What do I mean when I say that tuning and getting our bikes ready for racing or riding is the same as tuning, and staying in tune of God’s will and be able to walk with him daily.

I’m kind of a off road motorcycle and race junkie and well I believe there this a direct correlation between the two, whether it’s your race bike or trail bike it does not matter having a properly tuned and handling bike is no difference than having our lives in tune with God and and being ready to do his will.- Jeremiah 12:5

First off what do we know about race bikes or motorcycles in general in this day in age? Horsepower, it is in abundance we have plenty of it whether it’s a 450 or 125 today’s motorcycles have plenty of power.

off the gate

Horsepower is sort of like information on God, these days he have tons of information. Bibles in print on your tablet on the computer, I’m a big fan of Biblegateway.com there you get every Bible translation known to be at a click of the mouse. Bible bookstores, churches online bookstores there is a lot of resources out there and what does that tell you.

Too much information is like too much power on a bike. Having the right amount of power and having the right kind of Godly and Biblical information is important.

too much

The wrong kind of information can lead you astray, into hard times or discouraged, the wrong kind of power or not knowing how to use that power can cause us to ride too slow, too timid or crash all the time.

So what do we do about too much power on a bike, racers I know and trail riders sometimes will add devices to their bikes to help manage the bikes power.

Recluse auto clutches are the big thing right now that helps give you better power delivery better traction; this helps smooth out the power. Riders that have smaller bikes will add better less restrictive exhaust pipes, port the cylinders adding better fuel delivery devices help the bike with power issues.

Same goes with the information we have for a better spiritual life, finding the right Bible translation that helps explain God’s word to us, trust me on this I have many years of reading and listening to Bible teachings and it was not until one day I listened to a different translation (a different way of explaining the word of God in the Judeo – Christian fashion) that God’s word really started to come to life  and things really started to make more since to me and stick to my mind better. Ecclesiastes 1:13

Reading the right books or commentaries on God’s word is important; we can get stuck in a rut reading the same feel good information that does nothing for us. It’s like having the power of a 500 cc bike but since it may be too much or the wrong kind of power for us in our current relationship with Jesus we never are able to go faster, rider better or gain information about God to help us grow.


Since power is in abundance then what is really the more important thing for us to have on a bike and in our lives? Handling, it’s so important to have a bike that handles and is very important to be able to have a better tuned spiritual life with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Racers know that just because you have a powerful engine does mean anything if you don’t have a good handling bike.

A good handling 250F with properly tuned suspension, the right sag adjustment and good tires can outperform a 450F any day when the right rider is on board.

Having the correct Biblical and spiritual information and applying it to our lives is similar. Reading our Bible, learning from lessons by way of Church or Sunday schools is like tuning our forks and rear shock on our bikes. Proverbs 18:15

If we don’t know how to respond to daily life by not understanding God of the Bible and what Jesus teaches us then we might get thrown on the ground or have to just settle for not being able to perform to God’s expectation in everyday life.

Maintenance is also a must when owning a race or trail bike, we all know if you neglect your bike sooner or later it will fail on us. Sometimes small things will happen and sometimes catastrophic things can happen.

I once know a guy that had and older Honda CR 250 1989 model I believe, when I had met him and got to know him I asked when was the last time you changed your piston in the engine. He told me never, it’s a 250 why would need to change the piston.


A month later we talked on the phone and in good spirits he told me his bike blew up. The piston literally blew up; he had piston bits in his exhaust and lower end.

The bike finally got stressed enough and the piston got loose enough that it catastrophically failed him and it took him over a year to get the money and time to rebuild the bike.

Our spiritual lives are the same, if we don’t do maintenance with our relationship with God we can lose that relationship with him and some people will catastrophically loose their way from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit not something I recommend to do or try. Luke 8:13

Going to church, Sunday school, reading the Bible or healthy and Godly commentaries of how God loves us and how we follow his will is the maintenance we need to do to keep from failure and to keep our hearts and minds on God’s heart and mind.

Just like how we would get ready for a race or trail ride we should do the same with God, we should study his word like we ready our bikes. Trust and know who Jesus is and what he can do for us and how we can serve him just like we trust our bikes to start and how it serves our enjoyment if we take the time to keep it maintained.

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