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Reading an article in the entitled “Congrats Pro Lifers you won! Now I have a few questions for you” by Katha Pollitt caught my interest and thought as a Pro lifer maybe I could answer those questions, but I might add Pro lifers have far from won anything. Abortion is still legal in this country so unborn children are still at risk of being terminated for no reason or for any reason.

Question 1 Illegal Abortions; was based on banning abortion making it illegal would drive women to get back alley abortions, not only injuring women in the process but killing them as well. You are right some women will still try and get out of the responsibility they have now put themselves into and there will be some women that will pay that price. We cannot just make abortion illegal but we have to stop it in the hearts and minds of or society. It’s like no longer enforcing theft as a crime. We know it’s wrong so we don’t need to bother enforcing it right? For some this is true but for others they will take advantage of it, yes we know in our hearts and minds theft is wrong some if not most of us wont do it. We don’t need a law to deter us but our society needs this law to show we do not condone theft therefore we will enforce the crime telling people theft is wrong and if you do it you will pay the price same idea for abortion. It is wrong and not only do we need to stop it we also need to educate people why it’s wrong so back alley abortions won’t happen.

Next question was compromise, Pro life wants compromise but pro choice feels it’s just a tactic to fully ban abortion. As a pro life person I do not compromise, abortion is morally wrong and I just can’t compromise when death is on the line. I get the compromise concept, if one waits longer to have an abortion they just might end up having the baby and oh how bad that would be.

Next Question is on birth control. Many are against birth control and you point out many are against the ACA ( Affordable Care Act) making employers carry certain birth control methods that they may be morally against. The concept of the ACA is based on we all use health care there for those who do not have insurance must be punished with a tax. If this is the way the government wants to define the ACA then why should an employer have to provide every kind of birth control made if there are some forms of control that they find morally wrong? Cannot the individual be responsible for his or her actions? One free mode of birth control is abstinence, I know that sound outrageous but it can be done and it is very cheap to do.

Question 4 is poverty, poor people need abortion because they cannot afford the children they produce, charities are not enough and the GOP is trying to defund every poverty law there is. This is sick nonsense and one of the biggest complaints that pro life people have for abortion is using it for birth control. The biggest problem with health care today is our government intruding and trying to control it to their advantage. You say charities are not enough but I say they are. There are plenty of non for profit organizations and churches that are tailored to help the poor and single mothers. If you cannot afford to bring a child in this world then maybe you should not have one again abstinence is an option. I’ve seen birth control as low as $10.00 in some places if a person cannot afford $10.00 then you need to redirect your priories from sex to something else like taking care of yourself and your family.

Question 5 Men; this is based on the lack of morality in society, what about the men that get a woman pregnant and walk away. Yes this is a problem and it goes back to it’s a moral problem. Again we have to change the hearts and minds of people, a man should not want to ever walk away from his family or responsibilities. This is again a major problem of the concept of free sex and no responsibility. This is why casual sex should not be promoted; it delegitimizes the women and the family and gives men the opportunity to shed their responsibilities as men.

Next question Equality; its based on the idea that somehow abortion will give women equality with men in finances and work. It’s called planning your life out, women can do something men can never do and that’s having children. It’s a great responsibility and honor that no man can ever achieve but with this responsibility one has to plan their life. To be a CEO of a giant company like Microsoft and have eight children is going to be a hard thing to do. Women that view work is greater than raising a family should then just stick to work. abortion is not needed, planning and personal responsibility is needed.

Question 7 Personhood, this is based on miscarriages and science; what about those tiny natural abortions that occur and what about stem cell research and IVF. Sometimes we go places we should not go and IVF might just be that, stem cell is very controversial. Do we have abortions to study how to make life better for future generations? I don’t feel destroying a life for the comfort of a future is worth dong after all you may have just aborted a life that would have found the cure for Brest Cancer. When we start to try and understand why things work sometimes we go way too far. There is a balance and it can be found, sometimes in the name of science ideas can go just too far and brakes need to be applied so we can study a bit more thorough than callous.

Next question is Murder and what should be done with these murderers. Yes I agree abortion is murder and although I would not act in such a way as some have in the past of going on a killing spree of doctors and staff workers that participate in abortions I do get it. You’re asking such a broad question because abortion is legal. First thing we have to do is change the heart, a person should never want an abortion and if they do it’s a sad thing. People should know there is always a way out instead of abortion, there are always will be people that will help and people should not be afraid to ask for help. If abortion was illegal then we would again allow a jury of his or her peers to decide if guilty or not. Punishment wise would be just that what do they do with murders in your state?

If these are not suitable answers I am sorry but these are my answers, I truly feel sorry for anyone that feels abortion is the only way out. To truly end abortion is not just to make it illegal because again theft is illegal and people still continue to steal and take thing that do not belong to them. To truly end abortion we have to change the heart of society not just make a law and that is the biggest obstacle that we a society today face is allowing our government to dictate morality to us because it fails every time.


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