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Well the Pope does it again first he condones communism with his talk on economic equality and now he’s compromising with secularism by adding evolution to creation. This is from a article from the Huffington Post and yes they are a very liberal and progressive online magazine but this is just a report of from the Post and nothing more so what puts me at odds is not the report but the leadership of the Catholic church not understanding God and compromising with worldly ideas. Now this does not stop at the Catholic church this extends to all Christian based organizations that feel the need to compromise with secularism to become legitimate or relivant to the times.

C S Lewis warned us of the rise of science becoming a religion aka Scientism, its more than science is just becoming a religion its science has become a irrefutable undebatable fact and I fear Christians are willing to compromise God’s creation to be apart of this religion.

Pope Frances is quoted in the Huffington Post “God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life,” the pope said. “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve”. Yes God is not a magician and yes he is the creator but to say God is not a divine being well I don’t agree.

God is the divine being there is no other, God is the Alfa and the Omega he is the Creator of life. Pope Frances states “big bang theory did not contradict the role of a divine creator, but even required it.” This is our first compromise, the big bang is chaos and destruction becoming order something without God could never be this I believe is the gist of what the Pope is getting at.

Or maybe just maybe Pope Frances could have easily said the big bang theory is based on chaos and destruction, God created our word in complete order. From the wind, to the moon to the rate of how fast grass grows God created and designed every last bit of microscopic energy and cell, but the Pope didn’t and I believe it’s based on compromising with secularism to be relevant in the worldly atmosphere we live in today.

The Pope Francis is not the only one has compromised to secular science and I say secular science not to undermined science in general. Secular science is the science that C S Lewis talks about when he points to Scientism not medical science, not rocket science C S Lewis talks of science that is unproven and very debatable but in today’s world is not allowed to be debated.

Hank Hanegraaff president of the Christian Research Institute a great organization that has done great things for Christians in the way of study, debate and understanding of Christianity. Hanagraaff has stated he believed the earth was billions of years old based on science of a super nova again a science that is unproven and debatable. The question would be is Hanagraaff willing to debate this issue and after listening to him via his radio program I feel no he is not willing to debate the issue. He has compromised with secular science on this issue, now whether or not it’s based on being relivant or just stubberness is up for its own debate.

My issue is not that Pope Francis or Hanegraaff are wrong or could be wrong my issue is when leadership makes statements that can be seen as compromises because this effects the rest of us Bible believing Christians that follow the leadership. We now have to gear up to defend the statements that have been made and we should not be doing this. Is Pope Francis not an educated man in spiritual and biblical studies does he not council with his bishops and other religious leaders before makeing statements like this.

Leadership is just that it is leadership and I do not envy those who take on this burden but you do need to remember who you are speaking for. Being Prodistant I use to not care what the Pope would say but I understand better now. Pope Francis is a Christian and a spokesperson for Christians. Hanegraaff is prominent person among Christians and speaks for Christians, what they do say and actions they take make a difference.

I do realize that these statements made by Pope Francis and Hanagraaff are not salvational issues but they are apart of the faith, history and science of what we call Christianity and compromising with secular science to be valid to the world is not the way our leadership should travel. Healthy debates and discussion is a good thing and we all have our opinions but its how we put those opinions out that make our break theology and idiology when your in a leadership or respected position





I saw this posted on Facebook by a friend, the friend was only sharing the photo not suggesting any sort of pro or con of gay marriage or divorce. Most likely this sign was created by somebody maybe angry at the hypocrisy of the whole marriage concept between gay and straight. I’m not going to get too much into gay marriage or marriage in general but the fact is we have two wrongs pointing fingers at each other both trying to hide their hypocrisy.

Now sin is sin and in the end all sin equals death while I do think some sin is much more devastating than others one must acknowledge that wrong is wrong and one sin does not justify another. Jesus spoke of a few sins that he felt were used the most, these sins when used seem to catch a person and put them in a hold of multiple offences that are very hard to break like hypocrisy, greed, pride (mainly spiritual pride) and unbelief

As the sign in the picture sarcastically suggest; the attack of gay marriage on the sanctity of the family and marriage is a major threat in these times but what about divorce and does the God say about divorce. Malachi 2:16  “The man who hates and divorces his wife,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “does violence to the one he should protect,”[e] says the Lord Almighty. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful. To put it bluntly God does not condone divorce. In few cases does God allow divorce but the idea of having multiple marriages is better than the defiling the sacred act of marriage between a man and a woman this folks is called hypocrisy.

If you read in your New Testament John chapter 8 verses 1-11  when Jesus deals with a woman that has been caught in adultery and teachers of the law you will see disillusion from one sin to another. Jesus does not condone one sin from another but simply forgives us and asks us to go and sin no more. Where does this fit in divorce and gay marriage you might ask. Biblically speaking divorce, the idea that let up to and the idea that leads past divorce is sin. The act of homosexuality is biblically sin it follows a whole host of sins if acted upon.

This sign in the photo tries to depict just one act of hypocrisy by the heterasexual  lifestyle but in reality it’s more. It depicts the destruction of marriage, hypocrisy, greed, prostitution, debauchery, adultery, not to mention how it deviates the natural law of God. The real tale of this sign is two sins ought not to point fingers at each other. Neither wrong doer should throw the first stone but should put down their stones and sin no more. Moreover if this sign does exist I only say that because photoshopping is easy to do now days I am very sad for this church. Not only is this church dividing or society but it is walking on the fence of morality and teaching a false Gospel a church like this is just as guilty as what the sign is poking fun of.






The caption is a bit grim but I added a question mark just to ponder the statement. What got me to wonder this were a few things, I have been reading the book of Enoch and having conversations with my dad on today’s society and this statement came to me “Without Jesus all hope is lost.”

Now first of all the book of Enoch is not the inspired word of God the main reason why it was not added to the Old Testament, what we do know about Enoch in the Old Testament is he was Cain’s son we do know from Genesis 5:24 “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” What that tells me is Enoch and God were very close and in Enoch’s writing’s Enoch claims God showed him quite a few mysteries of the universe, Enoch witnessed angles coming and going from earth to heaven and whether or not the accuracy is there can debated but for sure God was very close to Enoch we know this by the fact God took Enoch. Enoch did not die he was taken by God, only two people are known to have never died but be taken by God Enoch and the profit Elijah.

What I’m reading in Enoch also extends through life in the Old and New Testament there is a battle between good and evil and when man sinned the battle began. God gave both man and angles free will the ability to make their own decisions and what we got was both man and angles weakness for self reliance and sin. I believe God created man to be completely reliant on him but man and woman has the ability and the will to become one with God or to become one with himself. Unlike angles God allows man to sin and be forgiven which makes man much more precious than his angles which is very pivotal to mans history and existence with God.

My conversation with my dad was mainly on the woes of today’s problems, how Satan has influence our society so much we are beginning to not understand the difference from good and bad, sin and our biblical misconception are put into a gray area and then eventually being touted as fact and if you are against this fact your are intolerant or a bad person.

In the Book of Enoch, Enoch talks about angles coming down lusting after the daughters of Adam then taking them as wives and having children, now this part is debatable by some but what follows is most likely truth. The angles walked with man and taught man things they did not know, things that man needed never to know for living in a perfect world needs nothing new. Man learned the art of weapon making and women learned the art of magic medicine things they did not need to know when living in a perfect world that God had created. You see if man had relied on God there would not be a need for weapons or magic, the hope in God was becoming lost

Genesis 6 talks about how wicked the world had become based mainly on sin and the self reliance of man and angels. Humans had become so wicked that God had to clean his creation with a flood and thus allowed man a second chance to be reliant on God. Now I’m not trying to give a history lesson on the Old Testament but trying to convey that when man leaves God he has no hope. If Satan and the angles or demons if you will have this much influence on our world, on our hearts and minds then without Jesus we have no hope to survive.

Believing in God is not enough, prior to God sending  Jesus, dying and then his resurrection no person could be allowed in heaven they were not perfect and full of sin. It was God sacrificing his son Jesus that allows us to be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven and back in God’s grace.

All hope is lost, we cannot rule over darkness, hate and depression only God can and it’s when we insist we can rule over darkness, hate and depression that we become and pass on these sins. If man continues to be self reliant and refuses God then all hope is lost. Nor man or woman can survive this world without God’s hand and without his Son Jesus and salvation they will spiral out of control the same way man and women did before Noah and the flood.

If you don’t think this is irrelevant just look, since the 1960’s the art of examining and studying the darkness has increased. Witchcraft, Satanism, atheism, paganism has increased. The hatred of the West and Christianity in the last 20 years has increased and just look the ranges of depression that has filled our society from both darkness and hate. Without God all hope is lost.

Can we change the tide can we reverse this I personally do not think we can, as much as secular man and Hollywood would love to think so I think our society is heading for destruction but that does not mean you have to be in that destruction. It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness and receive salvation. God’s grace has always been the same today as it was the day he created us. Through his son Jesus you can be forgiven and allowed entry to heaven. All is not lost if you seek Jesus and his salvation,hope is not lost if we will seek God.

Relevant Compromise

Does keeping a church relevant to today’s issues mean we have to compromise on morality


That is what I asked myself when I read three articles (Christian Post, Charisma News and Barb Wire) on mega church Hillsong and pastor Brian Houston unwillingness to publicly state Hillsongs view on homosexuality. Houston has been doing nothing but dancing around this issue and in my opinion Houston is saying ( I personally am against gay marriage and the gay life style but that may not be a relevant in this day in age for our church). So my question is if your in a leadership position say a pastor should not your own beliefs be apart of your church.

Should leadership compromise with immorality to keep the congregation happy? Houston is eluding that yes he is against homosexuality on his own personal level but feels his own opinion needs to be on reserve with these issues since it may effect his church. I’m not sure I get this if you are the leadership of the church then yes your personal opinions on moral issues do count. We are not talking about trivial issues like whether or not to support Israel or the best biblical translation NKJ or NIV we are dealing with issues that effect people on a biblical and moral stage.

I’m sure Houston is not the only pastor that is dealing with these issues but when you command a mega church like Hillsong a lot of people look at you, they look and listen to what you say. Your actions speak volumes and that is why the way I see it is Houston wants it both ways and morally I just don’t see having it that way. He wants legitimate hard core Christians like myself to know in his heart and mind he’s against homosexuality but he also wants newbie, lukewarm and progressive Christians to know his church is relevant with today’s times.

Abortion is legal too should not Hillsong be at least on the fence about some abortions, what about petty crimes can we give a pass to some just the ones that don’t make a big deal or impact on the church?

I’m curios if Houston lived in the times of Lot if he would have questioned Lot’s decision to leave Sodom. Houston is right about  a relevant church it is more than playing electric instruments and drums to contemporary Christian music on Sunday, there is more than having a Starbucks at the entrance of your church but does that mean we compromise Biblical principles so as to be up to date with today’s world and it’s issues.

Are the 10 commandments no longer hip to today’s standards, do mega church’s bend and change Gods natural law to stay relevant in a world of 24/7 information

I realize mega churches have to deal more so with a wide verity of people, emotions and issues but one must ask is it a mega church because God and biblical principles are not only taught but are encouraged and studied or is it a mega church because biblical concepts, principals are dumbed down in the name of numbers. In the name of not offending the sinner regardless of the sin, in the name of expansion, and in the name of worldly exceptance. How strong is your walk and your faith and what is your goal, do you want to only offend some and not the majority because I guarantee Mr. Houston has now offend some question is who has been offended and is Hillsong willing to make a compromise on morality.?



No faith leads to incompetence


As was the words of President Reagan “There you go again” John Kerry has not only showed his lack of faith in God but now he is showing his full on incompetence as our Secretary of State.

Last Thursday posted Kerry Stating if people doubt the science of climate change and we do nothing, in his quotes “life as you know it on earth ends”. With that said Kerry not only points out his lack of faith in God but his complete out of touch with the today’s world, this behavior also implicates president Obama as also being out of touch and lost for appointing Kerry to his position.

First off, whether you want to follow the climate change rabbit down the hole of unproven facts feel free. If you are not a Christian and lean left I get your urge to believe but if you’re a Christian then we need not be afraid of this world for God created it, God wiped it clean once with the flood but God has never tried to destroy his perfect creation. Second listening to Kerry try and predict the end of the world is moronic because he nor anyone knows when life on earth ends. 

Kerry has shown us not only his lack of understanding of the United States issues but the issues that face the world. I think at this time climate change can take a back seat to oh say ISIS or Ebola or maybe both since our borders are wide open for both ISIS and Ebola to cross or enter in our country with or without a passport

We have a terrorist group killing Christian in Syria and Iraq hates the west and hates Israel. ISIS wants to advance its perverted concept of Islam on the whole world killing anyone that disagrees so much for a peaceful religion. While the death tole of over 7 thousand killed by ISIS Kerry I guess assumes if we don’t get the climate under control it won’t matter what ISIS does, the world according to Kerry will die. Problem is Kerry has nothing to back his ideology of climate change, too many science talking points disagree with each other. Kerry’s  climate change would cripple the world’s economy most likely just bring us back to the concept of communism that Russia and China tried and that failed. Two countries still follow that way of life Cuba and North Korea is that our goal emulate those countries. And by the way ever see the pollution China and North Korea have

nk p
North Korea

Ebola is killing West Africa and it’s spreading like a fire death tole has reached 4033, France the UK and surrounding African countries have banned all air travel into their respective countries for protection while Kerry insist climate change is our biggest threat. Now I’m not sure where climate change falls on the duties of the Secretary of State but sinking your whole resources into a weatherman’s theory is a bit risky when known proven threats like ISIS and Ebola are now the front and center issues of today.

 I know Kerry has had issues with biblical quotes and concepts in the past but I believe if you are going to go that route and state scripture requires us to protect countries from climate change then you have be responsible for knowing those scriptures and know the bases of God and the Bible. Yes as a Christian nation we need to help our fellow people throughout the world but stopping the production of cars that use oil, stopping people using coal for heat and fuel is not the answer right now and most likey will never be the answer and I’m not sure where in scripture it is, ever read Genesis 8:22

Kerry has lack of faith and understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith and I also believe Kerry lacks an understanding on what to do with our current world issues of today. It’s that or Kerry has been ordered to stand down and not go against what the president has issued and ordered, either way you see it Kerry is showing his complete lack of knowledge or his contempt for man by ignoring the real threats and pursuing a unproven idea while real issues to our country continue to get larger and more unstable.




Over the last few months a few blogs have popped out over being a capitalist and a Christian, one was very negative and the other was more or less stating why we cannot get caught up in the concept of obtaining things over our love and commitment to God.

I am a self proclaimed capitalist and proud of the ideology that capitalism means in real definition not in the definition of what man can turn it in to. What I mean by that is capitalism is a good thing considering the opposite socialism/communism being a capitalist can be a good thing. The problem comes is when man turns his love from God and his fellow man to the love of money and the love of obtaining things.

In principle pure capitalism works and works well in a free market, if we are honest most societies in the west use capitalism to survive and if we are really honest most everyone whether in a free society or not will seek out capitalism to better their lives. Only a minority truly believe communist socialism will work.

I believe if we were all honest God loving people that really set out every day to help our neighbor that socialism could work. But since we are all born with different skills and personalities, some are type A some are lazy and some just have a mean disposition we cannot effectively have a true society that would work equal and fair for everyone. Somebody would win big and some people would lose big in a socialistic or communistic society it would be no different in a capitalist world except those who tried harder than others would never achieve what they deserve and we would always have those few that would try to exploit others for their gain and again it would work if we all did it for each other but because of what we are and how God has made us giving us free will we are all sinners and that just won’t happen.

When you talk about capitalist Christian in purely a monitory concept you would be correct in pointing out the negative aspects of the concept, but capitalism derives of more than just money and acquiring things it sets out an idea of making the best in one’s self and in the goods one produces. It’s when we take the concept to the degree of having more, wanting more for our own self indulgence that we start to lose the good in capitalism.

Jesus never talked or encouraged this kind of behavior. The mindset of doing your best trying to go beyond settling can be a positive thing compared the socialistic/communistic idea of doing better is not fair for others, on the contrary doing better allows others to achieve better.

The saying that was popular 10 years ago “the one who dies with the most toys win” has nothing but bankrupt a nation a society and individuals. This kind of capitalism is not what Jesus taught. Jesus once displayed anger when he caught the money changers cheating people in the synagogue; Jesus also stated “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24.

I believe the concept of capitalism is in most people, we can take it too far and practice capital cronyism like a few large corporations do, we can practice individual payoffs to government officials stopping small businesses from trying to grow in our small towns and again for our own self indulgence but this is not capitalism and God would never condone this kind of behavior or action. We can be Christians and be capitalist but we cannot put money and things first or else we poison the idea and why socialist are the first to call out why capitalism is evil.

Pure capitalism requires restraint and honor, putting God first in their life and family only increases the ability to be successful. Giving back what we put in will only increase the trust in our fellow man, it can be done we can achieve greatness.




I found this article posted on Facebook the other day the caption from the original poster was “Genius! This is what home schooling will buy you. Worth every penny!” That comment sparked me to read the whole story since I’m a big doubter in today’s media in getting truth right and I was not disappointed. The Story link and title Reality TV star Jessa Duggar blames the Holocaust on the theory of evolution

 Raw Story’s Eric W Nolan wrote the article based on Jessa Duggers Instagram, I guess they don’t have better thing to do than misquote somebody on Instagram. Raw Story identifies Jessa Dugger as a reality star well she’s not. Rick Harrison is a reality star Kim Kardashion whether you like her or not is a reality star none of the Duggers are in anyways stars.

I’m not saying I dislike the Duggers I just don’t know them, I don’t watch their show (19 kids and county) so I can’t say if the family has perils of wisdom or not but reading the quotes off the Raw Story article I’m thinking Jessa has a brain. She’s obviously conservative in her concepts and has Biblical principles so what’s wrong with that.

Raw Story got this wrong, not sure why Mr. Dolan even wrote this and why Raw Story even published this title it doesn’t  even go with the story. Jessa quoted this “I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today,” “very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed ‘less than human.’ Racism, stemming from the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than human; that some people groups are ‘more evolved’ and others ‘less evolved.’ A denying that our Creator–GOD–made us human from the beginning, all of ONE BLOOD and ONE RACE, descendants of Adam. The belief that some human beings are ‘not fit to live.’”

Now the way I read her quote is Jessa is being a bit facetious when she says “ the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than evolved” I believe what she is talking about is mans evolution in social thought, evolution in natural law and taking it from God and making it his own law. She’s not talking about evolution causing the holocaust if anything she’s poking fun of the concept of evolution.

This article just shows us the evolution of the social thought, why someone would take a quote form somebody’s Instagram and make it a story is beyond me. I guess there are people that latch onto pseudo-celebrities and follow their everyone turn. If this were the case I would understand but I believe this is a case of trying to defame somebody that has a different view than they do. Although Raw Story and Mr. Nolan never take any pot shots of Jesse the title tries to do the damage right from the start, you can feel there is lack tolerance for her free thinking otherwise why else would you publish this.

Mr. Nolan points out that Jessa is pro life and believes in creation well guess what so do I and lots others do to there is nothing new about this. If the goal was to Expose Jessa to here biblical principles and conservative ideology then well done but I think one could have watched 19 kids and counting and figured that out.