Godfather Politics

Obama on Iraq: Hell No, I Won’t Go

The Daily Signal

The Lousy Weather Isn’t the Reason for Our Disappointing Economy

Let’s Ensure a Future Where Kids Have Dads

Mississippi Named Most Corrupt State in the Nation

Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong. Big Government Programs Will Just Increase College Costs.

This Proposed Amendment Would Violate Your Right to Free Speech (But Not the Media’s)


New Research Reminds Us Why Fathers Matter | BarbWire.com

Five Ways Men Squander God’s Calling | BarbWire.com

Why ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’ | BarbWire.com

Hot Air

Blue on blue violence in wake of CA teachers union ruling « Hot Air

Time for a special prosecutor on IRS after “lost” e-mails? « Hot Air

The Weekly Standard

The Flimsy Justification for Obama’s Usurping of Legislative Power | The Weekly Standard

Christian Post

Texas Megachurch Promises 100 Percent Refund in Tithe Challenge if ‘God Doesn’t Hold True to His Promise of Blessings’

Obama Says US Will Not Send Troops to Iraq as Radical Islamists Close in on Baghdad

Homosexual Behavior Policy Leads Lawyers to Vote to Deny Christian University Law School Accreditation

Oklahoma Senator Quotes Genesis 1:29 to Seek Marijuana Legalization

Bowdoin College Says Gays Must Be Allowed to Join and Vie for Leadership in Christian Groups on Campus

Charisma News

Ever Meet a Christian Vampire?

Weasel Zippers

San Fran Gay Pride Parade Bans National Guard, Honors American Traitor Bradley Manning As Honorary Grand Marshal… | Weasel Zippers

Obama: Republicans Really Do Believe In Global Warming But They Are Scared To Admit It Because of “Radical Fringe”… | Weasel Zippers

Mass Dem Sen. Ed Markey: “Global Warming Could Put Fenway Park Underwater”… | Weasel Zippers


Progressives and the Unnecessary Lie – Derek Hunter – Page 1

Why Americans Hate Big Business – Bruce Bialosky – Page 1

The Corrupt, Dishonest, Venal, Despicable IRS – Daniel J. Mitchell – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

It’s Father’s Day… Now Go Buy a Gun – Michael Schaus – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

Right Scoop

Judge Jeanine Pirro on why recent events have her worried, and why YOU should be worried too! » The Right Scoop –

‘The Russian Reset should have been called a Repeat’ – Mitt Romney’s devastating assessment of Obama’s foreign policy » The Right Scoop –

FLASHBACK: Lindsay Graham said Iraq would ‘go to hell’ if Obama withdraws troops too quickly » The Right Scoop –

Red State

Tech at Night: What you need to know about the anti-liberty Bitcoin | RedState

Secretary Kerry Demands Meriam and Her Children’s Freedom from Sudan | RedState


After Climate Change Speech, Obama Jets to Palm Springs for Golf



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