On my way home from work Monday (6-16-14) and I have a nice hour commute to my home on a quite hwy in Nor Cal so mainly I stick it on cruise control and click on the radio for some talk radio. If I’m lucky I get some time listening to Glen Beck and as long as Mr. Beck is sticking to the issues of politics and not social and religious issues it’s a good day. June though has AAA baseball they often interrupt shows and since I never acquired the liking of baseball much less AAA I turned the channel. I love talk radio but I mainly like host’s that talk and rule the show, listening to people call in for whatever reason is mind numbing at time so normally depending on the show I only will listen to the first part of the program the monologue. My first pick this Monday was the Right Here Right Now show hosted by Patrick Madrid.

Usually the first 15 minutes of Madrid’s show is very intelligent and thought provoking, I would characterize the show as the Bible answer man of the Catholic community. Wait I’m not Catholic why am I listening to a Catholic talk radio show. I feel whether you’re a Protestant such as Lutheran, AOG or a Catholic, talking about the truth and Christian morality should all be the same we are all born again. We may not all agree on doctrine but we have to agree on truth, morality and salvation.

Mind you this when it comes to intellectual talk the Catholics are at the top of the curve some even more so than protestants. Monday Mr. Madrid brought up the issue of my favorite California Congress woman Nancy Pelosi trying to tell the San Francisco Arch Bishop Salvator Cordileone not to participate in the March for Marriage. What stunned Madrid was that Pelosi calming to be a Roman Catholic trying to council the Arch Bishop on this issue; to put this in Protestant prospective it would be like Harry Reid telling Franklin Graham his speeches are too moral and can he tone them down a bit. None of this stuns me because being from California I know the nonsense that spews out of Pelosi’s mouth.

Madrid curtailed this to his final monologue before he opened the phone lines and it when something likes this. Imagine the west or just imagine America is on the Titanic and we are heading for the iceberg. Have we already hit the iceberg, are we steaming towards it and can we turn back. I quickly grabbed my smart phone click on the Twitter app to Patrick Madrid and tweeted “we hit the iceberg it’s just a matter of how many people we can save”. Now that a few hours have passed I would rephrase this to “we have hit the iceberg it’s a matter of how many people we can get on the lifeboats before the ship completely sinks.

Yes I think we are sinking but who will stay with the ship and who will get in the life boats and row to freedom. Now I don’t know my Titanic history, I did see the movie and I suspect there were some historical accuracies and one of them I’m assuming is true. The builders and the captain of the ship felt the Titanic was indestructible so much that they purposely skimmed on lifeboats in favor for more creature comforts for the ship.

As we continue on this voyage those creature comforts can identified as gay marriage, abortion, intolerance of conservative religion and morality and loss of freedom based on junk science in the name of mother earth to name a few. What are thought to be creature comforts are nothing more than weighted down tables that hold the unethical morality we continue build up. Eventually those heavy tables loaded down will speed up the process of sinking the ship.

More and more those lifeboats are being thrown overboard to make room for secularism and progressive behavior creature comforts. The captains of our ship are steering the Titanic straight ahead to moral and ethical bankruptcy. So what do we do, if we go with the majority then we all die as eventually this ship will sink. We have to get those lifeboats ready and we have to convince the passengers they need to be ready to get on those lifeboats as the ship will sink if we continue to ram this current iceberg.

I do not think we can turn back much less salvage this ship, but what we can do is point out there are lifeboats on board and all you have to do is just ask to get on one.

No one earned their spot on the lifeboat, the spot was given to them when the ticket was issued. The master of the ship bought and paid for your ticket you just have to redeem it. Salvation and freedom (a seat on the lifeboat) can be yours if you just look for it. Don’t get caught off guard gazing at what seems like a small piece of ice in the water, below the surface are pieces of what if’s, I’m not good enough, it’s too hard, I have plenty of time and I’m a good person my small life vest will save me from the frozen water. A plethora of combined unbalanced emotions, lies and deceit allow Satan to convince us we don’t need a lifeboat.

In the short I believe we have hit the ice, how much water has come aboard is unknown but it feels like a lot. I’m heading to the lifeboat with my ticket and I hope you do the same.


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