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The Ferguson incident last week still weighs in as an issue in our world, both liberal and conservative news sources are taking sides but I see few if not any that offer solutions or solace. I would expect better from Organizations and publications that label themselves Christians. I found this article in Tony Campolo’s I understand the writers social frustration but I would assume writing in RLC one would expect the contributor  would be a believer God of the Bible. The Ferguson issue is not the time for Christian groups to divide but to bring together and offer healing.

The author starts out with this “What if you were the Brown family? What if your son, who was preparing to leave home and start his college career, was approached by police for either jaywalking or stealing cigars from a store (we don’t actually know why he was approached but these are different possibilities out there)? A simple, granted stupid act, that normally wouldn’t be a big deal. Not that I’m justifying stealing, but let’s be honest, white kids do some of these same stupid things. The difference is, they don’t end up dead because of them. In fact, very few of them are even arrested or brought to court because of them. The Brown’s son ended up dead and laying in the street for more than 4 hours, as a result of his SUPPOSED stupid act”.

He then continued “If it was your son shot and lying dead in the street like an animal, how calm and contained would you be? How law abiding would you remain? What kind of feelings would you have towards the police? My heart sinks to even think about it.” Click here for the complete article

The writer is upset but is he upset because of color or is he upset because of a tragedy, Below is my reply.

What if it were my son what if it were my brother, my father or my wife these are all justifiably good questions but violence in retaliation is never the answer.
I can’t answer what I personally would feel but I know what I would not do. I would not incite riots and I would not ask or want someone to incite riots or violent behavior on my behalf.

Whether I’m black white red or brown matters not if I’m doing my best to follow Gods path. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be pissed, I’m sure I’d be angry maybe at my son wondering what did you do. I’d be angry at the police, why did you do that I’d probably be mad at the world but I do know if I ask for strength and understanding The God of the Bible will give it to me.

You ask is ones politics more important and I say this is not about politics but this is a tragedy played by politics. You ask if ones theology justifies silence but you lack the understanding of patience before violence.

As a Christian my goal is to follow The God of the Bible and he teaches forgiveness and grace. The Ferguson incident is shameful on those who would pray on this tragedy for their own gain. Shameful on the looters to take what is not theirs, to the rioters who would injure out of hate when they have no personal stake and to the hate inciters like Jackson and Sharpton who promote anger based on race.

Most of all to the publication the Red Letter Christian that would promote strife instead of offering hope and not even to offer help to both families involved. You are the problem not the solution, you offer no hope only distraction and you know better.

Mr. T’s Opinion





Vickie Beeching becomes another claimed victim in this world’s great lie. Beeching has come out and confessed to being a gay Christian. Claiming to be aware since she was 13 the 30 something former Christian singer now resides in the UK and relies on her royalties to make a living.

My concern is with her lack of knowledge and compassion Beeching has for herself and her promotion of your lifestyle to the public. Knowing she had issues at 13 she never spoke up, in her late teens and twenties she never asked for help but choose to live a facade as a heterosexual not understanding that not allowing God to fill one’s life with his forgiveness and grace would change life for everyone around her.

Beeching speaks out on LGBT rights and gay marriage stating “The Church’s teaching was the reason that I lived in so much shame and isolation and pain for all those years. But rather than abandon it and say it’s broken, I want to be part of the change”. My question is what does the church teach, I know my church teaches about The God of the Bible and Gods law, God’s mercy, forgiveness and grace. My church teaches what The God teaches, not to be ashamed to follow God and not to be isolated from God but to obey God and following God so what part does Beeching want to change.

I feel this becomes an issue when people in star status like Beeching and Jennifer Knapp come out to our young people. It’s okay to have issues we all have issues but to make them okay and mainstream as “I’m not the problem the Church is the problem because it disagrees with my lifestyle”. The young and stars struck people now are dealing with issues they need not be dealing with. Parents with pre teens and teenagers have enough to deal with than one more issue trying to explain why Beeching is wrong in her ideology.

Much like following GPS coordinates that is one degree off, in a short walk everything seems fine nothing we are still going in the same direction. But in the long run after time and distance has been covered you now find yourself or your child far from the truth, far from the moral and Godly principals you where teaching.

The goal here is not to destroy a person but to educate on why we don’t promote non Christian values to masses and especially to our young. Jesus says in Matthew 18:6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”  And in this case better to be silent of your problems to not drag, promote or disrupt others only to have them fall into the same problems and issues you have.

As Christians we have a responsibility to not cause our neighbor to stumble, promote our moral indiscretions to others. If Christians in general need help then call upon the churches elders, call upon men and women that have favor in God’s eyes and in the churches eyes to help. We live in an age where we now know and understand mans troubles better and better. People can be helped and God can heal. Promoting one’s way of life that is not biblical is immoral and unethical and if you truly are trying to follow God’s heart you need to stop exercising your sin in front of people.

Another good read on this issue is from Charisma News




Capitalism if used in the way it is intended can keep our oceans clean but we have to take on that responsibility as well. The government only exploits capitalism to its own gain called crony capitalism. It increases cronyism and then turns it back on it and says all capitalism is evil while taking back door deals exchange for destroying completion. Even true capitalism cannot save a society, people have to take responsibility for themselves, for their morality, ethics and the way they run their business. Don’t blame a concept for the evils of society we need to start blaming ourselves for that.

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Ran across the article in AlterNet a progressive blog and news feed, this article was titled 10 reasons to hate capitalism. Being a purist capitalist myself I wanted to kind of rebuttal on Mr. Gary Engler reasons why to hate capitalism. He spreads the reasons in descending order and as you read them you can tell there is a high level of socialism in each reason.

Reason 10: Capitalist corporations suffer from a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and are rewarded by shareholders for acting that way. If corporations could be sent to a criminal psychologist’s office they’d be diagnosed as psychopaths and locked away forever.

Capitalism does not cause antisocial behavior it would be the opposite. People or companies trying to sell something become extraverts the goal to sell products and get the word out by inacting incentives, discounts and competition. Antisocial behavior would be counterproductive unless your goal is to hide something and what kind of capitalism tries to hide from the public….crony capitalism. Crony capitalism sponsored by the federal and state government hides wealth, it does not share and tries to isolates the wealth to its self.

Reason 9: Capitalism encourages greed. But greed is only good for capitalists. For normal people it is anti-social and soul destroying, not to mention very bad for our communities, which rely on altruism, compassion and a generalized concern for others.

Capitalism does not cause greed, mans wants and destructive behavior cannot be blamed on capitalism. The love of money is the root of evil, but capitalism can create jobs give people a purpose, and actually allow people to be more charitable. One’s heart and actions cause greed not capitalism. At number 10 greed follows some pretty stiff competition on the ten commandment behind murder, honor they parents, stealing, having gods before The God. Not to make light of one sin from another but capitalism like any other philosophy can be used for immoral and unethical behavior much like socialism and communism.

Reason 8 Capitalism is a system of minority privilege and class rule based on the private ownership of means of livelihood. This gives a few rich people the power to buy and sell jobs, which means they can build or destroy entire communities that depend on those jobs.

This kind of thought is pure communism, in a communist state privileged class rules as we saw in Russia, as we see in Cuba, China and North Korea. In a complete capitalist senerio one can own sell or buy as he pleases. One can sell his talents, he trade or abilities and can compete with any and all classes. We saw a young group of men in the late 70’s and early 80’s take ideas and talent to make companies like Apple and Microsoft. Again capital cronyism sponsored by the federal and state governments restrict small businesses from competing with big businesses with over taxation and regulations. Large companies are given passes by federal state and local agancies in exchange for money and power. When capitalism is given a chance to thrive with minimal governmental intervention a community can thrive with jobs, charity works competition allowing communities to have a choice to shop or goods or services.

Reason 7: Capitalists praise freedom and individualism, but they destroy freedom and individualism for everyone but themselves. The vast majority of us who work for a living are daily asked to uncritically follow orders, to act as if we are machines, and limit our creativity to what profits our bosses.

Capitalism makes creativity a reality, again Apple and Microsoft are prime examples. An individual uses their ability as they wish. In capitalism you pick your job, your job does not pick you like in communism. Man that has lackluster devotion and motive will never thrive in a capitalist world. Yes you have to work, but in order to be able to be in the position to give the orders you must first earn that right.

Reason 6: Capitalists denigrate cooperation and collectivism, but create mass production processes that rely on both from workers. Their system requires us to be cogs in a giant profit-making machine, but because they fear the power this gives us we are told working together for our own interests is illegitimate and bad. Thus capitalists undermine unions and other organizations that encourage workers to cooperate with each other and act collectively.

Capitalism requires workers to do their best, workers that only do half the job are a burden on the rest. The concept of mass production has speeded up processes that make factories more productive, streamlined the process and produce better products. If a company does not make a profit then a worker does not have a job. Again going back to you earn your position, if you are a cog then you most likely earned that position, blaming somebody that has earned a degree or worked hard over your high school cirtificute that is only good for cleaning the bathrooms is not reasonable. In a capitalist world you have the ability to sell your services or your trade but you have earn that sell.

Reason 5: Capitalism requires the largest propaganda system the world has ever known to convince us it is the only system possible. It turns people into consumers through advertising, marketing, entertainment and even so-called news. Millions around the world are employed to use their creativity to twist our feelings of love, desire, human solidarity and fairness into tools of manipulation, so that ever more profits can flow into the hands of a tiny minority.

Capitalism requires hard word to succeed, the propaganda system is “you don’t have to work or try to succeed”. You are responsible for your thoughts and actions and to blame those actions or lack of on Dunkin Donuts is just stupid, you saw the camercial those donates looked so good I had to buy them and that is why I’m too fat and can’t find a job that lets me sit down all day. True capitalism promotes competition and advertising and marketing is a part of that. On one end you say millions around the world are employed so those are jobs are created by capitalism. With competion that minority grows to a majority and more people that could of now can.

Reason 4: Capitalism is a system in which the principle of one dollar, one vote, dominates that of one person, one vote. Those who own the most shares (bought with their dollars) control giant corporations, many of which are more powerful than all but a few governments. Rich people also use their money to dominate the elections that are supposed to give us all one, equal vote. Under capitalism those with the most money are entitled to the most goods and services as well as the most say in directing our governments and our economy.

Under true capitalism everyone has a chance to become successful and make money. Under your ideas of capitalism AKA crony capitalism one cannot. You hit crony capitalism one the head just got the name wrong, it’s not capitalism is crony capitalism with a hint of communism mixed in. It’s our responsibility to elect good men and women, not people that prostitute themselves out for money and votes but people that do it for what they promised they would do and that is on us the individual.

Reason 3: Capitalism proclaims the virtue of naked self-interest, but self-interest without regard for morality, ecology or common sense leads to environmental degradation, destruction of indigenous communities, colonialism, war and other forms of mass destruction. Self-interest leads capitalists to seek profit absolutely everywhere, regardless of the damage done to other people and the health of the planet’s ecosystem. Self-interest leads capitalists to destroy any rival economic system or way of thinking (such as indigenous communal land use and respect for nature) that can be a barrier to their endless quest for profit.

This is not Capitalism this is immorality and unethical behavior. Again the system that can take anyone anywhere cannot be blamed for man’s inherent evil this is on the individual. Man that lacks a God or thinks he is above God is living a immoral life, this leads to unethical behavior, lack of regard to human life and lack of regard to God’s creation. If man refused to tame his behavior then there is no stopping the sins he will commit. Capitalism does not make you immoral but your actions and thoughts will, when man refused to adhere to some kind of moral and ethical code then the sins the limit.

Reason 2: Capitalism is not a friend to democracy but ultimately its enemy. When pushed, capitalists choose capitalism over democracy. If people use democracy to weaken the power of capitalists the rich and powerful turn to various forms of fascism in order to keep their privileges.

Capitalism is a friend of domecracy it is no friend to communism or socialism since it promotes rugged individualism. A true capitalist will always choose democracy over communism and socialism where and individual cannot flourish. The right to be a part of democracy only helps capitalism, it allows man to be free and be competitive.

Reason 1: Capitalism is a cancer taking over our planet. Capitalists make profits from global warming, from destroying our oceans, from pumping ever more chemicals into the atmosphere and from patenting everything they can, including life itself. Only by getting rid of capitalism can we rescue our environment.

True capitalism is just a small part of the cure to the world, allowing companies to make better goods without over restrictions, over regulations, no payoffs to senators or local governments only increases strength. Look at the eastern block countries of Russia and see what anti capitalism created in the way of pollution. Look at China and it’s smog ridden cities. Your asking for the world to return to the 1600’s as you type this in 21st century tablet.

Capitalism if used in the way it is intended can keep our oceans clean but we have to take on that responsibility as well. The government only exploits capitalism to its own gain called crony capitalism. It increases cronyism and then turns it back on it and says all capitalism is evil while taking back door deals exchange for destroying completion. Even true capitalism cannot save a society, people have to take responsibility for themselves, for their morality, ethics and the way they run their business. Don’t blame a concept for the evils of society we need to start blaming ourselves for that.

Mr. T’s Opinion




Nobody wants to generalize or judge an individual that has taken their life except the main stream media. They make their living rolling in this muddy mess and try to fling as much mud on society as they can. The rest of us are just disgusted knowing there can be a solution to keeping out of the muck as hard as it may be. Knowing that society would rather just lie in the mud and fester than fight to get out is just sad.

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Lots of “he will be missed” and “so sorry he was too young” but Robin Williams did not have to be missed and he still had lots of life to live but Williams let the world dictate his life, he did not let the love and grace of God prevail. He had depression and tried to solve it with drugs and alcohol but that just made him more depressed and in the old school way coward out of life and let others take the brunt of what he could not handle.

This is a symptom of a no God in one’s life and it’s becoming an epidemic in our society. I don’t mean people are committing suicide every day but people are losing interested in following basic principles that can make life something to live for instead of something to opt out of. Our society is so enamored with people of fame that we hang on every word and every action they make and when they do something that is so out of the norm we are shocked. When we ignore every word and action of God, our life then becomes one that searches out for meaning with no guidance.

Williams now leaves children and close friends wondering what happened, what could they have done to prevent this and they will never know. Selfishness never cares of others it only bread’s contempt of others and if goes unchecked you will become contempt of yourself. It’s obvious that Williams was overwhelmed enough to be willing to take his own life but if he would have instead stopped and asked God to take his life we might have had a different outcome. Robin needed not be afraid of Gods judgment on him because with God’s Judgment on us what follows is his forgiveness and grace something none of us deserve but God gives freely due to his unconditional love for us.

We have to be responsible for ourselves and then be ready to help out neighbor get through these types of issues. Society condones idol worship and self loathing; it’s it demands there is no fix to any situation so be tolerant of my ways while rejecting what could be a simple fix. The fix is love God, fear God and worship God. If only Williams could have been willing to just follow one of these maybe his world would have been different no one knows but God and all we can do his hope maybe he did before he took his life.

We need to do our best to not let our government and society reject the fundamentals of a Godly life. We are responsible to take on the leadership of these two entities and not just sit by and let them destroy others. We constantly hear you don’t know what daily battle a person goes through so do not judge them but we cannot allow those battles to be spread and damage others. Do not be shocked or worrisome when secularism internally destroys it’s self but instead go to your brother and sister and offer your love to them. I believe if somebody would have offered their unconditional love through God to Williams I would have never written this

Mr. T’s Opinion.