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H2 The propaganda channel

I’m a big history buff especially war history that is but I enjoy history in general. American history, war history, western history I love it so when the History channel came about I was enthused to say the least. So a little history of the History channel, from the conception the History channel was great, it had great war history and good American history. I guess the folks in charged felt a narrator was not enough so maybe try some shows that had actors or reenactments. The channel was doing well enough so a new History channel was conserved called the History channel 2 or H2 and it was designed to house the world history programming while the History channel was to deal with American history in general.

I guess it was inevitable but here came the reality shows with a big success for the History channel was Pawn Stars and it still is a big winner today. Ice Road Truckers, Axe Men and the numerous spin offs of Pawn Stars the once informative History channel became a den of reality programming with a few historical programs like modern marvels thrown in the mid mornings and mid afternoons the time when no one watches TV because we are at work; the history channel became “the watch my cool job channel”. Seriously I lived in a logging town and logging companies do not compete against each other like AX men , no one cares they just want trees for money.

Of course since H2 had less of a following it too needed to invest into scripted reality but unlike the History channel H2 became a propaganda channel of junk science and revisionist history. Now why would I make that statement well just look at the programming that H2 offers.

Ancient Aliens: The biggest offender it would be one thing if the program was about UFOlogy but it’s not. It takes everything that cannot not explained by science and even things that can be and chalks it up to it all can be explained by Aliens because god forbid that maybe there is a God that created something.

America Unearthed: Here Scott Wolter a “forensic geologist” whatever that is tries to rewrite history. Even when all the evidence points to one conclusion if it was not Scott’s conclusion then it maybe history is wrong. Basically Scott is trying to rewrite history even though evidence and facts won’t support his theories.

The Universe: Not a show to enjoy if you believe in creation that’s for sure. You name it big bang catastrophic events all theories that cannot be proven and that is fine but if you’re going to claim your being historical can we maybe look at another view of history like biblical science for another view and just a thought it’s theory not fact. Oh my we just don’t know how it happened but I know because I’m a scientist  

These are the biggest offenders that try and spread their propaganda to the viewers. No longer are we to look at the common man and his common sense, now we must rely on experts like Scott Wolter try and  convince us that Davy Crockett did not die at the Alamo. We cannot expect to think maybe there is an intelligent design because only Aliens could have this kind of technology but of course we never answer the big question where did the aliens come from and where did they get the technology thanks for clearing up those waters for us Giorgio.aliens If science has not thought of it then it cannot exist or it could not happen or be created by something other than man or chance.

What once was a good educational network has now turned into a dumb downed scripted reality based propaganda programming. They don’t want us to use common sense or thought of another way or idea just believe them because they are the experts or so says their certificate of authenticity. H2 is now a network of junk science and history that can be revised if it gets ratings and that is completely sad.




So the elephant in the room is Ferguson, what happened and why. Regardless of if you believe whether the grand jury made a good or bad decision matters not what followed was not deserved by the good people that had to deal with malice destruction of their property.

I dealt with this 22 years ago with the Rodney King incident, then it was the white man’s fault for keeping the black man down and the Korean man’s fault for taking all the jobs away regardless the reason it was wrong morally and ethically regardless if you thought the police were justified or not the people of South Central Los Angeles did not deserve the malice of destruction of their property.

I believe the reason why Ferguson went up in a blaze was a concept learned by the people and taught by the state and federal government and that is you do not need to respect God or your country, you have us the government to rely on. Now mind you the government is made up of people so the lessons taught are on those people that have done nothing by instill the thought that government is first and God and country takes a back seat in the home of the American.

The lack of respect of God and Country by people ends up being a destruction of people’s faith, property and country three things Americans use to hold very near and dear to their heart and minds even so much as to go to war over it.

The leaders of our government no longer condone and promote God as the center piece of respect and responsibility. Our government no longer promotes our country as a place of virtue and respectability instead government tries to convince people that government is our god and government runs our country. How do we expect people that rely on government to behave in such a way that they don’t respect moral authority and live in a place that was bought and paid for by the blood of their ancestors?

Leaders that teach people that when an outcome does not go your way you should destroy things are leaders that disrespect their country and lack morality and ethics. The step father of Mike Brown was shouting “burn this bitch down” what respect does a man like this have for God and his country.

Another sad day in America when our leaders and  religious leaders instead of trying to calm down people only incite them. These are supposed to be men of God, they are supposed to respect God but they disrespect both God and their county.

When we respect God we respect the rule of law and people’s needs when we respect our country we respect other people’s property and we allow the rule of law to run its course.


false-advertising1  Car

As a Christian we should be honest in what we believe and what we put in as our creed Proverbs 11 states God detest dishonesty. A blog popped up on one of the forums I use to post some of my blogs, for the most part we are supposed to be posting Christian or faith based blogs and for the most part I would say 98% of my fellow Christian bloggers do so but every once in awhile one or two come across that look out of place.

This blog entitled Equality above Hate has been complete false from this inside out and it was not until me and another blogger started asking questions did we find out more truths about the person who posted the blog. Just reading it you have to agree that it is off base scripture wise. Sin does matter for one and you can be theologically correct and morally responsible at the same time especially when sin is the topic.

Now I know leftist Christians are going to embrace this post, it embraces unconditional love to somebody that has chosen or stumbled into a way of life that is not mainstream but there is more to the man than the blog suggest.

My question to the blogger that posted Equality above Hate was what about the act of, my gist was to ask if the poster did not believe homosexuality was a sin then what about the act of homosexuality was that considered a sin. My question was never answered but after a few more comments swapped from myself and a fellow blogger this is what the columnist answered with.

“Our youth don’t need moral guidance, they need love. They need to know and understand love. They need to experience it. The law kills, the spirit brings life.
No, the belief that the bible is “God’s Word” is the worst thing that mankind could have done to Christianity. The bible is a wonderful book charting the journey of the Jews and how they perceived God and on into the early struggling of the church as they sorted out what they believed. There is so much wealth of wisdom in it, and so much that points to God’s heart. But there is a lot of crap in it too, lol. We all know there is, but we have spent centuries trying to make up doctrines that somehow piece it all together 
Live the journey of life with integrity, never being afraid to ask hard question and especially not being afraid of the answers and where they may lead.
God is so much bigger and better than our little Christian box”

Now this person claims to be a youth pastor but anyone can make a claim, my concern here is we have a person that is stating they are representing the youth in a Christian manner this is frightening to think this person would mentor anyone’s child.

Our youth need moral guidance that is why they go to a church youth group, 25 years ago I was in a church youth group and although my parents taught me well in morals and ethics the lessons that were given to me in youth ministries was valued by both me and my parents.

Believing the Bible is God’s word is not the worst thing mankind could do to Christianity, believing the Bible is not Gods word is the worst thing mankind can do to society. The Bible is full of wisdom and it gives us the map to salvation, where is the crap in the Bible. The Ten Commandments, hell, Old Testament law or Jesus being resurrected from death he never offered to point out his idea of crap in the Bible. Hebrews 5:11-13

His blog is false advertising if you knew this bloggers theology to begin with but he conveniently leaves out what he thinks the Bible is good for. On the outside this person might have the best intentions to teach that we love everyone but not teaching people especially our youth truth and that they do not need moral guidance of God or his word (Bible) is sin in itself.

Again this brings me back to being able to discern things, when sin is questioned then the red flags need to go up and you will need to then grapple with the truth, God’s word and theology. Be very cautious with new theology, when sin is advertised to be a fraud then we need to be cautious about who the advertiser is.




A few days ago our president quoted scripture to try and get his way on amnesty, now whether you want to believe president Obama was dead on our way off depends if you’re a fan of the man or not. The problem with his tidbit of quote is that it’s only one quote, the Bible has many quotes on immigration all of course are against what the President wants as far as passing immigration (Romans 13: 1-7) being one

My biggest issue is when leaders like the President Obama quote scripture to try and give themselves the advantage and how low information people just swallowing this garbage hook line and sinker. Go back to 2006 in then Senator Obama made a speech entitled “call to renew” and which he misquotes the bible two times and tries to delegitimize the Sermon on the mound. Senator Obama gist of the speech was we cannot use the bible to lead our policy because it condones slavery, killing children and the sermon on the mound if practiced by the state department would be catastrophic then he stated people don’t read or know their Bible or is it that Barak Obama does not know or read a Bible

These two misquotes and delegitimizing Jesus’s Sermon on the mound was his way of trying to secularize America. If then Senator Obama had known and understood his Bible and Gods word he could not morally make that speech so this tells us a lot of his lack of understanding and disrespect of not only or country but of God and his word.

The sad truth is then Senator Obama and now President Obama still have their Biblical understanding wrong. The men Obama surrounds himself with to know and understand Biblical verses are not even close to understanding what God’s word is saying. Those who defend the president now and then senator have truly lost their understanding of God’s word.

I’m not sure how anyone can take President Obama seriously on any issue when he tries to deceive people with the misquoting of the Bible something that should be taken very seriously and without callus, in 2006 Senator Obama said we cannot use the Bible to lead policy but in 2014 Obama uses the Bible to condone subverting the American constitution. So what is it, does the President use the Bible for his gain only or does he use the bible to keep America secular.



nailed hand

This photo has been bouncing around social media for a day or two and has not gotten good reception by Christian in general and I believe the reason why is its offensive to certain people. What do I mean by that well I think people view it offensive based on the idea that this is a human arm and hand with a drawing or tattoo (unknown because this could be drawn on and we are just waiting for the paint to come off in the shower.) a drawing that depicts the hands of Jesus nailed to the cross something no human could ever come close to being able to burden the sins of this world. Only God could do such a thing in the form of his son Jesus and thus this being on a humans arm and morphed to be apart of his hand is the reason why its offensive to some.

A Facebook friend posted this photo and it grabbed my attention. I made my arguments against the concept while my FB friend was for it he saw nothing wrong with it but I think he failed to see the lack of discernment in the tattoo and that is why stunts like this wont get good receptions with average Christians like myself.

Personally I am not offended but feel maybe it’s disrespectful to Jesus, I think it’s stupid of the person to do this based on what I just wrote but I don’t speak for God or Jesus it’s just how I personally feel.

Years ago I was at a conference on family Christian issues and how we deal with today’s problems with our family and the common theme was “learn to discern”. There was no discernment in this tattoo so I can expect some people to be upset and not support such a actions. This has nothing to do whether tattoos are a sin this has to do with offending people that take the death and resurrection of Jesus serious and to have somebody tattoo it on their body can be construed as a spit in the eye.

I’m sure the person with the tattoo thought otherwise and maybe thought this would be a good witnessing tool but again there is no discernment here. Our goal as Christians should not be offending, I know that’s hard sometimes but come on this tattoo was never needed.

There is nothing wrong with tattoos in general but there is nothing right about them either, It’s not a salvation issue whether you have one or not. One will not go to hell or be barred from heaven with a tattoo. To me it’s just a convenient excuse to do things of the world. Your marking up what God has giving you it’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, it’s between you and God but promoting something God asked us not to do is just that. Leviticus 19:28 pretty much tells us not to but It’s no better or worse than piercing your ears or putting on makeup I know it is a double standard for sure we are allowing worldly things to put us in a quandary that is for sure and for what to look pretty to be controversial.

How about we just learn to discern God’s will and his law, how about trying not to be so controversial or offensive among people because I don’t think Jesus was ever offensive to the people, controversial yes to the times but offensive no.

Just my opinion
Mr. T-




It’s a backwards philosophy to think tolerating sin somehow makes it right and will bring you or somebody else closer to God. For some reason people think this way, thinking we have to tolerate sin and except the sin so those practicing the sin will see Gods love.

It’s really does not work that way, the opposite of sin is righteous so how does tolerating and embracing something that is not righteous move us closer to God. Righteousness is hard to perfect and probably impossible to achieve since our natural desires tend to be sin but this does not mean we tolerate, embrace and practice sin. 

We fight a daily battle with involving ourselves or participating with sin but it’s our own battle one we have to fight and only allow God to help fight it for us. We can ask our neighbor to intercede with pray’re but we really cannot ask them to be apart or condone the sin if we do so we now have caused our neighbor to stumble. 

It is so important we continually do our best to study Gods word to help us know and understand our place with him and him with us. Studying his word and his creed is essential to keeping our minds and hearts clean of this worlds sin. God will always forgive us for our sins if we just ask 1 John 1:9 but we have to try and to run from and not embrace or tolerate the sin. 

Sin only distracts us from his truth, it turns lies into unreality and suppresses  our knowledge  and will lead us to more sin and finally we loose the ability to know right from wrong, good from bad. Roman 1:18 . I beg people to not promote or embrace sin just because it’s seems like it’s the relevant thing in the here and now. We can counsel with people that are stricken, we can be by their side, pray and hold them up to God for healing but do not tolerate or try and make sin seem like a normal thing because that is exactly what the world wants you to do.



I don’t have children but I once was a child and I thank God every day that my mother and father took the time to  teach my brother and I who and what God is. That old idea of “I’ll let my kids decide for themselves if they want to go to church or learn about God is.” is a mistake and in my opinion parents that have this belief already have learned a notion that either they don’t find God important or they don’t want there child to know who God is regardless it’s a shame.

Professor J. Budziszewski from the University of Texas in Austin points out eight articles of a creed that is being taught by declining to educate ones child of who and what God is in his book “What we can’t not know”. The books main content is based on natural law, the laws of nature that God has set up for us to know and follow, an excellent book worth reading whether if your into natural law and intellectual thought or not.

Budziszewsk points out parents teach their children a defined creed based on eight articles… “A good many parents decline to give their children any religious instruction, saying that they think it is better to “let them make up their own minds”. But declining to teach is itself a way of teaching, a very effective one, and it teaches children a very definite creed with eight articles:
(1) It is not important for children to know anything about God. (2) The questions that children naturally ask about Him require no answers. (3) Parents know nothing about Him worth passing on. (4) To think about Him adequately, no preparation is needed. (5) What adults think about Him makes no difference. (6) By implication, He does not make any difference either; God is not to be treated as God. (7) If anything is to be treated as God, it will have to be something other than He. (8) This is the true creed, and all other creeds are false.”

The shame of it all is children rely on their parents for guidance and moral education. It is not unusual for parents to be unequally yoked and divided on this issue even more reason why both parents should have a complete understanding of each other’s moral and ethical qualities they bring to a marriage or relationship.

In my opinion children under the age of accountability do not have the moral obligation to seek out God this should be the responsibility of the mother and father. J. Budziszewski articles of this creed is a symptom our from what our society is teaching. The lesson plan is defined as there is no one or personal God, no real moral absolute, and a vague personal ethic.

You can find more valuable information reading J. Budziszewski book “What We Can’t Not Know” its our responsibility to teach our kids about who and what is God, it is reckless not to.




Have not done a movie review in awhile so let us kind of step aside from the realities of life and check out some good movies that deserve some attention. 

I have two movies I am reviewing and they fall under the Chiller Horror genres the second maybe even in the slasher area of movies.  Both movies fall under classics or maybe one does while the other is at least a cult classic should be anyways. Some of you may have or may not have seen these two great chillers and both worth your time to see them. 

bad seed

First movie entitled the THE BAD SEED, directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Nancy Kelley and Patty McCormack. Made in 1956 this black in white movie is a must see, considered a horror mystery the movie takes place in any town USA. A perfect loving daughter is what we are to believe but is she really. Bad-Seed-movie_l

What makes the movie so good is it’s mainly shot in one place the home of the Penmark family. There are a few scenes outside of the house but most of the movies takes place in the family home. The movies dialogue and the acting of both Nancy Kelley and Patter McCormack is outstanding.Kelly McCormack The Bad Seed 1956

McCormack plays the perfect daughter or so we think and as the movie progresses you start to wonder what is really going on Kelley is a mother in denial at first but comes to the conclusion she may bore a bad seed. You never get to see the incidents that happen but the dialogue is so good it paints the picture for you. This is a five star movie and a must see if you love chiller mysteries. Black and white movie, no foul language or gory scenes so the whole family can view and the ending is quite good and classic of the Hollywood style. 


boody birthday


Next movie titled BLOODY BIRTHDAY and yes it is, 1981 movie that takes place in Meadowvale probably a fictional town in the west. This low budget movie is in my view a cult classic. Acting is fair dialogue is fair everything is fair but this is a classic late 70’s early 80’s horror/slasher/chiller flick. You sit down and watch this and be prepared you might start laughing, this is not the type of classic horror slasher that has you ready to jump and run but more of a horror slasher that has you ready to chuckle.bb1

The lead actors are Susan Strasberg and Jose Ferrer but the real stars are the thee killers. The movie starts off in 1970 as a solar eclipse is happening three births in the same hospital happen as well. Fast forward to 1980 10 years after the birth these three children go on a killing spree. The movie uses the concept of astrology to give a reason why such sweet little kids would be so evil. These three 10 year old lovelies are evil making the children of “Village Of The Damned” seem tame. This is classic crazy horror cult movie  and in my opinion a must see.bb2

Some 1980’s nudity, PG-13 language at times not a kids movie because of it and it’s a shame they didn’t need it. I give this movie 3 1/2 stars worth watching with your friends and spouse for just fun and laughs. 

Note these movies are classics you wont find them in your local Red Box I viewed them on TCM so if you get a chance to see these do so they are well worth your time to enjoy. 


pro life


Reading an article in the entitled “Congrats Pro Lifers you won! Now I have a few questions for you” by Katha Pollitt caught my interest and thought as a Pro lifer maybe I could answer those questions, but I might add Pro lifers have far from won anything. Abortion is still legal in this country so unborn children are still at risk of being terminated for no reason or for any reason.

Question 1 Illegal Abortions; was based on banning abortion making it illegal would drive women to get back alley abortions, not only injuring women in the process but killing them as well. You are right some women will still try and get out of the responsibility they have now put themselves into and there will be some women that will pay that price. We cannot just make abortion illegal but we have to stop it in the hearts and minds of or society. It’s like no longer enforcing theft as a crime. We know it’s wrong so we don’t need to bother enforcing it right? For some this is true but for others they will take advantage of it, yes we know in our hearts and minds theft is wrong some if not most of us wont do it. We don’t need a law to deter us but our society needs this law to show we do not condone theft therefore we will enforce the crime telling people theft is wrong and if you do it you will pay the price same idea for abortion. It is wrong and not only do we need to stop it we also need to educate people why it’s wrong so back alley abortions won’t happen.

Next question was compromise, Pro life wants compromise but pro choice feels it’s just a tactic to fully ban abortion. As a pro life person I do not compromise, abortion is morally wrong and I just can’t compromise when death is on the line. I get the compromise concept, if one waits longer to have an abortion they just might end up having the baby and oh how bad that would be.

Next Question is on birth control. Many are against birth control and you point out many are against the ACA ( Affordable Care Act) making employers carry certain birth control methods that they may be morally against. The concept of the ACA is based on we all use health care there for those who do not have insurance must be punished with a tax. If this is the way the government wants to define the ACA then why should an employer have to provide every kind of birth control made if there are some forms of control that they find morally wrong? Cannot the individual be responsible for his or her actions? One free mode of birth control is abstinence, I know that sound outrageous but it can be done and it is very cheap to do.

Question 4 is poverty, poor people need abortion because they cannot afford the children they produce, charities are not enough and the GOP is trying to defund every poverty law there is. This is sick nonsense and one of the biggest complaints that pro life people have for abortion is using it for birth control. The biggest problem with health care today is our government intruding and trying to control it to their advantage. You say charities are not enough but I say they are. There are plenty of non for profit organizations and churches that are tailored to help the poor and single mothers. If you cannot afford to bring a child in this world then maybe you should not have one again abstinence is an option. I’ve seen birth control as low as $10.00 in some places if a person cannot afford $10.00 then you need to redirect your priories from sex to something else like taking care of yourself and your family.

Question 5 Men; this is based on the lack of morality in society, what about the men that get a woman pregnant and walk away. Yes this is a problem and it goes back to it’s a moral problem. Again we have to change the hearts and minds of people, a man should not want to ever walk away from his family or responsibilities. This is again a major problem of the concept of free sex and no responsibility. This is why casual sex should not be promoted; it delegitimizes the women and the family and gives men the opportunity to shed their responsibilities as men.

Next question Equality; its based on the idea that somehow abortion will give women equality with men in finances and work. It’s called planning your life out, women can do something men can never do and that’s having children. It’s a great responsibility and honor that no man can ever achieve but with this responsibility one has to plan their life. To be a CEO of a giant company like Microsoft and have eight children is going to be a hard thing to do. Women that view work is greater than raising a family should then just stick to work. abortion is not needed, planning and personal responsibility is needed.

Question 7 Personhood, this is based on miscarriages and science; what about those tiny natural abortions that occur and what about stem cell research and IVF. Sometimes we go places we should not go and IVF might just be that, stem cell is very controversial. Do we have abortions to study how to make life better for future generations? I don’t feel destroying a life for the comfort of a future is worth dong after all you may have just aborted a life that would have found the cure for Brest Cancer. When we start to try and understand why things work sometimes we go way too far. There is a balance and it can be found, sometimes in the name of science ideas can go just too far and brakes need to be applied so we can study a bit more thorough than callous.

Next question is Murder and what should be done with these murderers. Yes I agree abortion is murder and although I would not act in such a way as some have in the past of going on a killing spree of doctors and staff workers that participate in abortions I do get it. You’re asking such a broad question because abortion is legal. First thing we have to do is change the heart, a person should never want an abortion and if they do it’s a sad thing. People should know there is always a way out instead of abortion, there are always will be people that will help and people should not be afraid to ask for help. If abortion was illegal then we would again allow a jury of his or her peers to decide if guilty or not. Punishment wise would be just that what do they do with murders in your state?

If these are not suitable answers I am sorry but these are my answers, I truly feel sorry for anyone that feels abortion is the only way out. To truly end abortion is not just to make it illegal because again theft is illegal and people still continue to steal and take thing that do not belong to them. To truly end abortion we have to change the heart of society not just make a law and that is the biggest obstacle that we a society today face is allowing our government to dictate morality to us because it fails every time.



Saturday November 8th Pope Francis demoted Cardinal Raymond Burke the highest ranking American in the Vatican, is the Roman Catholic doctrine fracturing under Francis’s progressive stands on economic equality, homosexuality and the latest stand on secular science.

You might say so what I’m not Catholic no big deal but this is a big deal the Catholic church is a big deal and they dictate societal policies whether you or the Catholic leadership likes it or not. They’re actions speak volumes and can change the face of how one worships and follows God to put it bluntly the Catholic church makes big impacts and having leadership that compromises with a secular society will surly change the world.

As a protestant I sit by and watch as conservative Catholics bite their tongues while Francis shoots off his mouth on communistic ideas, partnering up with sinful imorality and secular science and wondered when will somebody stand up to this leadership and I guess Mr. Burke did. It’s interesting that either the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church I mean the committee that chose the Pope Francis has been wanting to change the conservative image the Roman Catholic church or  this is Francis’s own goal who now has control of the leadership. How long or how much can conservative Catholics take this change before there is a fracture in the church or docterine

It’s interesting on my account because I was talking to a friend just the other day about the Popes latest foot in the mouth ignorance on secular science. We both know some friends that are devout catholic. My friend made the comment “they are such wonderful people I just don’t get why the stay catholic”. It had me thinking the doctrine of Catholic Church has not changed; they still follow the Bible they still know and understand salvation they just choose to attend and worship God in the Catholic traditions. Their faith has never been different from mine they have a few more or less steps in their everyday life of following Jesus our belief in God is all the same.

If Pope Francis cannot take internal criticism the Catholic Church is not only sailing on a ship without a rudder but there is some waves coming. I hope Conservative Catholics will stand strong and demand Francis to explain his actions via the Bible and scripture and instead of just trying to be apart of the relevance of society.

Burke has been a well known critic of the Roman Catholic leadership and has stated that the church under Francis’s leadership is like a ship without a rudder and I’m beginning to really get what Burke is saying. It pains me to see the mighty Catholic Church a beacon of conservative ideology and intellectual thought slip into a downward spiral into liberalism all the name of becoming relevant to today’s world.