As 2014 years ends I look to 2015 and what will we expect in the coming year. 2014 has been a really crazy and violent year not in just the terms of physical but mental and spiritual as well.

More racial division has been raised this year than in some time, God’s morality has been put to the test this year as we saw people that claimed to follow his moral authority turn their back on him out of confusion.

2014 become violent with radical Islam and ISIS, fellow Americans debated and condoned ISIS behavior how far will we go before we don’t know what is right or wrong.

Riots in the street condoning law breakers and demanding those who protect the peace be punished how long will we go and allow people to blind Americans from truth.

2015 might even be rockier for Christian Americans not to mention Americans in general so I’m asking that you the individual pray each day for the next year. If you do nothing else in 2015 please pray for America, please pray for people to know and understand God’s salvation and will except his gift to all people.

Some people will rise and fight come 2015 and fight for the truth, they will fight for God’s moral and natural law. Some will rise and go unto all the world and attempt to make disciples of all men and women and some will do their best to expose the great lies Satan is trying to spread throughout the world.

Please pray for these people and don’t feel you are not doing anything or feel little. Little is much if God is in it, your prayers are more important than the actions of the few because without those prayers those actions could not act.

Finally I would like to mention some great organizations you can support with confidence that your prayers and money is going to a good place. The Billy Graham Association where your money will go to helping the Gospel is spread throughout the world.

Samaritans Purse, started by Franklin Graham this organization is feeding and helping the sick all around the world and finally if you want to keep your money close to home try the Salvation Army they have done more for Americans that any organization.

Please be with me and pray, whether it is before you go to bed, in the morning or during lunch please take 1 minute out of your day and pray for God’s hand on America and his hand on the world.

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