Well the wackos are at it but this time instead of trying to scare us with junk science and the impending doom of climate change they’re now trying to pick our wallets as if we aren’t taxed enough as it is.

With rising fuel prices to curb our travels and increasing registration prices for our vehicles the Left is doing its best to cash in on our everyday life. We are forced to recycle in many states whether we do or not with the redemption taxes on all our cans and bottles but now Senator Bernie Sanders wants to now tax corporations who make fossil fuels to punish them for making products that help drive the American economy.

Bernie spells it out for us in his HufPo article not using one scientific fact but ensures that climate change is responsible for droughts, heat waves, floods, forest fires, disease (not sure what disease he’s blaming on the climate),rising sea levels and extreme weather disturbances oh yea he forgot to mention 2013-14 winter was pretty cold.

global warming

Now what Bernie fails to explain is that taxing these corporations will only result in higher rates at the pumps and higher energy bills in our homes. We get punished not the corporations we get the higher bill. Bernie feels if we tax these fossil fuels it will level the playing field for greener energy.

When I last checked I don’t remember a windmill being able to heat the house, or solar power powering a 210 hp R series John Deer tractor to harvest crops and I really don’t think I’ll see a Caterpillar C660 hauling logs on geothermal power in the near future, oh yea environmentalist hate logging we will just make our paper products out of cannabis since our state governments want us stoned anyhow.

This type of thought just proves how out of touch our representatives are from what Rush Limbaugh likes to call realville the world you and I live in. Their thought is the green energy will bring in jobs and lower energy prices since fuels like gas propane and coal constantly fluctuate. Bernie again fails to tell you yes while they do move up and down based on supply and demand it can be better regulated if government would lower taxes, deregulate restriction and allow for more exploration to find more fuel and how is this for a thought let’s find it in our own country.

Bernie does in bad conscious tell us climate change is real, but just as he can say it’s for real I can say yes it’s real but you Bernie don’t understand what that means. Let me see since I have been alive and I’ll throw my parents into that mix so over the last 80 years there has been major floods, lots of forest fires, lots of floods, tornados, tons of heat waves and even earthquakes I could go on but I think you get my drift. The weather is always changing it will never stop.

On a more sinister point, I view this concept of climate change global warming as a new brand of Communism. No one likes the Commie word so they just rebranded it and now it’s the environment. Same concept, tax regulate and controlling your every move  and dollar but not for federal power but for the environment because everyone cares about the environment otherwise your a bad person

As a conservative Christian I oppose this greatly and offer this question to folks that believe in God whether you’re a hard core Christian like myself or not. Why would God design and build an elaborate world such as planet earth and then create a creature like man that could destroy his creation. Gods own creative nature of rain, wind, volcanoes, and earthquakes do more damage in an instant than man can do in a century.

Right now Sanders and Senator Boxer are wanting to make this a proposed bill and have it passed and legal. I for one will oppose this even though Boxer is in my state it will probably be a waste of breath to ask her to think twice about this. But the rest of America needs to weigh the real options here. Do we just pass laws, increase taxes and regulate based on a theory that keeps being proven wrong time after time. This is not only a money grab by our representatives it’s a way to keep us tied to the government and I believe that is what communism is all about.

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