Vickie Beeching becomes another claimed victim in this world’s great lie. Beeching has come out and confessed to being a gay Christian. Claiming to be aware since she was 13 the 30 something former Christian singer now resides in the UK and relies on her royalties to make a living.

My concern is with her lack of knowledge and compassion Beeching has for herself and her promotion of your lifestyle to the public. Knowing she had issues at 13 she never spoke up, in her late teens and twenties she never asked for help but choose to live a facade as a heterosexual not understanding that not allowing God to fill one’s life with his forgiveness and grace would change life for everyone around her.

Beeching speaks out on LGBT rights and gay marriage stating “The Church’s teaching was the reason that I lived in so much shame and isolation and pain for all those years. But rather than abandon it and say it’s broken, I want to be part of the change”. My question is what does the church teach, I know my church teaches about The God of the Bible and Gods law, God’s mercy, forgiveness and grace. My church teaches what The God teaches, not to be ashamed to follow God and not to be isolated from God but to obey God and following God so what part does Beeching want to change.

I feel this becomes an issue when people in star status like Beeching and Jennifer Knapp come out to our young people. It’s okay to have issues we all have issues but to make them okay and mainstream as “I’m not the problem the Church is the problem because it disagrees with my lifestyle”. The young and stars struck people now are dealing with issues they need not be dealing with. Parents with pre teens and teenagers have enough to deal with than one more issue trying to explain why Beeching is wrong in her ideology.

Much like following GPS coordinates that is one degree off, in a short walk everything seems fine nothing we are still going in the same direction. But in the long run after time and distance has been covered you now find yourself or your child far from the truth, far from the moral and Godly principals you where teaching.

The goal here is not to destroy a person but to educate on why we don’t promote non Christian values to masses and especially to our young. Jesus says in Matthew 18:6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”  And in this case better to be silent of your problems to not drag, promote or disrupt others only to have them fall into the same problems and issues you have.

As Christians we have a responsibility to not cause our neighbor to stumble, promote our moral indiscretions to others. If Christians in general need help then call upon the churches elders, call upon men and women that have favor in God’s eyes and in the churches eyes to help. We live in an age where we now know and understand mans troubles better and better. People can be helped and God can heal. Promoting one’s way of life that is not biblical is immoral and unethical and if you truly are trying to follow God’s heart you need to stop exercising your sin in front of people.

Another good read on this issue is from Charisma News

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