America stands with Israel just not the America’s president



Yes I do feel this way our only ally in the Middle East, the country that takes the brunt of terrorism and the country that has tested all our military might in real time battles is respected my most of America but not our president and his administration.

I think one main reason why Israel is our ally is due to location, they are really the only Free State in what is plethora of dictators, and police states that practice lawless and Stone Age leadership. The west puts up with the Arabic States behavior mainly due to both need each other. The west needs oil so to speak and the east needs leadership and technology. Since the Israel became a nation in 1948 America has supported this small country based on my first reason. Israel is the only real democracy in the region. Whether it’s been a democrat or a republican our government has supported this diamond in a region of terror and hate.

It’s my contention that this current president does not want to support Israel but was forced into the support based on Israel is our ally. Although we cannot know what is in our presidents heart it’s safe to say President Obama is an Islamic, borderline radical Muslim sympathizer who I feel would leave Israel to its own support if the polling data would let him.

While most Americans support a free Israel and believe they have a right to defend their country I feel our president would like to see Israel gone forever. What our president lacks in knowledge is if Israel is lost to the radical Islam terror groups so will the rest of the world. The biggest thorn to Israel has been Islam and the biggest thorn to Islam has been Israel. Presidents that know and understand this use this to the advantage of peace with these Arabic states because when you already have a guard at the gates it gives you a bigger ability to monitor the inmates.

 I do not believe our president and secretary of State knows and understands this, nor did the Clinton administration when they tried to monkey with the Israeli elections to broker a peace with Israel and Palestine. It failed because of pure hatred of the Islamic community towards Israel and another reason why Clinton 2016 for president needs not to happen, Israel will again pay the price for a Hillary presidency.

President Obama states he is Christian, yes once a practicing Muslim he was converted by Jeremiah Wright a pastor who’s sermons of hatred for America and Isreal converts a peace loving Muslim Barack Obama to a Christian. Obama’s own religious advisor Joel Hunter lacks faith in God himself. His idea of God’s beloved creation of man could destroy his creation of the earth is pathetic at best.

It’s very sad to see our current administration trying it’s best to turn its back on Israel our first line of defense of the Middle East. What we need to do is to pray that God will continue to guide good decisions on the behalf of Israel, America and the European west. Pray our representatives will make the right decisions and stand up with Israel and continue the support that I believe America has with this small but great force in a region of hatred because if Israel falls radical Islam will come for us next.

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