My editorial opinion on the Dallas Buyers (blamer’s) Club

Finally sat down and watched the Dallas Buyers Club, I decided to see it for a few reasons, one everyone was saying it was a great movie (not because that alone is why I watch a movie) and I was in my teens when all this was happening and I’m a history buff. This is an opinion editorial review of the movie and what I believe some of the themes that shouted out at me.

Was the movie good? I think it was fair but let me expand on that. Matthew McConaughey and his character alone is what made this movie. Jared Leto did a fine job for best supporting actor but before Lato’s character came on scene it didn’t matter and when Lato’s character died you soon forgot there was a Rayon. If McConahghey had not performed as well as he did none of the other characters would have mattered.

One thing I kept hearing is how sad it was for Ron Woodroof and Rayon but I have to tell you I was not sympathetic to either character. I did like how the director showed the reality of the bad behavior both Ron and Rayon had been involved with. Drugs, elicit unprotected sex with multiple partners. With that kind of behavior I can’t be sad for either one and nor should anyone.

One of the reason I call it the Dallas Blamers Club is nobody took responsibility for their actions. They constantly blamed others like the FDA and doctors keeping people afflicted with AIDS from getting proper treatment. They never once admitted that maybe their way of life had brought them to this predicament. Yes the FDA is slow but it’s a government bureaucratic agency.

I remember when this was all going down, I remember when Rock Hudson died and how the media painted this picture of AIDS being a plague of some kind that  maybe anyone could get. then it  was the gay disease and anyone playing with this kind of fire was fair game. I also remember a friend dying of cancer and pretty much did that same thing these chaps did. She would fly to Mexico for treatment with drugs and vitamins that the U.S. would not sell or prescribe and then fly back home. I only remember of one time ever being stopped for all the pills she brought back and it was only once and she never had a problem again so makes me wonder just why Mr. Woodroof had such a tough time getting across the border and also that fact that only one MD. in the entire world knew how to treat AIDS and he’s in Mexico?

I probably would have given this movie more favor if it would have taken more responsibility for the way its characters had lived their lives. I mean maybe it’s not a good thing to do drugs, drink excessively, and have unproductive sex with multiple partners. You see these people with a disease that they will die from and there is sadness but only in the fact that there is no treatment; just blame. The sneaky truth is there is, it’s called don’t do IV drugs, don engage in unproductive sex with multiple partners stay in monogamy. The sadness should have been showcased on how lost these people were, that the lack of morality and God had so distorted their lives they had no place to go but to blame somebody else.

I would give this movie three stars out of five and only because of McConaughey character and performance. There is the fact that showcases Woodroof’s entrepreneurialism by trying to overcome the odds and make money too and that’s always a positive thing but really there isn’t much good that comes from this movie only blame.

Do I recommend people seeing this movie, yes its worth seeing if you’re a McConaughey fan and no kids this is an adult movie. The character is memorable there are a few scenes that you kind of wonder though but for $5.00 to rent it I say watch it but with an open mind on morality.

My Opinion Mr. T-



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