I don’t have children but I once was a child and I thank God every day that my mother and father took the time to  teach my brother and I who and what God is. That old idea of “I’ll let my kids decide for themselves if they want to go to church or learn about God is.” is a mistake and in my opinion parents that have this belief already have learned a notion that either they don’t find God important or they don’t want there child to know who God is regardless it’s a shame.

Professor J. Budziszewski from the University of Texas in Austin points out eight articles of a creed that is being taught by declining to educate ones child of who and what God is in his book “What we can’t not know”. The books main content is based on natural law, the laws of nature that God has set up for us to know and follow, an excellent book worth reading whether if your into natural law and intellectual thought or not.

Budziszewsk points out parents teach their children a defined creed based on eight articles… “A good many parents decline to give their children any religious instruction, saying that they think it is better to “let them make up their own minds”. But declining to teach is itself a way of teaching, a very effective one, and it teaches children a very definite creed with eight articles:
(1) It is not important for children to know anything about God. (2) The questions that children naturally ask about Him require no answers. (3) Parents know nothing about Him worth passing on. (4) To think about Him adequately, no preparation is needed. (5) What adults think about Him makes no difference. (6) By implication, He does not make any difference either; God is not to be treated as God. (7) If anything is to be treated as God, it will have to be something other than He. (8) This is the true creed, and all other creeds are false.”

The shame of it all is children rely on their parents for guidance and moral education. It is not unusual for parents to be unequally yoked and divided on this issue even more reason why both parents should have a complete understanding of each other’s moral and ethical qualities they bring to a marriage or relationship.

In my opinion children under the age of accountability do not have the moral obligation to seek out God this should be the responsibility of the mother and father. J. Budziszewski articles of this creed is a symptom our from what our society is teaching. The lesson plan is defined as there is no one or personal God, no real moral absolute, and a vague personal ethic.

You can find more valuable information reading J. Budziszewski book “What We Can’t Not Know” its our responsibility to teach our kids about who and what is God, it is reckless not to.



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