From The American Vision

A warning on taking back local control of land


From Breitbart.com

EPA Faces Criticism for Decadent, Energy Wasting Earth Day Tour

President Obama Warns of Climate Change on Earth Day


From Fox News

Supreme Court upholds Michigan affirmative action ban



From Christianity Today

What the Bible Belt Stereotypes Don't Tell You


From The Right Scoop

The liberal billionaire behind the delay of the Keystone Pipeline… »


From The Weasel Zipper

HHS Reminds Convicted Felons Leaving Prison They Can Still Enroll In Obamacare Past Deadline…


From The Christian Post

Secular Group Files Lawsuit in New Jersey Against 'Under God' in Pledge

The Time I Sat Next to an Abortionist


From BarbWire.com

Some Honest Questions for Professing 'Gay Christians'

California: Protecting Sexual Integrity of Boys Disqualifies You as a Judge

From The Foundry

Meet the American Who Won the Boston Marathon

Earth Day | What's Actually Good for the Environment May Surprise You


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