Just surfing around on my news and information websites working on Mr. T’s updates when a common theme keeps popping up from one site to another. The destruction of American facilitated by the White House cashing out for it favors.

What I see is our president giving away, passing this law or circumventing that law from Congress for whatever the White House needs or wants. Why is this and why so much in the last year and a half.

Well look at it worst case scenario by the White House if the GOP wins big not that I have any faith in our GOP but if they win big this fall the White House will be stuck for 2015 and 16 so maybe just my opinion maybe the White House and Obama are cashing out and paying off all those favors they promised to all the supporters that gave and gave for his election and reelection.

Living in California or as I call it Brownafornia I’ve seen this before. Gray Davis immediately starting cashing out to all his supporters that got him elected. He took over a billion dollars of taxpayer money that was overtaxed by the Wilson administration and spent it all on special interest and unions favors. Governor Brown is doing the same thing for the unions, giving them nice perks and raises trying to keeps jobs flowing for them buy attempting to build a bullet train to nowhere.

I believe Obama is doing the same thing but weary of the fall elections he’s cashing out now and it could only get worse. He’s paying off the environmental crazies by not working on the keystone pipeline, trying to get rid of coal production willing to destroy America’s economic status on the basis of f phony climate change ideology.

Paying off leftist gun control nuts with Attorney general Holder not prosecuting anything yet trying to keep guns out law abiding citizens hands.

He trades terrorist for one soldier while another sits in a Mexican prison for just a misunderstanding. I kind of wonder with Boko Haram and a Sudan mother sentence to death for Christianity  and the American Pastor in Iran if the White House is paying up on the Taliban as well…. did I just say that.

With all this I’m not shocked, just amazed Obama and the White House are so out right forward with this. You have to wonder is the White house scattered so much they are willing to throw things away hoping lying to the public enough will do the trick.

As I said before I do not think this is over I would not be suppressed if more of these cash outs or pay offs continue in the next few months.

As one that looks at things in a moral and ethical light I see the White House and most of the Federal branches turning what was once the moral and ethical norm into outdated intolerance and folks to me that is what is most problematic of all these cash outs.


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