Trying to be a responsible conservative blogger I decided to start reading liberal and or progressive blogs and news reports. I’m not much of a reader as it is so to stomach through some of these sites is like hoeing a rocky row.
Progressive blogs and reports tend to be long winded, and long to the point at least that’s my opinion of surfing through about 30 sites for something interesting commondreams.org has an article or blog if you like entitled “why we hate poor people”, I’m hoping the blogger is speaking for just progressives and no everyone else in this great country cause last I checked I do not nor anyone of my circle of friends and family have a deep passion to hate poor people.

The article is long winded and slow to never really get to the point except to say the privatization of the Detroit water agencies are a direct result of hating poor people. The author suggest that the governor of Michigan’s goal is to privatize every inch of the state if true Michigan is one lucky state I could only dream for my governor to even think about privatizing even .0001% of the state or even a slight deautherization.

Of course this is typical leftist panic of a conservative idea to deregulate and shrink government size. As soon as the left hears deregulation or privatization they spring into action and start labeling, thankful this author never came out and pinpointed names or specific people but the thought that just the idea of government allowing people to take on personal responsibility is considered hate is completely irresponsible.

As a conservative Christian I see how our Lord Jesus dealt with the poor. Rarely did Jesus work or hangout with the rich he mainly dealt with the poor and taught people that were better off IE the middle class how they should treat the poor. Today especially in America the true poor is forgotten by the left, the definition of poor is having one car, one cell phone with a small data plan. God forbid the government shift the responsibility of the poor to Churches or to organizations better equipped to handle people in need and the reason why is because the left knows those “P” and “R” words will be used “Personal Responsibility”.

No one I know hates the poor, we hate the issues that keep people poor and we know government wont help them get out of their current state of economic and social depression if anything government only increases the strength of the chains that bind them.

Knee jerk reactions like “why we hate poor people” will not help us to understand nor will federal or the states interventions.

If you want to make a statement like this you need to then be willing to offer a solution not a panic mode idea of more government. How about we privatize the water and allow more economic relief for the poor by allowing churches and private individuals to help. Tax deductions for investing in the human element. Yes there will be rules and they will expect personal responsibility and some will refuse but government cannot be the babysitter that is not its job and not what it was designed for.

Mr. T.


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