The Foundry

9 Obamacare Predictions That Have Come True

Follow Your Tax Dollars from the Export-Import Bank on This Map

The Weekly Standard

To Be Young and Deep(er) in Debt

Rick Perry: Obama Looks for ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Solutions | The Weekly Standard

Need Intellectual Ammunition on ‘Gays?’ Read ‘Strained Relations’ by Bill Muehlenberg

Smoking Gun: Benghazi Script Was ‘Spun’ to Protect Obama

US Supreme Court Strongly Affirms that Americans are Free to Pray

Spawning Psychos Since 1928: Muslim Brotherhood

Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government

Charisma News

Can You Be Gay and Christian? Here Comes the Hate

Shame: Another VA Clinic Caught Falsifying Wait Time Records – Guy Benson

David Plouffe: Benghazi is Being Pushed by a “Loud, Delusional Minority” – Guy Benson

Nevada congressman seeks removal of Bundy backers – AP News 5/4/2014 6:09 PM

Planned Parenthood: It’s Your Call When To Tell Partner You Have HIV –

Atheist Group Seeks Removal of 60-Year-Old War Memorial “Big Mountain Jesus” – Sarah Jean Seman

An Anti-Cronyism and Free-Market Agenda – Mike Lee

The Mainstream Media’s Pot Paranoia – Cathy Reisenwitz – Page 1

BailoutBike: Another Bloomberg-Obama Success – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

Guns Don’t Cause Gang Violence – Democrats Do – Michael Schaus – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1


Meanwhile in Nevada, 90,000+ of Harry Reid’s constituents may lose their health care coverage «

Red State

Gestational Surrogacy: Women For Lease, Children For Sale

The Republican Establishment Would Rather Lose Nebraska Than Support Conservatives

Weasel Zipper

Kerry Slams Religion: “Not The Way I Think Most People Want To Live”…

Will.I.Am Was On Meet The Press And Accidentally Endorsed Republican Ideas »

Trey Gowdy: We are SICK of this Administration Systematically Conspiring to Withhold Evidence »

Malaysia Police Chief: Terror Arrests Not Connected to Flight MH370

Fox News

Stacey Campfield, Tenn. state senator, likens ObamaCare to Holocaust

Rep. Barbara Lee OK with California minimum wage at $26 an hour



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