Some good links this weekend to read


Christianitytoday.com  Movie review for Son of Man 

From Theblaze.com good article on how the DNC lack knowledge in their political history: Democratic National Committee Makes Glaring Historical Error While Invoking Reagan

Christian Research Institute equip.org  Apologetic Nonstarters: Arguments to Avoid in Defending Christianity

From rushlimbaugh.com Greenpeace Co-Founder speaks 

Worldmag.com Rosaria Butterfield speaks to Wheaton College: A Wheaton discussion of homosexuality

From hughhewitt.com Always intelligent conversation: Happiness is at risk as the world stumbles leaderless into instability

Breitbart.com  Good write up on Sarah Palin and her 2008 prediction of Ukraine: PALIN MOCKED IN 2008 FOR WARNING PUTIN MAY INVADE UKRAINE IF OBAMA ELECTED

Michaelmedvid.com The guru of film talks about the Oscars: Anticipating Oscar


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