Relevant Compromise

Does keeping a church relevant to today’s issues mean we have to compromise on morality


That is what I asked myself when I read three articles (Christian Post, Charisma News and Barb Wire) on mega church Hillsong and pastor Brian Houston unwillingness to publicly state Hillsongs view on homosexuality. Houston has been doing nothing but dancing around this issue and in my opinion Houston is saying ( I personally am against gay marriage and the gay life style but that may not be a relevant in this day in age for our church). So my question is if your in a leadership position say a pastor should not your own beliefs be apart of your church.

Should leadership compromise with immorality to keep the congregation happy? Houston is eluding that yes he is against homosexuality on his own personal level but feels his own opinion needs to be on reserve with these issues since it may effect his church. I’m not sure I get this if you are the leadership of the church then yes your personal opinions on moral issues do count. We are not talking about trivial issues like whether or not to support Israel or the best biblical translation NKJ or NIV we are dealing with issues that effect people on a biblical and moral stage.

I’m sure Houston is not the only pastor that is dealing with these issues but when you command a mega church like Hillsong a lot of people look at you, they look and listen to what you say. Your actions speak volumes and that is why the way I see it is Houston wants it both ways and morally I just don’t see having it that way. He wants legitimate hard core Christians like myself to know in his heart and mind he’s against homosexuality but he also wants newbie, lukewarm and progressive Christians to know his church is relevant with today’s times.

Abortion is legal too should not Hillsong be at least on the fence about some abortions, what about petty crimes can we give a pass to some just the ones that don’t make a big deal or impact on the church?

I’m curios if Houston lived in the times of Lot if he would have questioned Lot’s decision to leave Sodom. Houston is right about  a relevant church it is more than playing electric instruments and drums to contemporary Christian music on Sunday, there is more than having a Starbucks at the entrance of your church but does that mean we compromise Biblical principles so as to be up to date with today’s world and it’s issues.

Are the 10 commandments no longer hip to today’s standards, do mega church’s bend and change Gods natural law to stay relevant in a world of 24/7 information

I realize mega churches have to deal more so with a wide verity of people, emotions and issues but one must ask is it a mega church because God and biblical principles are not only taught but are encouraged and studied or is it a mega church because biblical concepts, principals are dumbed down in the name of numbers. In the name of not offending the sinner regardless of the sin, in the name of expansion, and in the name of worldly exceptance. How strong is your walk and your faith and what is your goal, do you want to only offend some and not the majority because I guarantee Mr. Houston has now offend some question is who has been offended and is Hillsong willing to make a compromise on morality.?


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