My Actions God’s Grace


Saw this on Facebook a bit ago; I can assume many things of why somebody would create such a post.

One might think oh that old Eskimo is really smart he really told that priest.

You wonder what the next sentence from the priest was but we will never know since it’s obvious to me whoever created this did not want people to know, just that the bible and people trying to missionary others are all convoluted.

My reply to the post was this “Basically if one did not know about God then one is judged on their actions or works and have no way of receiving salvation through his grace hence they will go through judgement”. This is why the concept of no God breeds stupidity.

I  would also ask the question would it not be better to obtain salvation though grace than to have not known God and be judged on my actions but I kept it short my goal was not to be angry or be disrespectful to any of my FB friends or acquaintances.

If we read our Bible we can find areas that basically refute what the Eskimo states, for one the priest would likely be talking about Old Testament ways before Christ died for our sins. If we just simply read Romans chapter 1 verses 19 and 20 God basically says he has given us his divine nature so we really have no excuse for not knowing who he is. (NIV translation try it you’ll like it)

God gives all a chance to know in Revelations chapter 5 verse 9 simply states that every tribe and every nation speaking every language would hear of God’s name.

Matthew chapter 28 verses 19-20 are where missionaries strive to tell the world. Because of this statement God’s word has reached every corner of the world including Native Americas

My focuses were on how we inherently know there is a God and how the lack of God breads ignorance and the inability for a nation or tribe to progress in life and technology. If we look at the American Indian we see this. Europe was the vastly superior country at the time the first settlers landed in America. Yes the first American’s had God or God’s but they did not know The God and how knowing him they could achieve salvation through his grace

While this old Eskimo may have made a brilliant quote in the eyes of some, in my eyes it proves why we need God, his Grace and his Salvation because no one will be able to say to God “I never knew you” only God will be able say “I never knew you”

Mr. T Opinion

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