What is in a word well if you’re an emotional progressive then it’s whatever you want that word to be. I was looking over some of the articles from my Mr. T’s Updates and Human Events had a nice article by Teresa Mull on the meaning of phobia, there is more to the article but I’m just kind of expanding on this subject in my way.

I don’t remember the exact year and time but I do remember when the word homophobia started popping up everywhere. Another politically correct word to slam people that did not agree with the homosexual agenda.

So what is in the word homophobia, to me phobia always meant scared of or frightened of; you stayed away because something made you uncomfortable or flat out sacred. Although I have never been accused in the face by someone of being homophobic I welcome the accusation because it’s moronic in base.

Unless you have plans to bodily hurt me I’m not afraid of anyone. I may not agree with your life choice or I may not agree with you shoving your life choice down my throat but I for one am not afraid of you.

Homophobia is just another word from the left to try and silence people that do not agree with them. I would even say a clear minded homosexual would agree that just because I do not condone your way of life, is not homophobic but just that a disagreement.

So are people that disagree with the Christian right called christophobic or if you disagree with pro life agenda called lifeaphobic; not that I’m aware of I have yet to hear the Main Stream Media or progressive’s coin those terms and most likely they would say we disagree with your stance on that issue

Wake up mainstream media, wake up leftist. People that do not agree with the homosexual agenda are not homophobic I guarantee these people are not afraid of gay or lesbians.

Get it right guys I disagree with the liberal agenda I disagree with the gay and lesbian movement and that is just what it is a disagreement, know it and deal with in the correct way.


Mr. T

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