The caption is a bit grim but I added a question mark just to ponder the statement. What got me to wonder this were a few things, I have been reading the book of Enoch and having conversations with my dad on today’s society and this statement came to me “Without Jesus all hope is lost.”

Now first of all the book of Enoch is not the inspired word of God the main reason why it was not added to the Old Testament, what we do know about Enoch in the Old Testament is he was Cain’s son we do know from Genesis 5:24 “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” What that tells me is Enoch and God were very close and in Enoch’s writing’s Enoch claims God showed him quite a few mysteries of the universe, Enoch witnessed angles coming and going from earth to heaven and whether or not the accuracy is there can debated but for sure God was very close to Enoch we know this by the fact God took Enoch. Enoch did not die he was taken by God, only two people are known to have never died but be taken by God Enoch and the profit Elijah.

What I’m reading in Enoch also extends through life in the Old and New Testament there is a battle between good and evil and when man sinned the battle began. God gave both man and angles free will the ability to make their own decisions and what we got was both man and angles weakness for self reliance and sin. I believe God created man to be completely reliant on him but man and woman has the ability and the will to become one with God or to become one with himself. Unlike angles God allows man to sin and be forgiven which makes man much more precious than his angles which is very pivotal to mans history and existence with God.

My conversation with my dad was mainly on the woes of today’s problems, how Satan has influence our society so much we are beginning to not understand the difference from good and bad, sin and our biblical misconception are put into a gray area and then eventually being touted as fact and if you are against this fact your are intolerant or a bad person.

In the Book of Enoch, Enoch talks about angles coming down lusting after the daughters of Adam then taking them as wives and having children, now this part is debatable by some but what follows is most likely truth. The angles walked with man and taught man things they did not know, things that man needed never to know for living in a perfect world needs nothing new. Man learned the art of weapon making and women learned the art of magic medicine things they did not need to know when living in a perfect world that God had created. You see if man had relied on God there would not be a need for weapons or magic, the hope in God was becoming lost

Genesis 6 talks about how wicked the world had become based mainly on sin and the self reliance of man and angels. Humans had become so wicked that God had to clean his creation with a flood and thus allowed man a second chance to be reliant on God. Now I’m not trying to give a history lesson on the Old Testament but trying to convey that when man leaves God he has no hope. If Satan and the angles or demons if you will have this much influence on our world, on our hearts and minds then without Jesus we have no hope to survive.

Believing in God is not enough, prior to God sending  Jesus, dying and then his resurrection no person could be allowed in heaven they were not perfect and full of sin. It was God sacrificing his son Jesus that allows us to be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven and back in God’s grace.

All hope is lost, we cannot rule over darkness, hate and depression only God can and it’s when we insist we can rule over darkness, hate and depression that we become and pass on these sins. If man continues to be self reliant and refuses God then all hope is lost. Nor man or woman can survive this world without God’s hand and without his Son Jesus and salvation they will spiral out of control the same way man and women did before Noah and the flood.

If you don’t think this is irrelevant just look, since the 1960’s the art of examining and studying the darkness has increased. Witchcraft, Satanism, atheism, paganism has increased. The hatred of the West and Christianity in the last 20 years has increased and just look the ranges of depression that has filled our society from both darkness and hate. Without God all hope is lost.

Can we change the tide can we reverse this I personally do not think we can, as much as secular man and Hollywood would love to think so I think our society is heading for destruction but that does not mean you have to be in that destruction. It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness and receive salvation. God’s grace has always been the same today as it was the day he created us. Through his son Jesus you can be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven. All is not lost if you seek Jesus and his salvation,hope is not lost if we will seek God.

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