Based on an article in the American Vision entitled Leftist says “Right-wing Christians” would “nail Jesus all over again” . . . and he’s right is my rebuttal to the idea Christian Conservatives would be the first to destroy Jesus

And I believe your wrong….. Based on what you are suggesting the concept of Christians would be null since Christ had not come for the first time. The whole idea of a society without New Testament is just hypothetical conjecture. Mind you without the arrival of Jesus the whole idea of the first church, the Roman Empire, Catholicism then Protestantism, foundation of America is all nonexistent.

You now have to base everything on Old Testament theology and moral and natural law based on the inspired word of God threw the laws of Moses. You compare Conservative Christians to the Pharisees based on they were conservative with the old law but your idea that Conservative Christians would leave the concept of natural law based on the inspired word of god I believe is completely wrong

 Most Conservatives follow moral and natural law and would be against and have disdain for the Pharisees if anything the Pharisees of those days where more like progressive’s and moderates, on one end expecting everyone to follow the law that suites them but not practicing what they set forth as law.

Next your concept of conservatives supporting unbiblical law is false; Conservative Christians follow biblical principles of moral and ethical ideology. Morals and ethics are a must in this ideology I say it governs our moral purpose and compass in life.

Unbiblical wars is for sure a conjecture and can be debated but most Conservatives support the individual that must constantly put their life on the line based on what our country deems a war or police action. We may not agree on the war but we do support our men and women who took an oath to defend our nation and that is who we support and pray for not the violence not the guns and the bombs but the person.

I know o few true conservatives who support the idea of social security, the concept of taking money away from hard earned individuals and spend it on programs is not conservative. FDR’s liberal program of social security was a true liberal plan to shackle society to the government to grow government while Conservatives strive for limited government.

Conservatives would only support government laws that would protect and govern society and a moral and ethical way, we do not support government laws that exploit, take and destroy society.

Conservative do not support government education, the great society program of Johnson was a complete failure and continues to drive our country into the ground not bettering education one bit. Government sponsored education is a progressive thought not a conservative concept.

No conservative would support a sin tax yet personal responsibility and the allowing of the private sector though churches to help educate people on why drugs and alcohol do not solve your problems. Government does not educate but exploit people and hooks society to their programs only to grow government.

One of the big problems with our government riddled with liberal ideology from both democrats and GOP politicians  is the idea of legislation morality and prosperity. It cannot be done by man and Christian Conservatives know this. Legislating and regulations hurt a free society if not checked and as we know our representatives in the government do nothing but continue to regulate and legislate without being checked something true conservatives distain, ever heard of term limits?

Your right Jesus is no hippie but to think conservative Christians would be the first to destroy Jesus is completely in left field. Without Jesus there would be no conservative Christians and based on my own theology, ideology that I attained from my father who attained from his father I can go on but I do not think I need to. Based on what I have been learned and taught biblical moral and ethical principals are just that and most conservative Christians that follow The God of the Bible, The God of the Angle Army base and stake their lives on natural moral and ethical law give by God.

I do have to say it was a valid try and an interesting attempt to spin conservative Christians but it’s kind of way out there, without Jesus there can be no Christian.

This is just my Opinion Mr. T.



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