out propaganda for secular science. “End of Days Behavior” a look at how people view our so called odd weather as a gauge to determine the end of days. I say bunk on that and offer people to look at themselves and society to gauge end of days. “Can we forecast Gods Creation” What might be the hottest year on record people are freaking out over word temperatures, I suggest you look at the long end of forecasting Gods creations it might surprise you that the earth heats and cools over time.

Some good reads come from Barb Wire a great E magazine, first one on how Jesus does not contradict his father nor the Holy Spirit on sin. The next one is the continuing struggle for secularism to try and stop helping hurting people as our country slowly outlaws trying to normalized abnormal behavior.

It’s been an interesting week in my thoughts, I watch my family struggle with work and trying to keep a family business afloat while regulations and county bureaucracy try and take it away and I wonder just on a second thought why God took me away from that battle. Maybe because there is no way I could win it with my mentality, instead God gives me the power of prayer to try and focus on the ones that mean the most and that is hard in its self. My thoughts have also been wandering about on what I think will be and inevitable line that will be drawn on morality. I feel a time is coming where we will have to make a choice what side we will stand and I will be praying very hard that my family chooses that right side. It’s going to be a gray world coming and I just hope my friends and family can see through the gray and choose the right side of the line.

And that my friends is the low down of the week


pro life


Reading an article in the entitled “Congrats Pro Lifers you won! Now I have a few questions for you” by Katha Pollitt caught my interest and thought as a Pro lifer maybe I could answer those questions, but I might add Pro lifers have far from won anything. Abortion is still legal in this country so unborn children are still at risk of being terminated for no reason or for any reason.

Question 1 Illegal Abortions; was based on banning abortion making it illegal would drive women to get back alley abortions, not only injuring women in the process but killing them as well. You are right some women will still try and get out of the responsibility they have now put themselves into and there will be some women that will pay that price. We cannot just make abortion illegal but we have to stop it in the hearts and minds of or society. It’s like no longer enforcing theft as a crime. We know it’s wrong so we don’t need to bother enforcing it right? For some this is true but for others they will take advantage of it, yes we know in our hearts and minds theft is wrong some if not most of us wont do it. We don’t need a law to deter us but our society needs this law to show we do not condone theft therefore we will enforce the crime telling people theft is wrong and if you do it you will pay the price same idea for abortion. It is wrong and not only do we need to stop it we also need to educate people why it’s wrong so back alley abortions won’t happen.

Next question was compromise, Pro life wants compromise but pro choice feels it’s just a tactic to fully ban abortion. As a pro life person I do not compromise, abortion is morally wrong and I just can’t compromise when death is on the line. I get the compromise concept, if one waits longer to have an abortion they just might end up having the baby and oh how bad that would be.

Next Question is on birth control. Many are against birth control and you point out many are against the ACA ( Affordable Care Act) making employers carry certain birth control methods that they may be morally against. The concept of the ACA is based on we all use health care there for those who do not have insurance must be punished with a tax. If this is the way the government wants to define the ACA then why should an employer have to provide every kind of birth control made if there are some forms of control that they find morally wrong? Cannot the individual be responsible for his or her actions? One free mode of birth control is abstinence, I know that sound outrageous but it can be done and it is very cheap to do.

Question 4 is poverty, poor people need abortion because they cannot afford the children they produce, charities are not enough and the GOP is trying to defund every poverty law there is. This is sick nonsense and one of the biggest complaints that pro life people have for abortion is using it for birth control. The biggest problem with health care today is our government intruding and trying to control it to their advantage. You say charities are not enough but I say they are. There are plenty of non for profit organizations and churches that are tailored to help the poor and single mothers. If you cannot afford to bring a child in this world then maybe you should not have one again abstinence is an option. I’ve seen birth control as low as $10.00 in some places if a person cannot afford $10.00 then you need to redirect your priories from sex to something else like taking care of yourself and your family.

Question 5 Men; this is based on the lack of morality in society, what about the men that get a woman pregnant and walk away. Yes this is a problem and it goes back to it’s a moral problem. Again we have to change the hearts and minds of people, a man should not want to ever walk away from his family or responsibilities. This is again a major problem of the concept of free sex and no responsibility. This is why casual sex should not be promoted; it delegitimizes the women and the family and gives men the opportunity to shed their responsibilities as men.

Next question Equality; its based on the idea that somehow abortion will give women equality with men in finances and work. It’s called planning your life out, women can do something men can never do and that’s having children. It’s a great responsibility and honor that no man can ever achieve but with this responsibility one has to plan their life. To be a CEO of a giant company like Microsoft and have eight children is going to be a hard thing to do. Women that view work is greater than raising a family should then just stick to work. abortion is not needed, planning and personal responsibility is needed.

Question 7 Personhood, this is based on miscarriages and science; what about those tiny natural abortions that occur and what about stem cell research and IVF. Sometimes we go places we should not go and IVF might just be that, stem cell is very controversial. Do we have abortions to study how to make life better for future generations? I don’t feel destroying a life for the comfort of a future is worth dong after all you may have just aborted a life that would have found the cure for Brest Cancer. When we start to try and understand why things work sometimes we go way too far. There is a balance and it can be found, sometimes in the name of science ideas can go just too far and brakes need to be applied so we can study a bit more thorough than callous.

Next question is Murder and what should be done with these murderers. Yes I agree abortion is murder and although I would not act in such a way as some have in the past of going on a killing spree of doctors and staff workers that participate in abortions I do get it. You’re asking such a broad question because abortion is legal. First thing we have to do is change the heart, a person should never want an abortion and if they do it’s a sad thing. People should know there is always a way out instead of abortion, there are always will be people that will help and people should not be afraid to ask for help. If abortion was illegal then we would again allow a jury of his or her peers to decide if guilty or not. Punishment wise would be just that what do they do with murders in your state?

If these are not suitable answers I am sorry but these are my answers, I truly feel sorry for anyone that feels abortion is the only way out. To truly end abortion is not just to make it illegal because again theft is illegal and people still continue to steal and take thing that do not belong to them. To truly end abortion we have to change the heart of society not just make a law and that is the biggest obstacle that we a society today face is allowing our government to dictate morality to us because it fails every time.




Over the last few months a few blogs have popped out over being a capitalist and a Christian, one was very negative and the other was more or less stating why we cannot get caught up in the concept of obtaining things over our love and commitment to God.

I am a self proclaimed capitalist and proud of the ideology that capitalism means in real definition not in the definition of what man can turn it in to. What I mean by that is capitalism is a good thing considering the opposite socialism/communism being a capitalist can be a good thing. The problem comes is when man turns his love from God and his fellow man to the love of money and the love of obtaining things.

In principle pure capitalism works and works well in a free market, if we are honest most societies in the west use capitalism to survive and if we are really honest most everyone whether in a free society or not will seek out capitalism to better their lives. Only a minority truly believe communist socialism will work.

I believe if we were all honest God loving people that really set out every day to help our neighbor that socialism could work. But since we are all born with different skills and personalities, some are type A some are lazy and some just have a mean disposition we cannot effectively have a true society that would work equal and fair for everyone. Somebody would win big and some people would lose big in a socialistic or communistic society it would be no different in a capitalist world except those who tried harder than others would never achieve what they deserve and we would always have those few that would try to exploit others for their gain and again it would work if we all did it for each other but because of what we are and how God has made us giving us free will we are all sinners and that just won’t happen.

When you talk about capitalist Christian in purely a monitory concept you would be correct in pointing out the negative aspects of the concept, but capitalism derives of more than just money and acquiring things it sets out an idea of making the best in one’s self and in the goods one produces. It’s when we take the concept to the degree of having more, wanting more for our own self indulgence that we start to lose the good in capitalism.

Jesus never talked or encouraged this kind of behavior. The mindset of doing your best trying to go beyond settling can be a positive thing compared the socialistic/communistic idea of doing better is not fair for others, on the contrary doing better allows others to achieve better.

The saying that was popular 10 years ago “the one who dies with the most toys win” has nothing but bankrupt a nation a society and individuals. This kind of capitalism is not what Jesus taught. Jesus once displayed anger when he caught the money changers cheating people in the synagogue; Jesus also stated “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24.

I believe the concept of capitalism is in most people, we can take it too far and practice capital cronyism like a few large corporations do, we can practice individual payoffs to government officials stopping small businesses from trying to grow in our small towns and again for our own self indulgence but this is not capitalism and God would never condone this kind of behavior or action. We can be Christians and be capitalist but we cannot put money and things first or else we poison the idea and why socialist are the first to call out why capitalism is evil.

Pure capitalism requires restraint and honor, putting God first in their life and family only increases the ability to be successful. Giving back what we put in will only increase the trust in our fellow man, it can be done we can achieve greatness.




The Ferguson incident last week still weighs in as an issue in our world, both liberal and conservative news sources are taking sides but I see few if not any that offer solutions or solace. I would expect better from Organizations and publications that label themselves Christians. I found this article in Tony Campolo’s I understand the writers social frustration but I would assume writing in RLC one would expect the contributor  would be a believer God of the Bible. The Ferguson issue is not the time for Christian groups to divide but to bring together and offer healing.

The author starts out with this “What if you were the Brown family? What if your son, who was preparing to leave home and start his college career, was approached by police for either jaywalking or stealing cigars from a store (we don’t actually know why he was approached but these are different possibilities out there)? A simple, granted stupid act, that normally wouldn’t be a big deal. Not that I’m justifying stealing, but let’s be honest, white kids do some of these same stupid things. The difference is, they don’t end up dead because of them. In fact, very few of them are even arrested or brought to court because of them. The Brown’s son ended up dead and laying in the street for more than 4 hours, as a result of his SUPPOSED stupid act”.

He then continued “If it was your son shot and lying dead in the street like an animal, how calm and contained would you be? How law abiding would you remain? What kind of feelings would you have towards the police? My heart sinks to even think about it.” Click here for the complete article

The writer is upset but is he upset because of color or is he upset because of a tragedy, Below is my reply.

What if it were my son what if it were my brother, my father or my wife these are all justifiably good questions but violence in retaliation is never the answer.
I can’t answer what I personally would feel but I know what I would not do. I would not incite riots and I would not ask or want someone to incite riots or violent behavior on my behalf.

Whether I’m black white red or brown matters not if I’m doing my best to follow Gods path. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be pissed, I’m sure I’d be angry maybe at my son wondering what did you do. I’d be angry at the police, why did you do that I’d probably be mad at the world but I do know if I ask for strength and understanding The God of the Bible will give it to me.

You ask is ones politics more important and I say this is not about politics but this is a tragedy played by politics. You ask if ones theology justifies silence but you lack the understanding of patience before violence.

As a Christian my goal is to follow The God of the Bible and he teaches forgiveness and grace. The Ferguson incident is shameful on those who would pray on this tragedy for their own gain. Shameful on the looters to take what is not theirs, to the rioters who would injure out of hate when they have no personal stake and to the hate inciters like Jackson and Sharpton who promote anger based on race.

Most of all to the publication the Red Letter Christian that would promote strife instead of offering hope and not even to offer help to both families involved. You are the problem not the solution, you offer no hope only distraction and you know better.

Mr. T’s Opinion