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Yes more Hollywood brilliance, of course I’m not saying Penn is a bad guy matter of knowledge he is slightly conservative in an anarchist kind of way (yes Jillette is an anarchist) Breitbart story

Why is this a big deal well, the idea of an atheist involved in a Christmas parade and mind you Christmas is short for Christ Mas just does not jive with me and anyone with a lick of sense of what both Christmas and atheism means shouldn’t either.

Has Hollywood finally reached the point it just doesn’t care about anything or anyone’s idea of sacred and meaningful much less insulting our intellect.

I guess looking at both Hollywood and Jillette, one would think someone with some sense and intelligence would question this decision.

Gillette feels it’s just a holiday but I guess he fails to see holiday is just the modernized word for the Holy Day.

I’m pretty sure few people will actually watch the Hollywood Christmas parade since its normally on some oddball TV network filling in times slot that nobody watches, but I have asked, should we just change the name to say the “December parade” so that way everyone knows the parade stands and means nothing just like Hollywood’s and  Jillettes beliefs?

Who loses here? Well, I see it as mainstream America loses because media feels there is no meaning in Christmas, much less the holiness of Christmas.

It is a big deal that a belief in no God grand marshals a parade that is in honor of.

It says a lot when a corner of the country that had little regard to the essence of what a country regards as good and right, and it says a lot about a society that won’t even know what is happening or even cares it has happened.


A question to the atheist…….why?

Why attack religion and why don’t you spread the love when you do. For the past year there has been a law suites by atheist groups on nativity scenes, atheist group gets a Army Chaplin punished for sharing his faith and much more just type it in to your favorite search engine and enjoy and my question is why. Where were you the when they build the mosque on ground zero if you against religion.

Why do you care, seems to me if you really don’t believe in a God why do you spend so much time and money fighting something you don’t believe is real.


Another question why are you trying to break up the family, the above billboard has an oxymoron statement of a little girl writing to a fairy tale asking to skip church. For the most part families go to church. It’s normally a decision by both mother and father to take the kids to church.

For some it’s to learn and for others it’s to worship regardless it’s a family and even if it was not a family and only a parent taking his or her child to church the atheist community is telling children to just say no. Do not honor your parents’ wishes and say no.


The above billboard appears near where I live and if you really think about it this guy is right to saying question everything. But be honest everyone worships something; don’t think that anyone is free from that. You may not bow down to your money or to your addiction but everybody worships something.

Yes question everything, no real Christian can honestly say they walked in total blindness. God does not tell us not to ask questions he just asks us to believe in him. If the Christian faith was not filled with questions then we wouldn’t have the doctrines we have now.

Some feel baptism is important, some feel worshiping on the Saturday is important, speaking in tongues but what binds us together is one thing, the way to salvation.

We live in a free country thus far; the freedom allows us to worship and to belong to a religion like atheism, Islam, Christianity. Much of the free world allows worshiping your chosen God. So why are you the atheist demanding we take God out of a free society that condones God?

Countries that refuse to condone God are pretty much communist. God is not tolerated in China, North Korea does not allow God be worshiped or taught. Cuba and the former Soviet did not allow God why do want to convert a free country to communism.

I get you hate the idea of a God but don’t hate the people that believe, don’t hate a concept that has allows freedom.

You may think your humanism is freedom but it’s not, you’re bound to nothing and constantly looking for something that cannot be found. Don’t take that away from those who have found peace and don’t try and change a freedom that is founded on a Godly belief, why would you do that?



End of the week not too much in the news this week other than Sony motion pictures getting hacked again. Mind you this is not the first time they got hacked, this is like the third time and they keep doing nothing but keep the front door of their computer system open.


The FBI says it was the North Koreans in retaliation to the Movie the Interview, they say the North Koreans because they supposedly investigated it and all the evidence shows signs of North Korea. Well a few things, if it was North Korea then it was the NK’s government because nobody does anything in that country without the blessing of the government.


But was it really the North Korea government, I mean if you’re going to hack a big company like Sony would not you try and blame somebody else that is if you’re a good hacker. Maybe North Korea did not hack Sony but have no problems taking the blame.

1 North Korea will take the blame happily because it makes them look more technologically bigger than they probably really are. 2 It not only makes them look bigger and badder than what they are but they got the movie cancelled. 3 Have you ever seen the movie Team America


either Kim Jong-un is pretty smart and quick to respond to bad movies or Kim Jong-il was technologically in the stone age and wishes  he was Kim Jong-healthy right now (I think I’m correct on #3)

kim jon il

I actually was pretty productive on the computer this week and was able to publish four blogs.

The Gift of Honest Integrity: Based off a post a coworker posted on Facebook that quoted Proverbs chapter 2 verses 7, I basically expanded it and encompassed Proverbs chapter 1 to 11. The chapters from King Solomon the wisest man at the time and maybe ever stated if we follow and obey God and his word he will give us common sense and the integrity to walk with.

Blog 2 Progressive Blindness: A follow Christian Blogger who is obvious a liberal leftist posted a blog on why conservative Christians can’t be true Christians because conservatism is not Christ like. I disagree and rebuttal with my own blog stating that conservatism is the foundation of what Christians should follow and progressive thought while is emotionally intent on good follows not God but disrespect Gods law.

Blog 3 How We Got Here: Based on the small talk around the water cooler about the CIA reports of America’s involvement in torture of prisoners of war after the September 11 2001 attacks. I think there is more to here than what meets the eye and I try to map out how Got America to this point were we would use torture to keep us all safe at night.

Final blog was my movie review of Exodus Gods and Kings, not that good of a movie fell short of being an epic Biblically great movie by allowing an atheist to direct this great story.

As ChristMas gets close only a few more days everyone stay safe, maybe slow down on the liquid partying a bit so some of us can drive to and from work safely.

Please remember what ChristMas means, and I just read a blog today that said the saying “happy holidays” was based on Holy Days so Happy Holy Days as well.

This day December 25th is yes not Jesus’s real birthday we don’t know the exact day so it was chosen December 25th. And no matter if you think it was some compromise with the pagans to share this day remember this. We don’t really celebrate the winter solstice unless you’re a pagan witch, we celebrate ChristMas, Jesus’s birthday.

It was that day some 2000 + years ago that God allowed us back into his eys and to live forever again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please by all means get a Bible and read the first four books of the New Testament Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Read Matthew and Luke to know the ChrisMas story and read Mark and John to know why God sent his son for us. Go to a good healthy church and ask what does Jesus birth really mean.

Happy Holy Days and Merry ChristMas see you next year.

Mr. T-