Saturday November 8th Pope Francis demoted Cardinal Raymond Burke the highest ranking American in the Vatican, is the Roman Catholic doctrine fracturing under Francis’s progressive stands on economic equality, homosexuality and the latest stand on secular science.

You might say so what I’m not Catholic no big deal but this is a big deal the Catholic church is a big deal and they dictate societal policies whether you or the Catholic leadership likes it or not. They’re actions speak volumes and can change the face of how one worships and follows God to put it bluntly the Catholic church makes big impacts and having leadership that compromises with a secular society will surly change the world.

As a protestant I sit by and watch as conservative Catholics bite their tongues while Francis shoots off his mouth on communistic ideas, partnering up with sinful imorality and secular science and wondered when will somebody stand up to this leadership and I guess Mr. Burke did. It’s interesting that either the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church I mean the committee that chose the Pope Francis has been wanting to change the conservative image the Roman Catholic church or  this is Francis’s own goal who now has control of the leadership. How long or how much can conservative Catholics take this change before there is a fracture in the church or docterine

It’s interesting on my account because I was talking to a friend just the other day about the Popes latest foot in the mouth ignorance on secular science. We both know some friends that are devout catholic. My friend made the comment “they are such wonderful people I just don’t get why the stay catholic”. It had me thinking the doctrine of Catholic Church has not changed; they still follow the Bible they still know and understand salvation they just choose to attend and worship God in the Catholic traditions. Their faith has never been different from mine they have a few more or less steps in their everyday life of following Jesus our belief in God is all the same.

If Pope Francis cannot take internal criticism the Catholic Church is not only sailing on a ship without a rudder but there is some waves coming. I hope Conservative Catholics will stand strong and demand Francis to explain his actions via the Bible and scripture and instead of just trying to be apart of the relevance of society.

Burke has been a well known critic of the Roman Catholic leadership and has stated that the church under Francis’s leadership is like a ship without a rudder and I’m beginning to really get what Burke is saying. It pains me to see the mighty Catholic Church a beacon of conservative ideology and intellectual thought slip into a downward spiral into liberalism all the name of becoming relevant to today’s world.

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