Well the Pope does it again first he condones communism with his talk on economic equality and now he’s compromising with secularism by adding evolution to creation. This is from a article from the Huffington Post and yes they are a very liberal and progressive online magazine but this is just a report of from the Post and nothing more so what puts me at odds is not the report but the leadership of the Catholic church not understanding God and compromising with worldly ideas. Now this does not stop at the Catholic church this extends to all Christian based organizations that feel the need to compromise with secularism to become legitimate or relivant to the times.

C S Lewis warned us of the rise of science becoming a religion aka Scientism, its more than science is just becoming a religion its science has become a irrefutable undebatable fact and I fear Christians are willing to compromise God’s creation to be apart of this religion.

Pope Frances is quoted in the Huffington Post “God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life,” the pope said. “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve”. Yes God is not a magician and yes he is the creator but to say God is not a divine being well I don’t agree.

God is the divine being there is no other, God is the Alfa and the Omega he is the Creator of life. Pope Frances states “big bang theory did not contradict the role of a divine creator, but even required it.” This is our first compromise, the big bang is chaos and destruction becoming order something without God could never be this I believe is the gist of what the Pope is getting at.

Or maybe just maybe Pope Frances could have easily said the big bang theory is based on chaos and destruction, God created our word in complete order. From the wind, to the moon to the rate of how fast grass grows God created and designed every last bit of microscopic energy and cell, but the Pope didn’t and I believe it’s based on compromising with secularism to be relevant in the worldly atmosphere we live in today.

The Pope Francis is not the only one has compromised to secular science and I say secular science not to undermined science in general. Secular science is the science that C S Lewis talks about when he points to Scientism not medical science, not rocket science C S Lewis talks of science that is unproven and very debatable but in today’s world is not allowed to be debated.

Hank Hanegraaff president of the Christian Research Institute a great organization that has done great things for Christians in the way of study, debate and understanding of Christianity. Hanagraaff has stated he believed the earth was billions of years old based on science of a super nova again a science that is unproven and debatable. The question would be is Hanagraaff willing to debate this issue and after listening to him via his radio program I feel no he is not willing to debate the issue. He has compromised with secular science on this issue, now whether or not it’s based on being relivant or just stubberness is up for its own debate.

My issue is not that Pope Francis or Hanegraaff are wrong or could be wrong my issue is when leadership makes statements that can be seen as compromises because this effects the rest of us Bible believing Christians that follow the leadership. We now have to gear up to defend the statements that have been made and we should not be doing this. Is Pope Francis not an educated man in spiritual and biblical studies does he not council with his bishops and other religious leaders before makeing statements like this.

Leadership is just that it is leadership and I do not envy those who take on this burden but you do need to remember who you are speaking for. Being Prodistant I use to not care what the Pope would say but I understand better now. Pope Francis is a Christian and a spokesperson for Christians. Hanegraaff is prominent person among Christians and speaks for Christians, what they do say and actions they take make a difference.

I do realize that these statements made by Pope Francis and Hanagraaff are not salvational issues but they are apart of the faith, history and science of what we call Christianity and compromising with secular science to be valid to the world is not the way our leadership should travel. Healthy debates and discussion is a good thing and we all have our opinions but its how we put those opinions out that make our break theology and idiology when your in a leadership or respected position



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