A few days ago our president quoted scripture to try and get his way on amnesty, now whether you want to believe president Obama was dead on our way off depends if you’re a fan of the man or not. The problem with his tidbit of quote is that it’s only one quote, the Bible has many quotes on immigration all of course are against what the President wants as far as passing immigration (Romans 13: 1-7) being one

My biggest issue is when leaders like the President Obama quote scripture to try and give themselves the advantage and how low information people just swallowing this garbage hook line and sinker. Go back to 2006 in then Senator Obama made a speech entitled “call to renew” and which he misquotes the bible two times and tries to delegitimize the Sermon on the mound. Senator Obama gist of the speech was we cannot use the bible to lead our policy because it condones slavery, killing children and the sermon on the mound if practiced by the state department would be catastrophic then he stated people don’t read or know their Bible or is it that Barak Obama does not know or read a Bible

These two misquotes and delegitimizing Jesus’s Sermon on the mound was his way of trying to secularize America. If then Senator Obama had known and understood his Bible and Gods word he could not morally make that speech so this tells us a lot of his lack of understanding and disrespect of not only or country but of God and his word.

The sad truth is then Senator Obama and now President Obama still have their Biblical understanding wrong. The men Obama surrounds himself with to know and understand Biblical verses are not even close to understanding what God’s word is saying. Those who defend the president now and then senator have truly lost their understanding of God’s word.

I’m not sure how anyone can take President Obama seriously on any issue when he tries to deceive people with the misquoting of the Bible something that should be taken very seriously and without callus, in 2006 Senator Obama said we cannot use the Bible to lead policy but in 2014 Obama uses the Bible to condone subverting the American constitution. So what is it, does the President use the Bible for his gain only or does he use the bible to keep America secular.

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