Lots of “he will be missed” and “so sorry he was too young” but Robin Williams did not have to be missed and he still had lots of life to live but Williams let the world dictate his life, he did not let the love and grace of God prevail. He had depression and tried to solve it with drugs and alcohol but that just made him more depressed and in the old school way coward out of life and let others take the brunt of what he could not handle.

This is a symptom of a no God in one’s life and it’s becoming an epidemic in our society. I don’t mean people are committing suicide every day but people are losing interested in following basic principles that can make life something to live for instead of something to opt out of. Our society is so enamored with people of fame that we hang on every word and every action they make and when they do something that is so out of the norm we are shocked. When we ignore every word and action of God, our life then becomes one that searches out for meaning with no guidance.

Williams now leaves children and close friends wondering what happened, what could they have done to prevent this and they will never know. Selfishness never cares of others it only bread’s contempt of others and if goes unchecked you will become contempt of yourself. It’s obvious that Williams was overwhelmed enough to be willing to take his own life but if he would have instead stopped and asked God to take his life we might have had a different outcome. Robin needed not be afraid of Gods judgment on him because with God’s Judgment on us what follows is his forgiveness and grace something none of us deserve but God gives freely due to his unconditional love for us.

We have to be responsible for ourselves and then be ready to help out neighbor get through these types of issues. Society condones idol worship and self loathing; it’s it demands there is no fix to any situation so be tolerant of my ways while rejecting what could be a simple fix. The fix is love God, fear God and worship God. If only Williams could have been willing to just follow one of these maybe his world would have been different no one knows but God and all we can do his hope maybe he did before he took his life.

We need to do our best to not let our government and society reject the fundamentals of a Godly life. We are responsible to take on the leadership of these two entities and not just sit by and let them destroy others. We constantly hear you don’t know what daily battle a person goes through so do not judge them but we cannot allow those battles to be spread and damage others. Do not be shocked or worrisome when secularism internally destroys it’s self but instead go to your brother and sister and offer your love to them. I believe if somebody would have offered their unconditional love through God to Williams I would have never written this

Mr. T’s Opinion.


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