As we continue on our voyage in life on this great ship called America,  secular creature comforts are becoming available and they promise for a quite and nonconfrontational life. These comforts can be identified  as excepting immoral behavior in the name of getting along, abortion no big deal if it will uncomplicate my life,  and give up some freedom for safety to our all knowing government based on  fear tactics.

What are thought to be creature comforts are nothing more than heavy bricks of immorality and unethical behavior that hold down the truths that God gives us and what our forefathers died for.

Eventually those heavy bricks loaded down over time will  turn this voyage into a destination of ruin. If Americans do not change and turn to God or at least follow a moral and ethical law this ship we call America will stop at a destination that will not be recognizable for anyone. We will no longer be able to know right from wrong, moral from immoral and know who God really is.

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