The Daily Signal

Congress Hears Complaints About Meadow Jumping Mouse

The Washington Times

Illegal immigrants demand representation in White House meetings – Washington Times

D.C. police chief orders officers not to arrest legal gun owners carrying weapons in public – Washington Times


Socialism Was Both an Economic and a Moral Tragedy |

‘Stamp Them Out’: On Josh Barro and the New Sexual Moralism |

If you want to prove you don’t hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet |

Rights Gone Wrong in the Senate |

The Daily Caller

What’s Really Happening In Antarctica? | The Daily Caller

Obama To Iraqi Christians, U.S. Allies: ‘You’re On Your Own’ | The Daily Caller

One News Now

Universalism is next for the soft love crowd

Israel: The Palestinian people’s greatest ally

Christian News

Christian Groups Oppose New Show Depicting Jesus as Foul-Mouthed Pot Smoker | Christian News Network

Ohio State Psychology Course Teaches Christians Are Dumber Than Atheists | Christian News Network

Weasel Zippers

Bay Area Leftists Plan To Block Israel-Owned Commercial Vessels From Docking At Port Of Oakland… | Weasel Zippers

Facebook: “Death To Zionist Baby Killer Israeli Jews” Page Doesn’t Violate Our “Community Standards”… | Weasel Zippers

Libs Demand BBC Make Sherlock Holmes And His Sidekick Gay Lovers… | Weasel Zippers

The Right Scoop

Son of Hamas founder tells CNN the true intentions of Hamas » The Right Scoop –


New Obama EPA Rules Will Devastate Seniors – Jim Martin – Page 1


Obama Wants to Close the Borders — to Keep US Corporations Inside Paying Taxes – The Rush Limbaugh Show


Brown Heads to Mexico to Explain Why 50% More Unemployment is Better

Group of Illegal Aliens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka Caught Entering Texas from Mexico

Study: Cell Phone Ban While Driving Had No Effect in California

Fracking: Why Have We Allowed the Left to Make It a Dirty Word?

Los Angeles Times Suggests Illegal Immigrants Have Civil ‘Right’ to Work Permits

The Nuclear Option: The Shocking Cost of ‘Free’ Water in Detroit

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