While going through my websites for Mr. T’s weekends updates I ran a across this from the Christian Post entitled“Texas Mega church Promises 100 Percent Refund in Tithe Challenge if ‘God Doesn’t Hold True to His Promise of Blessings’”

CP has consistently been a good contributor of conservative politics and Christian news. Although no assumptions have been made by CP only just reporting the facts it was the headlines that grabbed me and caused me to ponder are Blessing for sale.

Now let me make myself clear I’m not one to be on top of the tithing curve, I’m just as guilty as anyone for being inconsistent in the arena. With that said I feel I do know and understand the importance of tithing to God.

While the Old Testament is pretty clear on tithing Genesis 14:20 Numbers 18:15-17 Deuteronomy 15:19-20 Leviticus 27:32. There are also references to tithing in the New Testament as we’ll but should we as Christians promote a money back guarantee. Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42 NIV

Has church become a shopping center where if you are not satisfied with your blessing they will refund your money this strikes me very ill.

Don’t get me wrong God does bless us when we tithe, I feel that this is the major reason why this country (America) is so rich because we have gave so much and God has given back to us so much.

When I was young around 8 my father taught me the importance in tithing, he said God would give back to me what I gave to him but I don’t remember my dad ever saying give against your will or give because there’s a money back guarantee with each dollar either.

Mark chapter 21 verses 41-44 is pretty clear cut to me that God wants us to tithe with our heart not with our pocket book and to expect money back is just morally and ethically wrong in my world.

Event TD Jakes said giving to get back the same amount or in his words break even is ridiculous and why go though the trouble. Yes he did say that and its mind boggling that his own congregation lets him get away with it, you can listen to it via about halfway though TD jumps the shark with comment


Now I’m not a big fan of the Mega-Church and that’s not what this opinion is about but I have to tell you my concept of tithing and this church’s concepts are a bit different. What about righteousness, I personally would rather a person strive for righteousness and be poor than for a person to give a tenth of his riches but be morally bankrupt but that’s just my opinion.

Bottom line I get what this church is doing, their trying to get people to trust in God and tithe because that is what God wants us to do but to advertise a money back guarantee is a bit much if you ask me. I believe a pastor should every sixth months to a year have a sermon on faith and responsible tithing and you tithe with your heart not your wallet. You should never expect to get back anything or else what’s the point of trying to do doing good.

Mr. T’s opinion-

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