The Ferguson incident last week still weighs in as an issue in our world, both liberal and conservative news sources are taking sides but I see few if not any that offer solutions or solace. I would expect better from Organizations and publications that label themselves Christians. I found this article in Tony Campolo’s I understand the writers social frustration but I would assume writing in RLC one would expect the contributor  would be a believer God of the Bible. The Ferguson issue is not the time for Christian groups to divide but to bring together and offer healing.

The author starts out with this “What if you were the Brown family? What if your son, who was preparing to leave home and start his college career, was approached by police for either jaywalking or stealing cigars from a store (we don’t actually know why he was approached but these are different possibilities out there)? A simple, granted stupid act, that normally wouldn’t be a big deal. Not that I’m justifying stealing, but let’s be honest, white kids do some of these same stupid things. The difference is, they don’t end up dead because of them. In fact, very few of them are even arrested or brought to court because of them. The Brown’s son ended up dead and laying in the street for more than 4 hours, as a result of his SUPPOSED stupid act”.

He then continued “If it was your son shot and lying dead in the street like an animal, how calm and contained would you be? How law abiding would you remain? What kind of feelings would you have towards the police? My heart sinks to even think about it.” Click here for the complete article

The writer is upset but is he upset because of color or is he upset because of a tragedy, Below is my reply.

What if it were my son what if it were my brother, my father or my wife these are all justifiably good questions but violence in retaliation is never the answer.
I can’t answer what I personally would feel but I know what I would not do. I would not incite riots and I would not ask or want someone to incite riots or violent behavior on my behalf.

Whether I’m black white red or brown matters not if I’m doing my best to follow Gods path. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be pissed, I’m sure I’d be angry maybe at my son wondering what did you do. I’d be angry at the police, why did you do that I’d probably be mad at the world but I do know if I ask for strength and understanding The God of the Bible will give it to me.

You ask is ones politics more important and I say this is not about politics but this is a tragedy played by politics. You ask if ones theology justifies silence but you lack the understanding of patience before violence.

As a Christian my goal is to follow The God of the Bible and he teaches forgiveness and grace. The Ferguson incident is shameful on those who would pray on this tragedy for their own gain. Shameful on the looters to take what is not theirs, to the rioters who would injure out of hate when they have no personal stake and to the hate inciters like Jackson and Sharpton who promote anger based on race.

Most of all to the publication the Red Letter Christian that would promote strife instead of offering hope and not even to offer help to both families involved. You are the problem not the solution, you offer no hope only distraction and you know better.

Mr. T’s Opinion



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