Have not done a movie review in awhile so let us kind of step aside from the realities of life and check out some good movies that deserve some attention. 

I have two movies I am reviewing and they fall under the Chiller Horror genres the second maybe even in the slasher area of movies.  Both movies fall under classics or maybe one does while the other is at least a cult classic should be anyways. Some of you may have or may not have seen these two great chillers and both worth your time to see them. 

bad seed

First movie entitled the THE BAD SEED, directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Nancy Kelley and Patty McCormack. Made in 1956 this black in white movie is a must see, considered a horror mystery the movie takes place in any town USA. A perfect loving daughter is what we are to believe but is she really. Bad-Seed-movie_l

What makes the movie so good is it’s mainly shot in one place the home of the Penmark family. There are a few scenes outside of the house but most of the movies takes place in the family home. The movies dialogue and the acting of both Nancy Kelley and Patter McCormack is outstanding.Kelly McCormack The Bad Seed 1956

McCormack plays the perfect daughter or so we think and as the movie progresses you start to wonder what is really going on Kelley is a mother in denial at first but comes to the conclusion she may bore a bad seed. You never get to see the incidents that happen but the dialogue is so good it paints the picture for you. This is a five star movie and a must see if you love chiller mysteries. Black and white movie, no foul language or gory scenes so the whole family can view and the ending is quite good and classic of the Hollywood style. 


boody birthday


Next movie titled BLOODY BIRTHDAY and yes it is, 1981 movie that takes place in Meadowvale probably a fictional town in the west. This low budget movie is in my view a cult classic. Acting is fair dialogue is fair everything is fair but this is a classic late 70’s early 80’s horror/slasher/chiller flick. You sit down and watch this and be prepared you might start laughing, this is not the type of classic horror slasher that has you ready to jump and run but more of a horror slasher that has you ready to chuckle.bb1

The lead actors are Susan Strasberg and Jose Ferrer but the real stars are the thee killers. The movie starts off in 1970 as a solar eclipse is happening three births in the same hospital happen as well. Fast forward to 1980 10 years after the birth these three children go on a killing spree. The movie uses the concept of astrology to give a reason why such sweet little kids would be so evil. These three 10 year old lovelies are evil making the children of “Village Of The Damned” seem tame. This is classic crazy horror cult movie  and in my opinion a must see.bb2

Some 1980’s nudity, PG-13 language at times not a kids movie because of it and it’s a shame they didn’t need it. I give this movie 3 1/2 stars worth watching with your friends and spouse for just fun and laughs. 

Note these movies are classics you wont find them in your local Red Box I viewed them on TCM so if you get a chance to see these do so they are well worth your time to enjoy. 

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