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As a Christian we should be honest in what we believe and what we put in as our creed Proverbs 11 states God detest dishonesty. A blog popped up on one of the forums I use to post some of my blogs, for the most part we are supposed to be posting Christian or faith based blogs and for the most part I would say 98% of my fellow Christian bloggers do so but every once in awhile one or two come across that look out of place.

This blog entitled Equality above Hate has been complete false from this inside out and it was not until me and another blogger started asking questions did we find out more truths about the person who posted the blog. Just reading it you have to agree that it is off base scripture wise. Sin does matter for one and you can be theologically correct and morally responsible at the same time especially when sin is the topic.

Now I know leftist Christians are going to embrace this post, it embraces unconditional love to somebody that has chosen or stumbled into a way of life that is not mainstream but there is more to the man than the blog suggest.

My question to the blogger that posted Equality above Hate was what about the act of, my gist was to ask if the poster did not believe homosexuality was a sin then what about the act of homosexuality was that considered a sin. My question was never answered but after a few more comments swapped from myself and a fellow blogger this is what the columnist answered with.

“Our youth don’t need moral guidance, they need love. They need to know and understand love. They need to experience it. The law kills, the spirit brings life.
No, the belief that the bible is “God’s Word” is the worst thing that mankind could have done to Christianity. The bible is a wonderful book charting the journey of the Jews and how they perceived God and on into the early struggling of the church as they sorted out what they believed. There is so much wealth of wisdom in it, and so much that points to God’s heart. But there is a lot of crap in it too, lol. We all know there is, but we have spent centuries trying to make up doctrines that somehow piece it all together 
Live the journey of life with integrity, never being afraid to ask hard question and especially not being afraid of the answers and where they may lead.
God is so much bigger and better than our little Christian box”

Now this person claims to be a youth pastor but anyone can make a claim, my concern here is we have a person that is stating they are representing the youth in a Christian manner this is frightening to think this person would mentor anyone’s child.

Our youth need moral guidance that is why they go to a church youth group, 25 years ago I was in a church youth group and although my parents taught me well in morals and ethics the lessons that were given to me in youth ministries was valued by both me and my parents.

Believing the Bible is God’s word is not the worst thing mankind could do to Christianity, believing the Bible is not Gods word is the worst thing mankind can do to society. The Bible is full of wisdom and it gives us the map to salvation, where is the crap in the Bible. The Ten Commandments, hell, Old Testament law or Jesus being resurrected from death he never offered to point out his idea of crap in the Bible. Hebrews 5:11-13

His blog is false advertising if you knew this bloggers theology to begin with but he conveniently leaves out what he thinks the Bible is good for. On the outside this person might have the best intentions to teach that we love everyone but not teaching people especially our youth truth and that they do not need moral guidance of God or his word (Bible) is sin in itself.

Again this brings me back to being able to discern things, when sin is questioned then the red flags need to go up and you will need to then grapple with the truth, God’s word and theology. Be very cautious with new theology, when sin is advertised to be a fraud then we need to be cautious about who the advertiser is.



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