both can be wrong but both cannot be right.

I’m writing this on the idea that people that identify themselves to be LDS faith are very good people in nature and if they would know and understand who and what they were fallowing maybe they would think twice about their calling. Maybe if they would open their Bible and read it, not just gloss over the pages but really read it and compare it to the Book of Mormons and ask questions, they might start understanding why they cannot call themselves Christians.

Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormons the Church of LDS was either a fraud trying to derail Christianity while making a buck or he is  much like Joel Osteen where he knows nothing of the Gospel and the Bible making up things as he ripped off scriptures or it possibly could be both .

Did Joseph Smith really see God and Jesus at the same time, The Gospel says he cannot John 1:18, Exodus 33:20
Either Smith is as equal to God and Jesus, he was being deceived or he is purposely deceiving people.

If we say the Bible is the inspired word of God so that every word is from God and we must do, this then makes Smith claim as incorrect that both God and Jesus visited him back in 1820, and this would now put Smith’s claim as being deceived or deceiving on purpose.

From a Christian point of view the LDS church cannot be considered Christian doctrine. Unlike Joel Osteen who seems to think Mormonism is just another form of Christianity most Christians educated in good Christian theology know this cannot be so,

Joseph Smith was being deceived or deceiving people either way the followers of the LDS church have put everything, all their hopes and beliefs I one man.

In contrast Christianity pins all its faith in one God and they trust many men and women that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and or witnessed and talked to Jesus himself. Every book and letter coincides with each other, no contradictions and the Bible’s reliability has stood the test of over 2000 years and over 5000 copies made. The Book of Mormon is less than 200 years old and has had over 4000 revision from the first copy published.

In Christianity there are no gold plates that would weigh 200lbs+ just two stone tablets that Moses wrote the Ten Commandments as instructed by God. There is only one God in three persons not one god of many gods and no we cannot become a god that was a lie Satan told Eve in the garden.

The book of Mormons was deciphered by Joseph smith after finding a seer stone and translating Egyptian hieroglyphics while the Bible is books, manuscripts and letters translated from Hebrew, Arabic and on to Greek. Not one man transcribed all that is in the Bible and Bible is written from people of all walks of life that are historically known to have lived on the earth.

Mormons are following a false Gospel some might even say not even a Gospel but a cult that uses parts of the Bible interwoven to its own book to deceive people and it has worked. Mormons are good people and it’s a shame to see them fall for this deceit but with that said this gives us the call to look at the Mormon as somebody worth saving. When they come to your door do you just cut them loose and say go away or do you talk to them?

I know it’s hard to have a conversation with a group of people that you may know nothing about their religion and their scripture but maybe you need to know a little about what they believe so you can better understand where they have been deceived. If your loved one or neighbor is a non believer will you not invest in helping them? It’s worth checking out where and how the Mormons go astray and having some love to want to talk with them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out Mormonism Research Ministry  on good information on the Mormon religion and how to talk with them. 




  1. Hello mrts1969, I’ve debated informally with Mormons on and off since around 2001, so I hope I can contribute some things I’ve learned over the years that will help Christians in their discussions with Mormons.

    UNDERSTAND doctrine and definitions: It’s vitally important for you to understand that while Mormon’s may speak in familiar terms using the same words and same phrases that sound just fine, they have radically different definitions for those terms. You need to know what scripture teaches and how Mormon doctrine itself behind those terms is different. For example: Salvation. When you speak of salvation it means one thing, but when a Mormon uses the same word he’s speaking of something else entirely. Mormonism has divided salvation into two parts: ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Exultation’. Resurrection is what they affirm is by grace through faith when they appear to be making a Christian profession that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. But it’s Exultation (excluding the nonsense about becoming gods and the ‘Celestial’ Kingdom, ignore these things) that most closely approximates salvation as we understand it from the Bible, and Exultation depends on your works whereas scripture teaches that we can boldly enter into the Father’s presence by the blood of Christ (Ephesians 3:12, Hebrews 4:6;10:19). If you understand these things you’ll understand that “What must I do to be saved?” is the wrong question to ask a Mormon. He will give you the Resurrection answer and sound like a Christian. The right question to ask is “What must I do to be with Heavenly Father?”. If they give you the Resurrection answer (and there’s a good chance they will), they’re not being honest with you.

    FOCUS on core doctrine: I’ve kind of started on this above but it is obviously important to learn about their doctrine. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about Mormonism. Like all cults it denies core Christian doctrine, so just focus on this because these are the big issues: Their doctrine of salvation, their Christology, their doctrine of God, the sufficiency of the cross, and the sufficiency of scripture. The Mormon’s salvation is what’s important here, so he needs to see the inconsistency between the Jesus and the gospel that he’s been taught and what the Bible teaches. He needs to become aware, to at least begin to see that there’s a problem. These are primary issues.

    DON’T get sidetracked: If you allow a Mormon to control the conversation, he or she will have you chasing them down rabbit holes on all their favourite topics. It’s a strategy they use frequently, so don’t let them get away with it. If salvation is the topic of the conversation, don’t let them change the topic. Don’t let them get away with ignoring or improperly answering your questions while they throw questions at you. They will do it, they’re trying to take the focus off of the problem, don’t let them get away with it. They may employ numerous strategies but stay on topic.

    DON’T get emotional: Some Mormons will try to get away with the same as above but they’ll be so ridiculously friendly and winsome that its sickening. Yes it smacks of condescension certainly not genuine and it is insulting to your intelligence. Ignore it. If you don’t it can be exasperating and you’ll be tempted to get angry. Once again, stick to the topic. Some Mormons can also be quite arrogant since religious pride is one of the fruits of Mormonism (any ‘righteousness by works’ religious system produces pride), don’t let them get to you, again stick to the topic.

    DON’T tell them what they believe: Mormons will generally either become defensive or dismissive. Don’t lecture a Mormon on what they believe or start posting links to non-Mormon websites. It is far better to ask a Mormon what he believes and then respond to that. If you’re going to quote anything on Mormonism, quote from their own sources, they are online. If you do that they cannot dismiss it as anti-Mormon propaganda.

    DO use scripture: Scripture is your fully sufficient authority, the rock on which you stand. Don’t go deep into Mormon teachings, keep things on scriptural ground. This is your ground as a believer, this is your territory, your home turf where you have the very real advantage. The Mormon’s final authority is not scripture, it is the LDS Church. I have found that drawing a Mormon into the epistles, especially regarding salvation causes real problems for a Mormon. Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. They might be able to deal with it initially, but keep drawing them into the word. Its like wading into deeper water with someone who cannot swim.

    This was a bit more long winded than I intended but I hope this is helpful. I’ll post it in ‘Apologetics’ on Google+ too. I hope you’ll visit (shameless plug!) my blog too sometime at slingshotandstone.com 🙂

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