nailed hand

This photo has been bouncing around social media for a day or two and has not gotten good reception by Christian in general and I believe the reason why is its offensive to certain people. What do I mean by that well I think people view it offensive based on the idea that this is a human arm and hand with a drawing or tattoo (unknown because this could be drawn on and we are just waiting for the paint to come off in the shower.) a drawing that depicts the hands of Jesus nailed to the cross something no human could ever come close to being able to burden the sins of this world. Only God could do such a thing in the form of his son Jesus and thus this being on a humans arm and morphed to be apart of his hand is the reason why its offensive to some.

A Facebook friend posted this photo and it grabbed my attention. I made my arguments against the concept while my FB friend was for it he saw nothing wrong with it but I think he failed to see the lack of discernment in the tattoo and that is why stunts like this wont get good receptions with average Christians like myself.

Personally I am not offended but feel maybe it’s disrespectful to Jesus, I think it’s stupid of the person to do this based on what I just wrote but I don’t speak for God or Jesus it’s just how I personally feel.

Years ago I was at a conference on family Christian issues and how we deal with today’s problems with our family and the common theme was “learn to discern”. There was no discernment in this tattoo so I can expect some people to be upset and not support such a actions. This has nothing to do whether tattoos are a sin this has to do with offending people that take the death and resurrection of Jesus serious and to have somebody tattoo it on their body can be construed as a spit in the eye.

I’m sure the person with the tattoo thought otherwise and maybe thought this would be a good witnessing tool but again there is no discernment here. Our goal as Christians should not be offending, I know that’s hard sometimes but come on this tattoo was never needed.

There is nothing wrong with tattoos in general but there is nothing right about them either, It’s not a salvation issue whether you have one or not. One will not go to hell or be barred from heaven with a tattoo. To me it’s just a convenient excuse to do things of the world. Your marking up what God has giving you it’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, it’s between you and God but promoting something God asked us not to do is just that. Leviticus 19:28 pretty much tells us not to but It’s no better or worse than piercing your ears or putting on makeup I know it is a double standard for sure we are allowing worldly things to put us in a quandary that is for sure and for what to look pretty to be controversial.

How about we just learn to discern God’s will and his law, how about trying not to be so controversial or offensive among people because I don’t think Jesus was ever offensive to the people, controversial yes to the times but offensive no.

Just my opinion
Mr. T-


  1. This tattoo is incredible! Whomever is responsible for the artistry and a creativity is fantastic! Please let us know who the artist is and where they are located so that we can get in touch with them! Fantastic work and a great daily reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us!

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