No on Noah

No on Noah


I have to say I wasn’t expecting this movie to be just this bad, I did expect there to be some Hollywoodism or theatrical license I mean the book of Genesis only uses basically four chapters Genesis 6-9 and some of chapter 10 so should be an easy task to make a movie about Noah and the flood you would think that.
 Now where do I begin well I guess I should say I went and saw Noah with my wife and two friends of mine and no we don’t know everything but we do have a good grasp on the Bible and Gods word and when all four of us exited that theater we all looked at each other and laughed then my friend asked “well what do we think”. The first word the popped in my mind was heresy.
 Not only did this movie base Noah very loosely in the words of the promoters of the film it added and changed everything. Yes a man named Noah built an ark and yes it rained on the earth and that’s it everything else was changed and or modified so much that in my mind it’s pretty much heresy.
 One of the things I felt Noah projected was three main themes. 1. The historical account of man and his wickedness. 2. God’s judgment of evilness and how he will not tolerate total wickedness of mankind. 3. God’s love for his creation, his love for man. That God loved man and his earth so much that he allowed a flood to wipe out total evil so all of man and the earth could be saved and one day able to walk with God again just as Adam and Eve once did. This movie never really touched any of these issues.
 So I start with Genesis 6:5 man is wicked. Man is so wicked that every intent every thought was evil. It’s hard to comprehend this but basically all that natural law that was good was evil in the eyes of man and all of natural law that was evil was tolerable. Gen 13 God tells Noah to build an ark and gave him the detentions. In the movie God gives Noah a dream that he will wipe out the earth and from there Noah figures out how to build the ark. Many times throughout the movie Noah misinterprets what God has told him and he’s seen as an environmental nut case. In Genesis God tells Noah he does not give him a dream or vision.
 How does Noah build an ark, well he his family and the Watchers build the ark…. Wait, watchers what are watchers. In the movie watchers were explain themselves as lights of God came down to keep an eye on Adam and Eve but God punished them and sent them to the earth into the dirt and rock and thus you get a rock monster.
 Nowhere does this occur in Genesis, one could even interpret that these watchers are fallen angels or Demons that God kicked out of his heaven. Revelations 7 states this and you might say is not Revelations about the future and I would say no it’s prophecy and like the old testament it gives history and prophecy. If in God walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve why would they need watchers?
 Noah and his family, Noah has a wife, and three sons that have wives. Our movie has Noah with his wife and three sons, Shem the oldest is the only one with a wife. Biblical Noah’s sons each had a wife that with Noah and his wife were on the ark and went fourth and became fruitful and multiplied. Another theatrical liberty taken was the fact Noah closed the ark, God closed the ark. Noah was able look out and the horizon walk in and out of the ark. Although Moses was not clear on this when he wrote Genesis it does say a window was built and used to send birds out to find land.
These may seem like small gripes on my part but they are important. At one part in the movie Noah tells his family how God made the earth and why it was so important that man was instructed to take care of it. The movie in my mined insinuated evolution and whether or not you believe in a young earth or an old earth most all Christians will agree that that God created life not evolved life.
 In all the total of gutted points in this interpretation of Noah: Watchers, Evolution, one wife compared to three wives for all three sons, stowaway on the ark, Noah misinterpreting God’s instructions and acting like a complete lunatic and I’m probably missing more oh yah I forgot about Noah’s grandfather Methuselah had healing powers.
 Noah the movie lacks everything except acting, Crow and Connelly and the rest of the cast act top notch I can’t complain there. The movie takes Genesis 6-10 and literally guts it, and if you want to say this is a movie loosely about Noah and the flood then I would say it’s so loose the wheel fell off and is rolling down the hill.
 The only way this movie could ever be considered good is if somebody see this and challenges the movie story line by buying or picking up a bible and reading it for themselves.
Do not see this movie; out of a 5 I give the movie a 0
 This is my opinion and normally I would say go and make your own decision but trust me this movie is best never viewed.

One thought on “No on Noah

  1. I agree, I watched it thinking it would strengthen my Christian belief and give me further in-site just like the passion of the Christ. This story is utter lies and non-sense. It doesn’t relate to much truth, Russell Crowe has a shaved head? since when did they sell Wahl products 5000 years ago?

    The watchers never helped make the Ark. The Ark was holy under God’s instruction. This movie depicts that the watchers inspired the movie so that God may have mercy upon them and fool the audience.

    The watchers were Satan’s agents used to defile mankind (God’s greatest creation) and now want redemption? because they know their time is up and we people have time if we receive the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Don’t watch this movie, I’m contemplating going back and getting a refund!!

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