Oh karma how you misrepresent yourself to us all. You promise justice to me by causing that man’s car not to start in the morning when he cut me off on the highway yesterday leading him to be late to work. Because he was late he lost his job spiraled into depression and took his life now that’s karma.
I steal and eat my coworker’s lunch and later blame it on the guy that delivers our copy paper and I’m condemned to be reincarnated as a fly for my actions. My coworker finds out it was I who stole the sandwich and forgives me but I’m still condemned to be a fly for I’m getting what I deserve.
You advertise to the world you are a philosophy of peace yet you condone injustice through retribution of those who defile each other for they are reaping what they sowed grace is not allowed to save them.
You reject forgiveness and grace In favor of punishment for all transgressions great and small.
You tell me if I’m good I can come back a better man but you know my heart I can never be good. I always fail day after day so in your eyes I can never be a better man.
If people really knew you they would ban you because there is no peace about you one bit at all.

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